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The European Shareholders of

Bougainville Copper (ESBC)



Actually the membership in the ESBC costs 60 Euro per year.


We expect our members to support the objectives of the ESBC. Further we expect that our members faithfully work together and take part in our exchange of information as far as they are able to.


Our members must be holders of securities of Bougainville Copper Ltd. .


The ownership of securities must be proved by your deposit bank or broker.


The new member has to inform the ESBC if he agrees that the eligibility of votes can be transferred to the ESBC.


We expect that our members prove their identity by a copy of their identity card or passport.


Our members must provide the following details...

  1. Christian name and Name
  2. Day of Birth
  3. Profession
  4. Full Address
  5. Nationality
  6. Phone
  7. Fax
  8. Email-Address
  9. VoIP ID (Skype etc.)
  10. Pseudonyms in forums

to the ESBC .


All personal information is only visible to members of the board and are considered secret.


But, every member is free to publish his personal information on the member site.


Every member agrees to announce changes of his personal situation and/or his investment without delay.


Please apply for your membership here:








The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC)