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MAC: mines and communities 

Noisy, naughty hooligans!

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‘mines & communities’ (MAC) is a London based group of fanatic militant anti-mining activists. They do not hide their left wing anarchic background – some of them even call themselves ‘partizans’.


Members of ‘mines & communities’ fight with all means against capitalism (represented by big multinational companies) or organizations. On their radar: Rio Tinto, Bougainville Copper or the ESBC and many others. They take advantage of naïve indigenous people in remote areas of the world and use them as tools to justify their ‘battle’ against their self-styled enemies. In their hostile ambition to defeat mining companies, the members of ‘mines & communities’ even do not hesitate to promote highly dangerous and extremely poisonous alluvial mining - e.g. on the ground on the island of Bougainville (Papua New Guinea). Why should they care? It’s not their life that is threatened!


Preferred weapons of ‘mines & communities’ are smear campaigns, lies, defamation and abuse. A special thrill for m&c members seems to be their public appearance at Annual General Meetings where they try to spread their immature theories. It even appears to provide physical satisfaction to them.


Another popular tool of m&c editors is the imaginary  publication ‘London calling’ allegedly published by ‘Nostromo Research’ – an invention and subsidiary of ‘mines & communities’. It serves as pseudo-intellectual quotations. (Example here!)


Comfortably based in the British capital, the hypocrite m&c members don’t care at all about the needs of indigenous people. For m&c members those people who live in simple conditions are ‘useful idiots’ (Lenin). They simply have to be preserved in the Stone Age – some kind of modern Jurassic Park.


‘mines & communities’ activists like to disdain and to discriminate successful people as they believe that they are some kind of elite,   albeit self- appointed. There is no way to discuss crucial matters with them as the ESBC’s experience shows. m&c followers refuse any serious dialogue or dispute – as a matter of principle! This refusal unveils a giant lack of self-confidence.


If ‘mines & communities’ risk to become speechless due to a massive lack of excellent arguments, they tend to ask ‘Elsie if she would come out of her gin-haze to apply her razor-sharp tongue’ (R. Moody) - Cheers, Elsie!


According to their own sources, ‘mines & communities’ are funded by the following organizations:


The Sigrid Rausing TrustColumban Fathers Peace & Justice CommitteeThe Polden Puckham Charitable Trust (PPCT),  The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT),  The Network for Social ChangeThe Ryklow Charitable Trust 1992,  The Rowan Charitable Trust,  The Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust,  The Marmot Trust,  The Tinsley Foundation.




'mines & communities' - the heads

Major 'mines & communities' activists are Roger Moody,

Andy Whitmore and Richard Solly – all based in the United Kingdom.


Roger Moody *



Andy Whitmore *


Richard Solly 

   * These pictures could not be identified clearly !


Here are their email addresses :


Roger Moody :

Andy Whitmore :

Richard Solly :


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The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC)