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Source: Post-Courier

Bougainville police search for escapees


POLICE in Bougainville are still working around the clock to recapture 10 prisoners who dashed out of the Buka Police Station cell early on Monday morning.

Buka Police Station commander Sgt Emmart Tsimes said the prisoners had used a hacksaw blade to cut their way out of the back of the cellblock and later dashed for freedom when they realised there was no duty police officer around.

Sgt Tsimes said majority of them who had already been convicted were from Siwai in South Bougainville with only a few from North Bougainville.

Sgt Tsimes said these prisoners had been locked up at the Buka police cell for various crimes, including rape, murder and possession and consumption of marijuana.

He said one of them was serving a 13-year-term, without elaborating more on the crime he committed.

He said police throughout the region had already been notified of the identities of the escapees.

Sgt Tsimes is now appealing to chiefs and community leaders where these prisoners come from to cooperate and assist police in the recapturing of these escapees.

He said their presence would pose threat to their communities, therefore the community at large should assist police in apprehending them.

The Buka Police Station commander is also appealing to the escapees to surrender themselves to police.

“My appeal to them is, they should sit down, get good thoughts and then surrender themselves to police so they can complete their term and go out as free men,” Sgt Tsimes said. He said at the moment they were not free to move around.


Source: Post-Courier

ABG, church must unite 


AUTONOMOUS Bougainville Government leaders have assured the 300,000 people of Bougainville that they will provide much needed services to them.

And that will only eventuate if the people of Bougainville embrace the ideology of working together in partnership with the government, churches and all other stakeholders in the region.

Central Bougainville Ministers in the Momis-Nisira government echoed these sentiments at Toborai village on Wednesday, at the opening of the Catholic Church community chapel built by the community with the support of the government. Senior Central Bougainville Ministers in the ABG present at the occasion included Minister for DPI Nicholas Daaku, Veterans Affairs Minister David Sisito, Central Bougainville Women Representative Joanne Jerome, Mining Minister Michael Orni and Minister for Local Level Government, Sports and Church Melchior Dare.

The church chapel in the middle of Toborai Village, North Nasioi Constituency of Kieta District, is dedicated to the late leader of the village John Bika, who was killed on the night of September 10, 1989. Co-incidentally, that night he was gunned down, the villagers held the first fundraising for the construction of the chapel. He was the first Bougainvillean leader to be killed at the start of the Bougainville Conflict. 

All the leaders urged the people to be united, as the government is made up of the people and the church is made up of the people ,therefore, there must inclusive working relationship for the development of the region. They said Bougainville needs a balance journey to referendum and church and government must work in partnership, adding that Bougainville is at a crucial time and needs Bougainvilleans to talk and move together. They urged the people to face the challenges on the way and walk together to achieve the desired destination and the government and churches are there to facilitate that achievement because the lives lost must not go to waste but must bear fruit for the good of our future generation.

The leaders assured the people that the government will continue to provide services wherever it can with the facilitating of very crucial reconciliations in the pipeline. They also gave their assurance to help the community of Toborai to fast track the facilitation of the late John Bika reconciliation as their first priority. 

They also spelt out other services such as water supply, feeder roads and building of schools and hospitals as high on their agenda.   


Source: Post-Courier

Quest for school chapel 


BURUNOTUI Vocational school, an all girl’s boarding school located on the North West coast of Buka, held its yearly quest to raise funds to build its school chapel last week.

The institution is only accessible by motoriSed dinghy from Kohiso village in the Peit constituency, as the area is surrounded by swampy land.

Last week the school held the Mr and Mrs Burunotui Quest 2013, starting with a traditional performance in the day time and continuing with the Fashion parade during the night.

Invited guests, parents and nearby villagers attended the successful event, raising K2300 which will be used to build their school chapel.

Basilea Kisu was crowned Miss Burunotui 2013 and Benita Lessie who acted the male was crowned Mr Burunotui 2013. Each won a beauty gift pack courtesy of City Pharmacy Limited (CPL) Buka Branch.

School Head Teacher Mrs Judith Matari said the school was formally co-education institute few years back but, last year, it has had only female students enrolling.    


Source: The National

Gold mine ‘critical’ to Bougainville 

THE reopening of the Panguna mine is critical for Bougainville’s economic development but the message is not reaching the grassroots people, landowner Lawrence Daveona says.

He said this following a recent discussion between the Panguna landowners and the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) to reopen the Rio Tinto-owned copper mine.

A resumption of mining is seen as critical to the economic development of the province –something that has to happen before any vote on independence, as prescribed in the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

The autonomous provincial government has been holding consultations over the last two months to gauge people’s feelings about Panguna’s re-opening.

Daveona, who grew up close to the huge open cast mine, and headed the now defunct Bougainville Landowners’ Association, says their message is not reaching people at the grassroots.

“The government is doing all it can with whatever resources it has at its disposal but the message that they are trying to get across is not really reaching down to the village communities, not only in the Panguna mine lease areas but also to the rest of Bougainville. 

“That is a major problem here,” he said.



Source: Post-Courier

Cocoa farmers gain insights from field day


COCOA farmers from North Nasioi had a wonderful field day as they acquired first-hand information on cocoa farming from their Autonomous Bougainville Government representative yesterday.

ABG Minister for DPI and Member for North Nasioi Constituency Nicholas Daaku was on hand to talk and explain to farmers the stages of cocoa farming at his 22-hectare of cocoa block at Manetai.

He was ably assisted by Arawa-based DPI Area Liason and Facilitation Manager Jerry Tunjio who passed on valuable information and tips to the enthusiastic cocoa farmers. Mr Daaku told the farmers that his plan now was to transfer all the cocoa materials from his 22 hectares to his North Nasioi Constituency by December this year.

He said he wanted all his cocoa farmers in his constituency to organise and register their small cocoa blocks so he could support them with nurseries to plant in their blocks.

Minister Daaku emphasised on agriculture as the backbone of the region. “We should spend a lot of money on agriculture, instead of throwing money to other unnecessary things in order to build better infrastructure.”

He assured the North Nasioi cocoa farmers that demand of Bougainville cocoa was going up now and they should work hard to maintain the quality of cocoa to meet the international standard.

Mr Tunjio told the farmers that Bougainville cocoa had that sweet flavour, which chocolate manufacturers like to make chocolates with, adding that ‘we loose flavour as we sell cocoa in bulk.’

Mr Daaku reminded the cocoa farmers that he acquired the 22 hectares of land in 1980s and now he was rehabilitating his block after the Bougainville conflict. The farmers had the chance to look around and learn new techniques of clowning and budding of cocoa. Also they were taught how to prune their cocoa trees. They asked a lot of questions on specific areas of interests and got satisfactory answers from the cocoa experts in Mr Daaku and Mr Tunjio.   


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Foreigners to heed ABG laws

By Tapo Tovilu

Many foreign companies especially Chinese are breaching the constitution by running trade store and kaibar business in town.

President Momis clarified that under the business partnership arrangement foreign business should not partake in small business activities but large scale business activities.

He added that those currently in breach will be given notice to stop or will face the full force of the law.

Momis warned that the government is prepared to take action on those business houses who fail to comply with ABG laws.

Momis also made a strong call to those foreigners who are operating in Panguna without the ABG’s knowledge.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Momis confirms new passenger ship for Bougainville

By Tapo Tovilu

President Chief Dr John Momis has confirmed that Bougainville will soon have its very own passenger ship to services between PNG and Bougainville.

He revelled this during an interview yesterday while correcting false accusations made against the ABG in its work with outside investors.

In particular accusations calming that the proposed new Passenger vessel will be owned by Sir Henry Chao, owner of the famous snax biscuit company.

President Momis made it clear that in regards to the ownership of the ship it would come under the joint partnership of the ABG and Sir Henry Chao.

He says that both the ABG and Sir Henry Chao put in K7m each meeting the cost of the new vessel K14m which is currently still under construction in China.

Momis added on also that other MOU’s signed by the ABG delegation that visited China in 2010 have no legal or financial implications on the ABG and are just understandings signed.

He says that though these MOU’s Bougainville can seek assistance and guidance in developing industries to boost its economy.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

ITI school in Bougainville

By Tapo Tovilu

The proposed Information Technology Institute Buka branch will be commencing classes in June as soon as their facilities are completed.

This was according to Simon Koraikove from the Office of the Regional Member in an interview with New Dawn FM News.

He says that they have already secured a building in Kokopau where renovations are currently underway and are expected to be completed before June.

Mr Koraikove confirmed that classes will commence in June with materials such as computers yet to come from Port Moresby.

He also added that after all preparations are completed an inspection will be carried out by ITI Principle Sentheyval Kumaran.

He assured the first intake already registered that all preparations are on schedule and that classes will begin on time.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Bagana affects Torokina

By Tapo Tovilu

The disaster office today reported that food gardens and water sources of the people living near the Bagana Volcano especially in Torokina were destroyed by ash fall.

But as of two days ago reports say that ash fall around the area has slowed down giving an opportunity for relief supplies to be delivered to affected areas.

Franklin Lassie from the disaster office confirmed that a total of 13 families were affected by the ash fall from the Mount Bagana Volcano.

He further added that 3 staff members from the disaster office in Buka will be traveling tomorrow to Torokina with relief supplies such as makeshift tents, food and water supplies.

He also revealed that the ABG will be assisting the families affected through the disaster office with funding for adequate food supplies to help the affected families.

Mr Lassie thanked those on the ground at the time of the disaster adding that their quick actions the disaster office carry out its relief work.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

New Penalties imposed by Government

By Tapo Tovilu

After parliament siting yesterday the PNG National Government passed the laws of the Death Penalty for crimes such as rape and sorcery related killings.

The controversial penalty of Death which was a hot discussion point during the months that lead up to the passing of the laws, was strongly backed by women’s groups who were at many times, the victims.

From a source in the National Newspaper, the criminal code act (Amendment Bill 2013), which was passed on a voice vote, repelled the Sorcery Act 1971.

The death penalty will apply for crimes such as aggravated rape, sorcery- related killings and robbery with violence.

Now the NEC will decide on which method of execution which will be used on the death penalty.

The list includes;

1. Hanging

2. Lethal Injection

3. Medical Death by deprivation of oxygen

4. Firing Squad

5. Electrocution


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Tinputz to have women’s forum

By Tapo Tovilu

Four Village assemblies in Tinputz will be organizing and will carry out governance forums from women in the area.

Tinputz, Kosinamohin, Raosara, Namatoa and Tinputz Coastal Village Assemblies have been selected and will be taking part in these governance forums.

These forums to be organized and coordinated by NGO Care International aims at providing adequate information on governance and also to identify the barriers to participation and later develop strategies.

After the forums a district forum will be held in August to gather all information to help find a way forward at a district level.

The programs will be held between the 30th of May and the 4th of July in the selected areas mentioned.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Buka Police Clean up Buka Buai Market

By Tapo Tovilu

Acting Police Station Commander for Buka Police Station Sgt Amet Tsimes in an interview today called on people using the Buka Buai Market to refrain from using it as a place to sell homebrew.

His comments comes after four mothers from the Solos area in Buka were caught and arrested by police after a raid on the Buka Buai Market yesterday.

Sgt Tsimes made the call to mothers also to not use the market as a place to spend the night;.

He says that this is not the first time the call has been made adding that people are stillignoring calls from the police.

Sgt Tsimes also made a strong call to the appropriate authorities to fence off the Buka Buai market area so that mothers and others refrain from using it as a hostel or homebrew selling area.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Prison Break at BPS

By Tapo Tovilu

Ten high risk prisoners in the early hours of Monday morning broke out of the Buka Police Station holding cells.

The ten prisoners from the areas of Buka, Tinputz, Keriaka, Siwai and Bana District escaped by cutting through the prison bars of their cell blocks at the Buka Police Station.

Acting Police Station Commander Sgt Amet Tsimes today told New Dawn FM news that he believes that an object was smuggled into the cells by visitors and was used to cut through the cell bars.

He says that they have already notified head stations in Central and South Bougainville of the incident calling on them to be on high alert for the escaped prisoners.

Sgt Tsimes made it clear that the imposed search carried out by police on visitors to the cells may have its shortfalls as there are many ways in which one could conceal an object.

While answering questions on how secure the Buka holding cells were, Sgt Tsimes revelled that a recent renovation was carried out by a local contractor and the level of security was boosted up to a satisfactory level.

He however pointed out that there is still a lot of work to be done on improving security in the Buka Police Station Cells.

Sgt Tsimes assured the public that they are working toward recapturing the escaped prisoners and called for their support and cooperation.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Ramazon hydro project update

By Tapo Tovilu

The Ramazon Hydro project in the Suir Tinputz area of North Bougainville is still on hold due to disputes on the land borders where the project site will be.

In another meeting held last week Thursday at the Tinputz station, the two disputing clans who are currently disputing the land boundaries of the project had a chance to face each other and to also come up with a resolution.

During the meeting however words were exchanged but no resolution was agreed to.

This has resulted in the mediation being handed over to the Law to be decided in the Court of Lands to be held at a later date at the Buka Court House.

A source told New Dawn FM today that talks on the land and the boundaries surrounding the project area are progressing and a decision will be given soon.

He added that the project will be the first of its kind for the people of Suir and Tinputz and says that this has all come out of the peace and reconciliations efforts paving the way for development in the area.

The source also warned that it would be a shame if the project funding organisations pull out and leave them with nothing if the disputes continue.

He continually called on the leaders and the people of these areas to quickly sort out their differences for the project to begin and the benefits of the project to be felt by all.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Bana leaders speak out

By Tapo Tovilu

Leaders from the Lato constituency in the Bana district have all come out openly on issues affecting them such as lawlessness, immediate steps to restore peace, security, reconciliation and the rule of law in the area.

This was revelled in a meeting held on the 22nd of May attended by House of representative leaders, former leaders, leaders of ex-combatants, chairman and executives of the Lato Constituency and civil society leaders of the Bana district.

In the meeting the leaders of the three constituencies in the Bana District resolved to put aside their differences and to come together to restore normalcy in the area.

The meeting they say has enabled them to come together and begin work in cooperation and good will in solving their issues.

In a press release today it was revealed that after the joint meeting the five resolutions reached included;

1. That the speaker of the ABG House of Representatives includes their petition on the calling for the step down of current member William Lavabau, in his column in the parliamentary monthly newsletter “the members update”.

2. That their accusation of the members involvement in the practice of sorcery already to be left out and filed to the Ombudsman commission.

3. That all leaders in the area work together in phase two of their agreed plan of action which is mediation.

4. That the government provides financial support for communities to carry out phase two mediation processes.

5. And finally that the members of Lato Constituency return to conduct an awareness on the current progress of phase two mediation to their people.

The members have assured the people of the Lato Constituency that they will work together with their leaders calling on people and especially the ex-combatants and the youth in giving them the support to commence and carry out mediation and reconciliation in the area.




Source: Radio New Zealand International

PNG’s Bougainville mining debate eludes villagers

A landowner at Panguna in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville says discussions on a possible re-opening of the Panguna mine are not reaching people at the village level.

A resumption of mining is seen as critical to the economic development of the province - something that has to happen before any vote on independence, as prescribed in the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

The autonomous provincial government has been holding consultations over the last two months to gauge people’s feelings about Panguna’s re-opening.

But Lawrence Daveona, who grew up close to the huge open cast mine, and headed the now defunct Bougainville Landowners’ Association, says their message is not reaching people at the grassroots.

“The government is doing all it can with whatever resources it has at its disposal but the message that they are trying to get across is not really reaching down to the village communities, not only in the Panguna mine lease areas but also to the rest of Bougainville. That is a major problem here.”


Source: Post-Courier

Boost needed for AROB police


BOUGAINVILLE Division of Law and Justice CEO Chris Siriosi says the Bougainville police need as much help they can get.

 Mr Siriosi, who is also Bougainville acting deputy administrator yesterday said: “The police service here is relatively young in its development.”

 “They do not enjoy the physical infrastructure that was available to the Bougainville police service prior to the Crisis, because the infrastructure was completely destroyed.”

He said the administration was in the process of building up the force’s capacity, but in the meantime “the service needs help”.

He was referring to comments by Bougainville President Chief John Momis who said he is looking at using ex-combatants and others to help uphold the law in the region.

 Siriosi yesterday told this newspaper that he believes “any help that anyone can give — including the former combatants — in whatever form that may take place, is going to be welcomed by the police force.”

When asked whether this was constitutionally legal, Mr Siriosi, a respected expert on the Bougainville Constitution replied: “I think there are arrangements within the legal framework (of the Constitution) for anybody who meets the criteria to lend support to the police force.

“And this can be done through special constabulary provisions of the Police Act and I think the law allows that, providing it is done within the provisions of the law.” He emphasised that any such security force would act purely as a support mechanism for the existing police force.

 Meanwhile, Bougainville Acting ACP Paul Kamuai, in an interview with the Post-Courier recently, discussed the issue of ex-combatants helping the police force. “We appreciate the help of the ex-combatants in working together in the community,” he said. “But we don’t want them to lead policing — the police must be in command.’

 “They must not take the lead in situations, I will not tolerate that. That’s our position — they have to come in under the command of police.”

Acting APC Kamuai said police had been discussing the issue lately at the regional command level.


Source: Post-Courier

NGI detectives undergo investigators’ course


TWENTY-FOUR police officers from the New Guinea Islands region including Bougainville are currently undergoing a six weeks basic investigators course at the Bougainville Police Service (BPS) Training Centre in Buka.

This training is being conducted by Inspector Joseph Koi from the Bomana Police Training College with assistance from Sgt Nathan Polega from Chimbu police training section.

Police officers attending the training include fifteen from BPS, two each from Manus, Kimbe and Rabaul and three from Kavieng.

Insp Koi said this course was mainly conducted for BPS members because most of Bougainville’s criminal investigating officers have already left the police service either through resignation or retirement.

However, the nine CID officers from the New Guinea Islands were also allowed to participate and acquire more investigative skills and training that will enable them improve their performance. 

Mr Koi said this course is aimed at developing these police officers to become good investigators while they are carrying out their investigations.

The course covers topics on the code of ethics of the police and the principles of an investigator while conducting investigations into different serious criminal cases like rape, murder, arm robbery, grievous bodily harm and fraud. 

According to Insp Koi, one important aspect of the training that the policemen and women are currently undergoing is the crime scene.

He said many never realised that a crime scene is an important place where evidence can be collected. 

“The scene of a crime is a very important place where we collect evidence. It must be secured. However in most case this is not done and people destroy yet uncollected evidence,” he said. 

Mr Koi said towards the end of the training the participants will attend to a crime scene before filing and completing a court file as part of their training.

He added that later on he will be conducting another qualifying detective course for the policemen and women who had already attended this six weeks basic investigators course.

Meanwhile, acting BPS commander, Supt Kamuai has commended Insp Koi for conducting this course.

Supt Kamuai said this course will now enable his policemen and women to return to their respective police stations and effectively conduct their investigations on any criminal issue that may arise.

He said in the past police were not able to successfully investigate many criminal cases because the investigating officers had lacked the investigative skills.   


Source: Post-Courier

Bougainville public service ineffective


THE public service machinery in Bougainville has not been able to effectively adhere to decisions made by the Autonomous Bougainville Government because it is still operating under the Public Service Management Act and the Financial Management Act of Papua New Guinea.

According to the ABG’s newly sworn-in Minister for Public Service, Joel Latu Banam, the above two laws had prevented the public service from administering decisions made by the ABG.

Mr Banam said: “Instead of the administration assisting us and operating in the way they should, they have used this two documents-the Public Service Management Act and the Financial Management Act as the scapegoat to excuse them from performing their duties.”

However, Mr Banam said this problem will be addressed once the ABG establishes its own Public Service Management Act and Financial Management Act.

Mr Banam has also issued a warning call that he will be coming down hard on any senior public servants — starting from the chief administrator down to the chief executive officers of each division — who fails to adhere to directions made by the ABG.

The new ABG Minister for Public Service also announced that one of his aims which he plans to achieve during his first 100 days is by improving the attendance record of the public servants.

Mr Banam said in order to achieve this, he will be coming up with plans and ways on how to address the officers’ accommodation and transportation needs.

He said this is because the two factors are the main cause for public servants turning up very late at work.

The member for Tonsu constituency has forecast that by the end of August this year, all public servants should have already improved in their attendance record. 

Mr Banam was making this statement during his swearing-in ceremony at the ABG Parliament Chamber on Monday.   




Source: The National

Talks on Panguna reopening going on 

FORMAL talks are ongoing between the Panguna landowners and the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) on the planned reopening of the Rio Tinto-owned copper mine.

The ABG is believed to be holding a series of mining forums in Arawa that began yesterday to consult the island’s population before starting negotiations for the mine’s reopening. 

This would be the first time locals would be formally consulted about the mine’s future and hundreds of landowners are expected to attend.

The consultation comes after three years of lead-up talks and is part of a series of forums across the island. 

The government had held three previous mining forums.

Panguna and Affected Resource Owners Association deputy chairman Theresia Jaintong said that many people in the community would attend the meeting.

She said that the landowners have to say something, adding that it is way forward for the Panguna mine to be reopened.

“We will encourage them to speak positively about what they think, and with a lot of common sense, looking into the future for the younger generation.”

AGB Mining Minister Michael Oni told Radio Australia more consultations would take place over the next few months. 

Oni said the Panguna copper mine was opened under a colonial era agreement with little regard for local residents.

He added that the Bougainvilleans were still suffering from the impact of the mine and its closure during the civil war.

 “This time, as they consider re-opening the mine, locals are making sure they are involved in the decision process”.


Source: Post-Courier

Moving to raise funds


A school in Central Bougainville is not waiting for its local Member of Parliament to dish out cash to build its infrastructure, but has taken on board the responsibility to fundraise for their school infrastructural development.

The Board of Management, parents and citizens of Pavaire Primary School in the outskirts of Arawa Town conducted a fundraising on Sunday to buy the school’s photocopy machine.

BOM chairman Jerry Tunsio and his vice Dickson Siparu spearheaded the fundraiser with a barbecue and sales of cooked food.

According to Mr Siparu, the school has not seen any funding from its local parliamentarian since the school opened its doors in 2010. However, this has not dampened their spirits to be self-reliant, but has been taken as a challenge to fight hard to develop their school.

Mr Siparu said since 2010, fundraisings were the order of the school’s source of revenue for the its infrastructure developments. One such testimony is the building of four classrooms and two teacher’s offices. “We built the four in one classroom on our own, from the fundraisings we did,” Mr Siparu said. He added that the local MP promised K100,000 to the school but to date there was nothing forth-coming.

Next year Pavaire will see the first intake of Grade eight students. The school has a total of 164 students for this academic year with four primary school teachers and three elementary school teachers as staff.  

A school in Central Bougainville is not waiting for its local Member of Parliament to dish out cash to build its infrastructure, but has taken on board the responsibility to fundraise for their school infrastructural development.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

Buka town has been without a private Medical clinic since the last medical clinic owned by DR.JOSEPH VILOSI closed few years ago.

This morning a private medical clinic owned by DR.TOVILU opened its doors to the people of Bougainville on the Eagle Hardware building in Buka town.

The clinic will be known as the Bougainville Private Medical Practice and will operate from the Eagle Hardware building top floor and first room on the right.

Persons requiring private attention can call the clinic on Mobile numbers,  675 71083889 

Or  675 76542633  .

More details on the clinic will be given as soon as we talk to the Principal Doctor.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Director for the NGO group, LEITANA NEHAN WOMEN’S DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, HELEN HAKENA today said that too many land issues were creating problems in the villages.

She told New Dawn FM today that all these land issues must be handled by the proper authorities to minimize the number of cases appearing in the Bougainville communities.

MRS. HAKENA said that the number of cases can be reduced if the Land cases are addressed.

MR. HAKENA also commented on the increasing number of domestic violence occurring in our communities.

She called on parents to look after their children to make sure that they are protected from violence.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Director of the LEITANA NEHAN DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, HELEN HAKENA says that she is concerned at the increase in violence, fighting and the killing of innocent people.

She said that all human being have the right to life and people must not take that life away unnecessarily.

MRS. HAKENA was commenting on the killing of a man after a PITANLAN dance at Bartania village on Buka island last weekend.

She said that these activities must be addressed and stopped immediately.

MRS. HAKENA said that killing is now common in Buka and mainland Bougainville and this was painting a bad picture on the future of Bougainville as a independent nation.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

Theban on the harvesting of Bech Demer has been extended for a further two years in Papua New Guinea.

This is because a recent survey showed that Bech Demer were nearly depleted before the 2009 ban of harvesting.

An officers from the National Fisheries Department, LUANA YAMAN told New Dawn FM in Buka that the recent survey to determine the number of Bech Demer found out the size currently available were mainly young and needed time to reproduce and grow to the size required.

She said that the ban will be lifted in 2015.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the CATERETS COE, BENARD TUNIM has blasted the decision to extend the ban of Bech Demer harvest.

He also told New Dawn FM that the survey was not carried on Caterets islands who have enough BECH DEMER for harvest.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The late JOSEPH ALBERT NORO served others despite his own problems according to FR.BONIFACE KEVON .

He made this remark during the requiem mass held for the late JOSEPH ALBERT NORO yesterday afternoon.

FR. BONIFACE said that he worked with the late JOSEPH NORO since 2002 on the Trauma counselling programme. And came to realize the calibre of the person as intelligent and very constructive and was full of humour.

He said that he was sad when he first heard of his passing at the Buka General Hospital last Saturday.

FR. BONIFACE said that the late JOSEPH ALBERT NORO had done what he had to do on earth and now is with the creator in heaven.

He said that life for every one of us is pre programmed already and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

What we can do now is to pray for him so that he can have eternal rest in heaven.


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