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Bougainville Copper Ltd.
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"Australian Foundation Investment (AFI) has the widest spread portfolio of the traditional LICs and, unlike Argo, its register is dominated by institutions and fund managers, including ANZ Nominees, Bougainville Copper, UBS Wealth Management and Perpetual Trustees."
The four major shreholder investments of BCL that we found until now represent an actual value of 60 million AUD and a dividend of more than 2 million AUD in 2008.

Australian Foundation Investment Company Limited (AFI) 
page 59
Major Shareholders of the Company’s shares as at 16 July 2008 are listed below:
2) Bougainville Copper Limited 6,189,052 Shares  0.64%
share price:  4.20 AUD Dividende 13 ct
value: 25.994.000 AUD
dividende: 804.576 AUD

Argo Investments Limited (ARG) 
page 62
20 largest shareholders
3) Bougainville Copper Limited 2,977,055 Shares 0.52%
share price: 5.35 AUD Dividende 6 ct
value: 15.927.000 AUD
dividende: 178.623 AUD
Brickworks Investment Company (BKI)
page 59
The 20 largest holdings of the Company’s share as at 31 July 2008 are listed below:
3) Bougainville Copper Limited 7,297,357 2.51%
share price: 1,01 AUD Dividende 8 ct
value: 7.370.000 AUD
dividende: 583.788 AUD
Milton Corporation LTD  (MLT) 
page 45
16) Bougainville Copper Limited 538,015   0.6%
share price: 15 AUD Dividende 0,88 AUD
value: 8.070.000 AUD
dividende: 473.453 AUD





The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC)