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Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The Bougainville Disaster Centre today called on the people of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville to be alert and think safety at all times during this festive season.

The Disaster Coordinator, FRANKLYN LACEY in his Easter message to the people of Bougainville said that this year the festive seasons fall on a rainy and windy time and the people must be cautious in carrying out their programmes.

MR. LACEY said persons travelling out to sea and also hunting on the mainland must be aware of the risk involved during this time.

He also gave emergency numbers that the people can call in any emergency situation during the festive season.


The numbers and personal that can be contacted are as follows,

MARTIN TSORA on 73964333,

THOMAS SANSAN on 70120570

ALPHONSE TAPIT on70444329 and the boss himself, 

FRANKLYN LACEY can be reached on 72178915.

People wishing to get the latest weather report can also call these numbers.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



By Aloysius Laukai


The Bougainville Autonomy Review team announced by ABG President DR. JOHN MOMIS during the launching in Buka will start visiting locations on Bougainville to begin the review process.

According to reports received by New Dawn FM, the team has been broken into team one and two to try to cover the entire Bougainville Region.


The teams would start meeting people as of next week.

According to the program, the team will meet with the ABG President and the Vice President on Tuesday April 2nd, 2013 at the ABG Parliament house in Kubu.

They will meet the ABG ordinary members later in the day.

The team that will cover North Bougainville will also meet with the people of Tinputz and Kunua and the people from the Atolls district.

A full detailed program will be released later.

Meetings in South and Central Bougainville will start from the Buin District Office on April 6th, 2013.

They will then travel to Siwai and onto the BANA district, Arawa and Panguna will be covered.

The team will return to Port Moresby after completing the whole region on April 17th,2013.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



By Aloysius Laukai


The Bougainville Disaster and Emergency Coordinator, Franklyn Lacey today called on all sea travelers to let the Disaster office know if they are travelling long distances at sea.

He made these comments live on New Dawn FM this afternoon after an incident in which a boat travelling between Nissan Island and Buka was rescued off the HANPAN point in Haku, Buka island yesterday afternoon.

The boat was travelling with five women and six men between Buka and Nissan island when it met strong winds about 20 nautical miles off PORORAN island.

According to MR. LACEY, the boat left PORORAN ‘s Malilu island for Nissan at 2pm without letting the operation centre which monitors all movements between these islands.

Because they were fighting against the current they soon ran out of fuel and had to overnight out in the open and lucky they were within Mobile phone coverage and managed to call the disaster office for assistance.

This according to MR. LACEY was at 9am yesterday morning.

They were finally rescued and brought back to Buka at six pm yesterday afternoon all safe and sound.

MR. LACEY further stressed that his officers are on 24 hours on call and anyone travelling out must report to their office and also check for weather report before travelling.

He said that all boat owners must make sure they have all the gears needed in case of an emergency.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The Catholic Community of Buka town today joined Christians around PNG and the world to commemorate the Crucifixion of Jesus 2000 years ago.

The Catholics from Buka town started their walk from the Mangrove area of Buka town and walked with the Cross up the hill at Kubu and up to HAHELA Parish where they had the normal 3pm service to commemorate the time and the pains Jesus received to save the world.

The walk started at 12 Midday and they prayed and sang choruses up to HAHELA PARISH.






Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The ABG Minister for Works and member for Taonita Tinputz, CAROLUS KETSIMUR questioned why the CEO for Education, BRUNO BABATO or his representatives were not available to listen to the Presentation of World Vision Education project on Bougainville who had alarming figures in which the division must be concerned about.

MR. KETSIMUR was speaking at the function representing the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

The Education Minister, JOHN TABINAMAN was out of the Region but was represented by his officer, MICHAEL TITUS.

MR. KETSIMUR said that the result of the survey by World Vision was a matter of concern and must be addressed.

The ABG minister said that the ABG puts education has one of its priorities and reports from a concerned NGO must not be ignored.

On his question why World Vision had only targeted these nine communities, the Executive Manager for Tinputz District, BLAISE VOSIVAI explained that these communities were selected because literacy rate was very low in these areas.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


A recent survey conducted by the World Vision Education project on Bougainville has found that the level of reading by both Grades Three and Four is very poor and yet the Education system pushes students to move to the next level.

The Survey was conducted in the Tinputz district where the World Vision intends to establish pre-elementary schools to help reduce the gap.

These results were presented by the World Vision Education officers at a function to Educationists, Politicians, the Tinputz District Office Officials and partners at the Reasons Bar in Buka town this week.


 The result showed reading levels as


 Can read a letter – 80.8%

 Can read words – 61.5%

 Can read paragraph – 69.2%

 Can read story – 67.3%

 Can read story + comprehension – 65.4%

 Can read local material + comprehension – 58.8% .


 According to the North Bougainville Educated for life project, the four year project by World Vision targets Nine communities which has Nine Elementary Schools and Four Primary Schools.

They are Kovanis Elementary School, Kovanis Primary School,Irue Elementary,Sipotovai Elementary,Teanana Elementary,Teanaa Primary School,Kespohit Elementary and Primary School,Teogaran Elementary, Pateaveave Elementary,Tetepako Elementary and Toresure Primary School.

The entire school aged children in these communities are 4789 students.

The project has identified four approaches that would be employed and they are,

Capacity building for staff, teachers and School management committee whilst working closely with the Education department of Bougainville.

Representatives of Church Education Services from the Catholic Church and the United church who attended the presentation commended World Vision for carrying out the survey but wanted more districts to be included to give a clear picture of the status throughout the region.

New Dawn FM understands that another successful Education project in central Bougainville established by WORLD VISION two years ago has been ordered by the CEO for Education on Bougainville, BRUNO BABATO to close down as it had no blessing from the Education division.

This has not gone well to the communities that have been getting this much needed service in the rural areas of Bougainville.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The Bougainville Police Service Superintend In charge of Bougainville Community Auxiliary Police, CLETUS TSIEN yesterday called on the landowners of the BEKUT CS institution to work with the ABG and fast track the development phase of the JAIL instead of disturbing the process.

Superintendent TSIEN made these comments at the meeting between landowners and the ABG Vice President, PATRICK NISIRA who is also the Minister for Police, CS and Law and Justice.

He told the meeting that the ABG is addressing the landowners grievances however they should work closely with the Law and Justice Sector to make sure that the work continues to progress as planned.

The Police Commander said that the Bougainville Police Service cannot continue to have law breakers at the Police station lockup because work at the Jail were very slow.

He said due to the facility at the BEKUT JAIL police continues to send prisoners especially juveniles to other centres which is against the constitution.

Superintendent Tsien said that under the law prisoners have the right to be visited by their families as they have to go back to them when their JAIL term are completed.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


 A Bougainville Magistrate, JOHN KEREA says that the BEKUT JAIL must be completed to ease the over crowding at the Buka Police Lockup.

Speaking at the meeting between the Bekut CS landowners and the ABG Vice President and Minister for Police and CS, PATRICK NISIRA, MR. KEREA said that the JAIL has to complete the project so that prisoners can be detained at the JAIL.

He said that the Justice system which starts with Police, the Courts and the CS facility should complete the legal process.

AND if the facility at the JAIL is not adequate then this affects the whole legal process.

MR. KEREA appealed to the landowners to work with the ABG to complete the project so that facilities for Juveniles, Hard core criminals and women convicts can also be included at the BEKUT JAIL.

New Dawn FM understands that currently these facilities are not available and plans are underway to put Juveniles at a facility in MABIRI on mainland Bougainville.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The ABG Vice President, PATRICK NISIRA today warned the landowners of the Bekut CS institution to iron out their landowner differences and talk with the ABG as one landowner voice.

He was speaking at the BEKUT SC facility this afternoon.

MR. NISIRA said that landowner issues were dragging the development process of the facility.

He said that issues that the landowners were making can be sorted out by themselves instead of stopping the project.

The Vice President also cautioned the landowners that if they continue disturbing the project the Government will have to look at new locations with lesser landowner issues.

He said the CS facility still needs to build facility for High Risk Criminals and also Juvenile convicts.

The Vice President mentioned Buin as a possible location where land is readily available.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


ABG Vice President, PATRICK NISIRA says that the ABG and its partners are committed to complete projects agreed in the MOU signed between the ABG and the BEKUT Jail landowners.

He made these remarks when addressing a gathering between the landowners and the ABG at the Jail premises today.

MR. NISIRA was responding to claims by the landowners that the ABG was not honoring or was very slow with the project.

The Vice President told the landowners that the Government has so far spent over 87 thousand kina as land lease payment or cash compensation since the MOU was signed in May 2006.

He said that the ABG has made available additional funds to cater for outstanding land lease payments both for the CS site as well as the road access and subject to all requirements being met, payments should be settled this year.

MR. NISIRA also mentioned other benefits for the landowners that include the recruitment of 25 youths from the area as Warders.

The establishments of a Health Centre which will be operational this year and an elementary school with a possible Primary School for the community.

He called on the landowners to unite and work as one Landowner group instead of creating many little groupings of landowners.

The meeting agreed to set another date to meet and discuss other landowner issues affecting the progress of the Bekut CS Institution.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


Bougainville will observe the following dates as public holidays for Easter 2013. 

Good Friday on March 29th, 2013 and Monday April, first 2013.

Normal work will resume on Tuesday April 2nd, 2013.

In a memo to all Chief Executive Officers, Executive Manager, Bougainville Administration, Buka General Hospital, Buka urban Council and extended services of the National Government, Chief administrator, LAWRENCE DISIN said that only emergency service staff are required to work throughout the Easter long weekend.

The Chief Administrator also wished them and the people of Bougainville a Peaceful and Happy Easter, 2013.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

A public transport operator in the Selau district, DAVID TSITOA is concern at the deteriorating road condition between Kokopau and Siara.

MR. TSITOA said that this stretch of the Buka to Arawa highway was recently upgraded in preparation for sealing but this has not eventuated.

MR.TSITOA questioned why the funds allocated for the upgrading did not set the stage for sealing of this road.

He said that in future they should engage refutable companies to upgrade and complete the sealing.

New Dawn FM understands that a further 18 MILLION KINA was allocated for this same road in the 2013 budget.





Source: PNG Attitude

Bougainville clamp down on beer & smokes tax evaders

by STEPHANIE ELIZAH | New Bougainville Bulletin

THE AUTONOMOUS BOUGAINVILLE GOVERNMENT (ABG) and its Administration are closely monitoring business houses that are evading payment of beer and tobacco taxes and says it will respond accordingly.

Minister for Finance, Albert Punghau (pictured), was responding to concerns raised on the lack of effective tax collection that resulted in lower than expected internal revenue.


Mr Punghau said projections on tax collected from beer and tobacco sales last year was K9.9 million but non-compliance by most Bougainville businesses resulted in the government experiencing an internal revenue shortfall.


“The wilful intent by a number of small business entities to actively adopt practices to circumvent the intent of the new legislation is a major concern,” said Mr Punghau.

He said in 2013 the ABG anticipates collecting K5.9 million from tax on beer and K4 million from tobacco.

Mr Punghau said that there several issues need to be resolved to ensure a successful collection of tax on tobacco and beer.

He said representatives from PNG’s Internal Revenue Commission have arranged to visit Bougainville soon to assist the ABG Administration progress this initiative.






Source: Post-Courier

Ex-top Bougainville cop dies


BOUGAINVILLE has lost one of its former police commanders. 

Joseph Bemu passed away last Saturday in his village in the Lenoke area in Buin District, South Bougainville.

The retired Chief Superintendent Bemu was the first Bougainvillean to be appointed to the post of the Assistant Commissioner of Police on Bougainville in 2004.

The late late commander was described by the acting head of the Bougainville Police Service (BPS) Supt Paul Kamuai as an honest and committed officer who had captained the BPS through a very challenging time when Bougainville was just emerging from the crisis period, with a lot of distrust still shown by the public regarding policing matters. 

Born in 1950 at Masiongu village in the Lule constituency of Buin, late Bemu joined the Royal PNG Constabulary as a new recruit in 1972.

He slowly made his way up the ranks while serving in various postings around PNG and received honours and commendations for his noble efforts in serving his country, particularly in the Highlands of PNG, Popondetta and as the chief instructor at the Bomana Police College.

Late Bemu was transferred to Bougainville and served as the provincial police commander from 1998-2003, and later as the ACP Bougainville Command from 2004-2007. 

He retired from the police service in 2007 due to ill health. At his home village, he was elected the chairman of the Lenoke council of elders. 


Source: Post-Courier

College refuses to enrol Bougainvillean students


FIVE Bougainvilleans who were accepted to undergo their studies at the Salamo Community Health Worker Training College in Milne Bay Province this year have been told to return home due to lack of space to accommodate them at the college.

These five students who travelled to the college after receiving their accptance letters during 2012 christmas period are Louis Sahear and Florence Ray Ririamate from Mahari constituency, Lovelyne Mose from Selau constituency and Lino Kemito and Elizah Lamasam from Nissan Island.

According to one of the affected students, even though they tried to produce their acceptance letters and other supporting documents as proof stating that they were selected to enrol this year, they were still denied enrolment at the CHW College.

Mr Louis Sahear, who spoke to the Post-Courier yesterday from Alotau, said they were all frustrated after being told that there was no space for them.

He said they had arrived at the college on the 8th of this month, which was also the third week of schooling and were looking forward to furthering their education at Salamo. 

Mr Sahear later claimed that the college was one-sided in accepting and enrolling students because there were cases where some students who arrived after them were still accepted to enrol. 

He added that some were accepted to enrol even though they did not produce any acceptance letter from the school. 

Mr Sahear and the other affected Bougainvillean students are now calling on their respective constituency members in the Bougainville House of Representative and other relevant authorities in Bougainville to come to their aid by sponsoring their return airfares to Bougainville. 

These students were recommended by their respective communities to do their studies at Salamo. 

Their communities had initially planned that after completing their studies they would return to their areas and serve their communities. 

However, this will not be the case now following the direction from the college’s authority not to accept the enrolment of these Bougainvillean students. 

Meanwhile, a relative of one of the affected students is calling on relevant authorities concerned in Bougainville, including the ABG members to come to their aid by paying their return airfares.

He is also calling on the ABG to establish such clinical institutions in Bougainville so that Bougainvilleans will no longer have to travel out of the island to undergo such studies and further avoid such hiccup.


Source: The National

Bougainville teachers still on payroll 

THE Autonomous Bougainville Government’s education division is working hard to ensure none of their teachers will be put off the

payroll for failing to submit their resumption forms.

Education chief executive officer Bruno Babato said yesterday that according to the education department, teachers nationwide who had not submitted their resumption forms by April 5 would be put off the payroll.

He said in Bougainville, at least 939 teachers were likely to be suspended but the

education office had been working closely with them to identify

issues that were hindering them from submitting their forms on


Babato said some issues that were beyond teacher’s control include appointment of positions made by

the Bougainville education board last December for this year

under which some teachers were refusing positions while others were appointing themselves.

“Some mission agencies are posting changes without consulting the appointment committee so when those teachers send us resumption forms, we find out

that they are not on

the official listing,” he said.

Babato said issues which teachers had control over were lack of accommodation at schools, law and order problems, and poor road conditions in the sense that they had resumed but could not get forms in on time.

He said this concerned schools in the region’s atolls.

Babato added that they had managed to rectify forms for 837 teachers who were now in the “safe zone”.

He said there was now an outstanding

of 102 teachers and

the break-up included

65 who had transferred to other provinces, two on leave and nine on leave without pay.

He said this group would definitely be placed off the payroll.

Babato was adamant that come April 5, no teachers in the region would be put off the payroll.

He said according to a report from Teachers Services Commission, about K6 million had been spent on teachers’ salaries in the last two pay days.





Source: Post-Courier

AROB gets better fuel supply


A FUEL tanker from Singapore is now making life very easy for small businesses in Bougainville.

The tanker comes into the region twice a month with more than 590,000 litres of diesel fuel during each trip, supplying the product to more than 50 clients in Buka, Arawa and Buin. Clients also came from Siwai, Nagovis and Panguna to fill their drums at Loloho and Kangu Wharf.

The fuel tanker is owned by Singaporean company Kong Hoo JV and is being hired by a Bougainvillean joint-venture company U-SKY Limited serving the whole of Bougainville with much needed diesoline for service stations in the region. 

The aim of U-SKY Ltd is to support the local economy of Bougainville by boosting local businesses.

The fuel tanker pumps about 120,000 liters of fuel in one hour into 44 gallon drums, which means five drums can be filled up in two minutes.

This is a blessing in disguise for the local up and coming business people because they cannot travel to Rabaul to buy and transport fuel back to Bougainville. Now the fuel is served to them right on their doorsteps. 

U-SKY marketing manager in Central Bougainville Lawrence Matau yesterday invited Post -Courier to tour the fuel tanker at Loloho Wharf, explaining that there have been three runs conducted as trials with very good feedback from the local business people.

“At the moment we are supplying fuel to everyone – from the small businessman to big shots - who buy in bulk from us,” Mr Matau said, adding that the price is now reduced by K0.20 and the tanker goes back empty.

The fuel from the tanker is being sold at K3.60 per liter. Buyers take fuel back and resell for K3.80.

The tanker is being re-filled at Rabaul at the Islands Petroleum depot and transported to Bougainville.

According to Mr Matau, since after the Bougainville Crisis, there was no tanker to distribute fuel to Bougainville.

Now, with this joint-venture company in place fuel comes in a proper tank that is cleaned with vegetable oil with all requirement from independent inspections passed and approved.

In the past when fuel drums come on cargo ships in most cases they don’t arrive time, there are many complaints from clients on missing fuel drums and quality of the fuel itself very low.

Also now, the leading fuel consumer in Bougainville, PNG Power Ltd has 24 hours supply of power with the introduction of the fuel tanker into Buka, Loloho and Kangu Wharf.

Business with cold storage are now happy because they are not experiencing rotten freezer goods or threats to refrigerators because of the continuous power blackouts.

The fuel comes in untouched quality because of the stainless steel tanks, and the joint venture is operating within every law and regulation of the Autonomous Bougainville government via a Memorandum of Understanding.




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The Acting Assistant Police Commissioner for Bougainville, ACP PAUL KAMUAI today paid tribute to his former boss the late Superintendent JOSEPH BEMU who passed away at the weekend.

Superintendent PAUL KAMUAI described the late JOSEPH BEMU a honest and committed Police officer who captained the Bougainville Police Service through a very challenging time when Bougainville was just emerging from the crisis period and when there was a lot of distrust by the public concerning Policing matters.

He said that his work on Bougainville is seeing today throughout Bougainville.

The Acting Police Commander also sent his condolences to the family and relatives of the late Police Commander. 

The body of the late Police Commander will be escorted by Police to Buin tomorrow for his final journey before he is laid to rest at his village in Buin, South Bougainville.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


Bougainville has lost one of its former head of Police.

Former and Pioneer Assistant Commissioner of Police on Bougainville, ACP JOSEPH BEMU passed away last Saturday at the Buka General Hospital.

The retired Chief Superintendent JOSEPH BEMU was the first Bougainville Police Officer to be appointed Assistant Commissioner of Police in 2004, one year ahead of Bougainville attaining Autonomous status in 205.

The late BEMU was born at Masiogu village in the LULE Constituency of Bui, South Bougainville in 1950 and joined the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary as a recruit Constable in 1972.

He rose through the ranks while serving in various postings around Papua New Guinea over the years.

The late Superintendent Bemu received honors and commendations for his noble efforts in serving his country especially in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, Bomana Police College as chief instructor, Popondeta and finally Bougainville where he served and Bougainville Police Commander from 1998 to 2003 then as Assistant Police Commander of Police Bougainville Command in line with the Autonomous arrangement from 2004 to 2007.

The late Superintendent Bemu retired in 2007 due to ill health.

Despite his personal difficulties and other challenges he was once again elected as the Chairman of the LENOKE COE in Buin after he retired and went back home.

He continued to serve his people without asking for any reward or favors until his passing last Saturday morning.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The ABG Health Division has been challenged to come up with a mechanism of salary system to make sure Health assistants in the rural areas are paid up their dues.

A concerned citizen from Arawa made this call today after learning that workers who were hired by the Health Division and working in the rural Health facilities were still working for no pay.

The concerned citizen told New Dawn FM that in the rural areas most of the work are done by these assistants but were ignored by the division to compensate them.

He said that some have been working for more than Ten years with promises of putting them on payroll but this has not eventuated.

They said that if the Division had no money it must advice the workers to stop working instead of making promises that it cannot keep.

Attempts by New Dawn FM to get comments from the Division were unsuccessful.

New Dawn FM understands that the Health Division is one of the first Divisions to become Department under the ABG’s draw down of powers programme with Education and Police.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


A Buka chief and Businessman, HENRY ONSA (pictured) today called on the Bougainville Chief Administrator, to put his foot down on misuse of ABG Government vehicles by officers.

He told New Dawn FM today that he was very concerned at the alarming rate in which Government vehicles are used by officers after hours and during weekends. 

MR. ONSA said that many of the vehicles involve in road accidents and those drivers concerned are never charged so that repair costs can be deducted from their salaries.

He questioned why instructions by the ABG President of pooling these vehicles are continuously ignored by the administration.

MR. ONSA said that when the ABG continues to cry no money he does not see any logic looking at the number of misuse by these so called public servants.

The Buka Businessman also commented in the number of vehicles on hire by the administration which continuously drain the ABG.





Source: Post-Courier

Settlers want probe


PEOPLE living at the Dump settlement located near the Buka Airport are calling on neutral investigators to be involved in investigating the wounding of two of their youths by police on Sunday night. 

This is because they believed that the youths were innocent and that they were shot by police for no good reasons at all. 

Their frustrated representatives who fronted up at the Post-Courier Office yesterday are strongly claiming that police are to be blamed for the incident.

They added that police are now trying to hide their wrongdoings by spreading false information that the youths including the two that were injured had attacked police with knives, spears and slingshots. 

A petition has already been presented by representatives of the Dump settlers to the acting commander of the Bougainville Police Service (BPS) Supt Paul Kamuai and ABG vice president Patrick Nisira on Tuesday. 

According to the petition, one of the points they raised is that they have already lost their trust in the Bougainville police personnel and wants foreigners preferably New Zealanders to be appointed into the Bougainville police chief and other BPS senior positions. 

They are also demanding that a full investigation be conducted and those involved to face criminal charges and be terminated from the police force. They emphasised that this investigation must be thoroughly conducted because they do not want this case to be like other cases where perpetrators were never arrested and charged for the troubles they committed. 

They also want a reconcilliation and compensation to be held and that police should be compensating the victims once all medical reports are obtained. 

The settlers are also calling on police to make their stand clear regarding their involvement and association with one of the Buka-based security firm, Hasaka Security Service.

They are also demanding the legal establishment of the council of elders for the settlers and that they should also be provided with the developmental services that they deserve. 

After receiving the petition the representatives were urged by police to return and advice their people about the stand of police regarding their duties in policing law and order in the airport and other surrounding areas. 

Supt Kamuai while responding to their demand said this case needed a thorough investigation to be carried out to determine the real cause of the incident and who were at fault.


Source: ABC Radio Australia - Pacific Beat

Food shortages as rain pounds Bougainville

Food supplies are dwindling for more than five thousand villagers in Central Bougainville as a result of continuous heavy rain.

Food gardens in the coastal village of Rorovana have been washed away and although an appeal has gone out to the government for emergency assistance, the authorities are taking their time to act.

Presenter: Richard Ewart

Speaker: Franklin Lacui, Regional disaster coordinator

 Listen here !  


Source: Radio New Zealand International

Heavy flooding destroys Bougainville food gardens

Heavy flooding in the central region of the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville has destroyed houses and food gardens.

The regional disaster co-ordinator for Bougainville, Franklin Lacey, says they have a team on the ground assessing the scale of the damage and expects a full report by Wednesday.

Mr Lacey says he knows of gardens and houses destroyed around Roroban, and this is having a devastating impact.


“Since the situation has happened there’s been people going out to other areas to look for food. People at the moment are scavenging for food everywhere they can find it. There are people who are going out to relatives on the other side of the village to look for food. The situation is very bad at the moment.”


Franklin Lacey says he hopes to have relief supplies in the region by next weekend with assistance from the United Nations and AUSaid, but he says it will take months to restore the gardens.






Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Tom Kathoa


The wish by many Bougainvilleans to receive the signals of New Dawn FM Community Radio Network in Central Bougainville will soon become a reality thanks to the financial commitment by Bougainville Copper Foundation and the ABG to get NEW DAWN FM signals on satellite from its studios in Buka and rebroadcasted in Arawa and Buin in separate ONE KILOWATT Stereo FM Transmitters.

The Manager of New Dawn FM, ALOYSIUS LAUKAI revealed this after returning with Technicians and consultants who are working on the upgrading project.

The team visited Arawa yesterday, Buin today and returned to Buka to finalize equipments to be moved to locations in Central and South Bougainville.

All equipments will now be purchased and the upgrading could start as early as next month April.

New Dawn FM Community Radio Network was established by Bougainvilleans to support with the dissemination of much needed information on Peace Building and Reconciliations to the people of Bougainville and the world through partnerships with media outlets outside of Bougainville.

Its mandate from day one is to report on development and balanced reporting of all activities on the island and to promote good governance and Democracy building on the troubled island.

New Dawn FM was established with the assistance from UNESCO and the Government of Germany in 2007 and won a Pacific Award for Communication and Social Change in 2009.

Its programming are mostly local content on Health Issues, Community Issues and covers the ABG’s Parliamentary sessions, and other development partners and the people of Bougainville.

As Bougainville is going towards Referendum to decide the final status of the region continues to support the development of Autonomy and development of Bougainville by providing the information needed by the people to move forward into the future.

On trainings of staff NEW DAWN FM since 2010 has been working with the COMMONWEALTH OF LEARNING based in Vancouver, CANADA on women health issues programme, “bougainville mere tede” 

This arrangement has made it possible for the staff to get trainings with the Fiji based Secretariat of the Pacific Community(SPC) over the years.

New Dawn FM in 2010 also joined the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters and gets international support through this link.

With the latest support New Dawn FM will be able to reach the Central and South Bougainville and eventually the entire region and including some PNG centres of Port Moresby, Lae and Rabaul.

As a community radio network, New Dawn FM will continue to seek the support by the people of Bougainville, PNG and our partners abroad.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


Chiefs from the Buka Airport camps today denied Police claims that they shot two youths in self defence.

Chiefs from the airport camps told New Dawn FM today that there was no confrontation with Police and the shooting was deliberate by Police.

They also said that claims that Siwai’s only reside at the site was also not true as the whole Papua New Guinea can be seeing at the camps.

They also refuted claims of using slings and stones against the Police.

New Dawn FM also was provided pictures of the two people shot by Police and their list of Eight Demands made to the Buka Police Commander including compensation.

They said that such actions by police only diminishes the trust people have in the Bougainville Police Service and arming an un discipline force means disaster for the region.

Yesterday, New Dawn FM ran a story by Police saying they shot the boys in self defence and after a windscreen of their car was damaged.

The chiefs also demanded that a full investigation into the incident be carried out immediately.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



By Aloysius Laukai


ABG VICE PRESIDENT and Minister for Law and Justice, Police and Correctional Service, Hon Patrick Nisira has urged the youths from the Airport Dump Tribe Settlement on the out skirts of Buka Airport to disengage themselves from further unlawful gatherings and activities and respect the rule of law.

In a statement released from his office, Mr Nisira appealed to especially to Siwai youths originally from South Bougainville but now residing at the notorious squatter

Settlement in Buka not to influence other South Bougainvilleans into further confrontations with Bougainville Police after incident on Sunday night where two Siwai

youths were injured after they attempted to attack police at the Buka Airport Runaway

with knives, spears and slingshots .Acting Bougainville Police Chief ACP Paul Kamuai also shared similar sentiments and urged parties concerned to abide by the law and allow

for proper investigations to continue.

The youths were apparently angered by the recent March 11th murder of young Siwai father of two near the Buka Airport .They then formed an armed vigilante group which took over the Buka Airport Runaway and surroundings areas near the Settlement chopping down banana trees belonging to fellow squatters and scaring and chasing off people walking along the area of concern.

On Sunday night a police duty vehicle with two officers on board responded to a complaint from a resident of Buka Town about a group of homebrew intoxicated youths from the Settlement who had threatened and chased him as he was taking a shortcut through the area. The two policemen arrived on the scene at the runway and were threatened with knives and verbally abused by members of the vigilante group who told the officers to clear out of the area.

The youths later on charged on a police reinforcement team at the airport runaway damaging a police vehicle windscreen with a slingshot and endangering the lives of backup police officers with knives, spears, stones and other improvised weapons. Police

were forced to fire warning shots into the air, however two suicidal members of the group

brandishing sharpened bush knives kept charging towards the officers threatening to chop them up. The two suspects sustained injuries while in the process of trying to attack police and had to be rushed to Buka General Hospital.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


A Bougainville student studying at the Divine Word University in Madang has supported the ABG President, DR. JOHN MOMIS call to open the closed Panguna Copper mine under a new arrangement and following Bougainville’s own law on Mining once it is passed by the ABG House later this year.

JK Semos said that healthy debates on the re-opening of the Panguna Copper mine was good however based on history,Panguna mine was the major vital catalyst for PNG Nation building from 1967 to 1989.

And for a good 20 years before OK TEDI came into the picture in 1984/85, the Panguna mine alone built schools hospitals, Aid Posts, roads, bridges airports and the list goes on.

MR. SEMOS said if we are going on history the Panguna mine should be re-opened as ABG andAROB and its people do need the same economic catalyst and much needed funds to build its national building foundations.

He said in a global village of which AROB and ABG are part of, having big resource projects like the Panguna mine in your backyard will drive and advance the building blocks of AROB national building.

In that light I fully agree with President Momis, Chris Damana and others in re-opening the Panguna mine as history is on their side.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

Food Security Officer with Primary Industry Jilian Peniai is calling on Bougainvilleans to make sure they plant different priorities of food to make sure they have food in all weather.

Ms Peniai made these comments on New Dawn FM last week.

She said with the climate change a lot of changes are happing with weather patterns resulting in some foods not coping with the changes.

Ms Peniai said the people must plant varieties of food that can grow during droughts and also if there is continuous rains in the area some food can still survive.

She also said that clean Water was one problem that the people must make sure they have in their communities.

Ms Peniai said that clean water was getting scarce and the people must protect clean drinking water catchment areas.Ends 


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The Catholic Church on Bougainville yesterday launched its Balance Life programme in which it wants all the Catholics throughout the region must try to uphold.

The program amongst other issues wants the person to balance all his or her activities and instead of concentrating on one only and leaving others.

Bishop of the Bougainville Diocese, Bernard Unabali made this known at the launching yesterday at Hahela Parish on Buka island.

The Balanced life program according to Bishop Bernard targets the families and goes to the communities and institutions throughout the region.

The Bishop said that a lot of people were concentrating on social activities and forgetting their spiritual obligations they have to balance their life with.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Tom Kathoa


A visiting doctor to Bougainville says, the deadly drug of marijuana is a serious concern to Bougainville. 

Dr. Monica Hagali made the statement during her one week visit to Bougainville last week.

She said the consumption of marijuana is threatening the livelihood of the young generation of Bougainville and the rest of Papua New Guinea.

Dr. Hagali says there is evidence that young people are consuming marijuana at an early aged.

The doctor says boys as young as seven years consume marijuana and by the time they reach 17 years and above they are already deeply into this and develop serious body problems.

The government and the health department has to take a firm stand against the cultivation, distribution and consumption of this deadly killer drug by enforcing sticker regulations.

Marijuana causes permanent mental health problem to its users and this must not be allowed to continue.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Tom Kathoa


A nursing sister at the Buka General Hospital, Sr. Hessa Barnabas says the behavior of children is shaped by their parents and immediate relatives.

Sr. Barnabas appealed to parents to know that their children’s future is on their hands and that they must behave properly in front of them.

She said children learn very fast at an early age and copy things the way their parents and those around them act.

So it is important that parents know this and help bring their children up in a civilized way acceptable to the community.

Parents should also do their best to help educate their children and to prepare them for the future.

Our children are the backbone of the country and future leaders and parents and the community must play a role in shaping and molding them to be good citizens and leaders.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The Buka Urban Council will be collecting TWENTY(20)KINA headtax from the residents of Sohano island starting next week.

According to the Service message from the Buka Urban Council, Sohano island has been broken into four communities of CHEBU, HILLTOP,HAUSIK and COMPOUND.

The message says that those who did not pay head tax last year will be required to pay FORTY (40) KINA.

And those who do not pay up will pay a penalty fee through the village Courts.

Tax Collector, RAKA BENSON will follow the following schedule;

Compound between March 20th to March 23rd, Hausik from First April to 5th April, Hilltop from 8th April to 11th April and Chebu from 15th April to 19th April.

The message further states that the Tax Collector will provide an official receipt to those who are making payments.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG Minister for Natural Resources that include mining, MICHAEL ONI says that the Department of mining is tasked with the responsibility to implement the transfer of Powers and Functions in accordance with the Strategic Framework on the transfer of Mining, Oil & Gas Functions and Powers based on the Alotau MOU.

The Minister was presenting his report to the ABG House of Representatives this week.

He said that the implementation of the 15 Stage Strategic Framework has been progressing concurrently. the Department is in the process of implementing Stage 2 and Stage 3 of the Strategic Framework. Stage 2 refers to the implementation of the Tenements Administration, while stage 3 refers to the Review of the Bougainville Copper Agreement.

The Minister said that in preparation for the“Panguna Mine Negotiation,” the BEC has approved the establishment of the Ministerial Committee. The Ministerial Committee is chaired by the President and includes the Vice President, Minister for Natural Resources & Mining, Minister for Finance & Planning and Minister for Works.

BEC has also appointed a Negotiations facilitator and has also approved the establishment of the Panguna Mine Secretariat. This office is directly accountable to the President and is responsible for coordination of Panguna Mine Negotiations.

He said that the Natural Resources Ministry has also spearheaded the Peace Building Strategy to unify stakeholders of Panguna in preparation for the Panguna Mine Negotiation and the Referendum on Independence. The Panguna Peace Building Strategy is co-funded by ABG and SPSN – Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesen an AusAid funded program.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The Buka town Council member representing Sohano island Community, RAKA BENSON this afternoon announced some projects that would be funded by the North Bougainville Open Member LAUTA ATOI and ABG Member for Tsitalato, COSMAS SOHIA and the Regional member, JOE LERA.

He made these remarks on New Dawn FM talkback show this afternoon.

MR. BENSON said that projects have been identified in the areas of Education and Health, youth, women, churches and Sports.

He said he has been looking for funds in the last two years and is happy to tell the people that some projects have been approved for funding this year.

MR. BENSON said that he will go into detail once work on projects start.






Source: Post-Courier

Bougainville Disaster Office has no Funds to Assist


THE Bougainville Disaster Office in Buka does not have any money to help the Rorovana Villagers whose gardens have been washed away by floods.

This was revealed by Bougainville Disaster Office Coordinator Franklyn Lessie yesterday. 

When contacted by Post-Courier yesterday, Mr Lessie simply said: “Just tell them (villagers) the disaster office does not have money now to help out.”

This did not go down well with Rorovana’s no non-sense Paramount Chief Andrew Baka who slammed the office saying it is a disgrace and is an insult to his over-populated coastal village.

“I’m very disappointed with such a comment from the boss of the disaster office, which we are supposed to get help from. It’s insulting and very sad for my people. I don’t know where to get help from now because the office we’re banking on to get help has no money,” a frustrated Chief Baka told Post-Courier at Rorovana Village.

Yesterday Chief Baka officially invited Post-Courier to go to the village and take pictures of the badly affected gardens. It was a very sad scene as all the gardens were washed away by the flood as a result of continuous rain experienced in the region. There were never ending complaints from the women-folk, their facial expression saying it all as they stared at their stinking garden produces. 

Garden foods like bananas were uprooted by the water, tapioka and kaukau and taro have all gone bad. The garden was giving off a bad smell because of the rotting garden produce.

“See, this is our life, our garden has gone, and this is all we depended on, me and my villagers. We need assistance from the government. The government has to help us, give us some relief supplies to keep us going, because at the moment what little food we have uprooted is finished now. The gardens are full of water. There is no where to get food now. Government must help us, I don’t care what government, National or ABG, we need assistance,” Chief Baka said.






Source: Post-Courier

Inquiry into ABG joint venture investments


AN inquiry will soon be conducted into the joint venture investments done between the Autonomous Bougainville Government and two other business organisations.

The successful motion calling for the inquiry was sponsored by the member for Atolls constituency in the Bougainville House of representatives, Frank Pasini Marena, during the recent sitting of the Bougainville House of Representatives. 

The motion had called for the Bougainville House of Representatives to mandate the ABG Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to inquire into the two joint ventures done by the ABG with the Hakau Investment on the Torokina Oil Palm Project, and the China Business Corporation. 

PAC will be inquiring into the funds used by the ABG on these joint venture agreements. 

It was also agreed that during the inquiry, no new joint venture deals will be conducted by the Bougainville Executive Council, until the report is completed and tabled in the ABG parliament.

Some of these business transactions that will be affected following this decision include those that were outlined in the President’s Statement on the policy and legislative intentions that the Momis-Nisira Government intend to achieve in the next 12 months. 

Meanwhile, no major government business issue was dealt with during the March Sitting of the ABG parliament.

The next Sitting will be held in June this year.


Source: Post-Courier

Dump youths urged to avoid trouble


A BOUGAINVILLE leader has urged youths residing at the Airport Dump Settlement near Buka Airport to refrain from engaging in further unlawful gatherings and activities and to respect the rule of law.

Autonomous Bougainville Government vice President and Minister for Police, Correctional Service and Law and Justice Patrick Nisira made the appeal following an incident which took place at the airport on Sunday night in which two youths sustained injuries following a confrontation between the police and the youths from the Dump settlement. 

The victims from Siwai in South Bougainville together with other youths from the Dump Settlement had tried to attack police personnel with knives, spears and slingshots when they were shot by police.

According to a press statement from police, the youths were apparently angered by the recent murder of a young Siwai man, whose body was found at the side of the airport early last week. 

The deceased, who is also a resident at the settlement, was found dead on Monday evening. 

It was stated that after forming a vigilante group made up of youths from the settlement, the youths started chopping down banana gardens belonging to other settlers and scaring and chasing off people walking along their area of concern.

Two policemen who attended to a complaint raised by a Buka town resident who was also chased near the airport by some intoxicated youths, were also threatened with knives and verbally abused by members of this group.

The officers left and later returned with a police reinforcement team. However, they were still threatened and verbally abused by the youths who were armed with knives, spears and slingshots. 

Police were later forced to fire warning shots to disperse the youths after they were seen to be very violent and charging towards police.

The two injured youths, who were identified as brothers from Kohkui village in Siwai, were reported to have been very violent and armed with bush knives. They were seen to be charging towards police and issuing threats to chop police when they sustained their injuries. 

Mr Nisira is now calling on the youths from Siwai to refrain from influencing other South Bougainvilleans into further confrontations with police. 

Acting head of the Bougainville Police Service, Supt Paul Kamuai expressed similar sentiments.


Source: Post-Courier

ABG seeks pay review for leaders


THE Autonomous Bougainville Government’s representatives to the National Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) are currently in Port Moresby to table the ABG’s submission on the new salary and allowances for the ABG leaders.

These members which were approved by the Bougainville Executive Council (BEC) to become the ABG’s representative to the SRC include the Bougainville House of Representatives Speaker Andrew Miriki and the ABG Minister for Education John Tabinaman. 

The two leaders were accompanied by the Chief Executive Officer for the Bougainville Division of Law and Justice Chris Siriosi and Mr Miriki’s First Secretary John Sania.

The two leaders were supposed to have been sworn in as members of the SRC by the Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio on Tuesday before attending a special meeting of the commission to table the ABG’s submission.

The new pay scale for the ABG members, which has the backing of the BEC is based on the ABG Leaders Pay Review 2009-2012 that was carried out by an independent company, Merit Enterprises Ltd.

This company was tasked by the ABG administration to conduct the review. Once approved, this new determination on the salary and allowances will be subjected for endorsement by the Bougainville House of Representatives.


Source: Post-Courier

AROB’s referendum status quo update

BOUGAINVILLE Affairs Minister Steven Kamma yesterday, after seven years presented a Ministerial Statement on Bougainville, giving an update on the situation there so far.

Mr Kamma, who took the Parliament on a graceful 20 minutes taking them through the affairs of Bougainville so far also announced that by May this year the PNG-ABG and donor partners, will know whether they are meeting the Constitutional arrangements and requirements of referendum.

He spoke of the official announcement of the Bougainville Referendum Committee which was headed by Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc and the responsibilities it had so far. He spoke of the updates on the referendum, mining, the three pillars of Bougainville and other issues.

“Mr Speaker, as required a panel of experts from various disciplines have been established to review the autonomous arrangements such as the fiscal, legal, constitutional and administrative aspects that are contained in such arrangements above. The panel of experts will provide their first report at the end of May this year. This report will tell us whether the national government, the ABG and our donor partners are meeting the constitutional arrangements or not,” he said

But NCD Governor Powes Parkop in his debate on the Statement called on Bougainville to deal with the dimensions that will affect the referendum singling out one of south Bougainville’s Noah Musingku regime and other factors.

He stressed that only Bougainvilleans would decide their own destiny and that he, like all other PNG Government MPs would stand ready to assist whatever decision they come up with in two –three years time.

Meanwhile, Mr Kamma spelled out that the Bougainville Referendum Committee (BRC) responsibility was to investigate all constitutional, legal, administrative and financial issues that may need to be considered to prepare both the National Government and the Autonomous Bougainville Government and the people of Bougainville for the conduct of the constitutionally guaranteed referendum.

“The BRC is a joint committee made up of chief secretary to government as chairman, chief administrator for ABG, secretary for Justice and Attorney-General, CEO for Autonomy (ABG), legal officer for ABG, acting Electoral Commissioner for ABG, PNG Electoral Commissioner, Director for National Co-ordination office for Bougainville Affairs. Other departments/agencies of National Government and divisions of ABG are co-opted as and when required,” he said.

The BRC has met on several occasions since 2010. The latest meeting was held in Buka Island on Friday 08th March 2013 and covered Key issues including: 

- The BRC 2013 work plan – the BRC approved its own work plan for 2013;

- Review of the Autonomy arrangement – the BRC secretariat updated its members of the status of the review;

- Weapons disposal – the UN weapons evaluation report was tabled and accepted by the BRC with specific instructions to the secretariat for a matrix of action to be developed to implement the recommendations;

- Joint information and awareness strategy – this is ready for joint implementation;

- Re-establishment of Arawa as the ABG Headquarters – discussions are starting and will be formalised in due course; and

- Proposed regional study tours to countries undertaking the referendum process.

Kamma said he would update the Parliament on other key issues when they were ready.


Source: Islands Business / Post-Courier

Villagers in Bougainville appeal for food supplies

BUKA, PNG --- More than 5,000 people in the Rorovana Village of Central Bougainville are in dire need of food supplies. 

The continuous heavy rain in Central Bougainville and most parts of the island region as well as the country, is causing havoc and has taken its toll on the coastal village of Rorovana wherein all the food gardens have been washed away. 

“All our gardens are under the water. The flood has swept away our gardens. We are uprooting all the garden food at the moment, leaving no crops in the water. We need assistance from the relevant government authorities at this moment,” spokesperson Patrick Boaz told Post-Courier.. 

He added that the garden produce uprooted will run out anytime this week. 

Boaz who came to town to seek help from the Kieta District Office was turned away when he could not see relevant authorities to lodge his appeal. 

Instead he approached this paper to at least get his appeal out for authorities to see and supply food items as soon as possible. The two weeks of continuous heavy downpour has caused the gardens to flood, resulting in garden produces like taro, kaukau, banana and tapioca all under the water. The level of the flood waters is very high. 

“Our gardens are all underwater. The water level is like up to our belly-button (stomach). What we are doing now is we are just uprooting and harvesting whatever that is in the water, whether it is ready for harvesting or not. It doesn’t matter because if we leave them (foods) there, they (foods) will go bad. 

That’s why we have to harvest everything in the garden to save some of the food,” a concerned Boaz said. 

He said most of the garden produce have already gone bad because of the water and if the sun comes back, its goodbye to our garden produce, everything will begin to rot. 

The Rorovana people who have settled in the outskirts of Arawa Town, along the Loloho Basin since the early colonial period, have been making their gardens at one location, the Rorovana 2 Village. 

With the ever-increasing population and shortage of land, the big village of Rorovana has separated into two locations with others migrating to Vito and Tarara. “All the villagers’ gardens are located at one place, at Rorovana 2 Village, beside the bridge. We all do our gardens at the same place, thus this has affected all of us, everyone in Rorovana, both 1 and 2 villages.” 

According to Chief Boaz, everything (garden produce) which is underwater will go bad if the rain stops and the sun comes back out again. 

“It will be a matter of days before we run out of food, thus we need help from the Buka Disaster Office and any other relevant authorities. 

When this paper contacted the Buka Disaster Office to check on the Rorovana appeal, there was no one in the office. Further query, located the Disaster office boss Franklyn Lessie to be on leave at his village on Buka Island.


Source: The National

Bougainville government tasked to explain money use 


THE Autonomous Bougainville government has been taken to task over its handling of annual development grants by the national government.

Bougainville Affairs Minister Steven Kamma told parliament yesterday that the ABG had not properly accounted for the first K200 million of its K500 million five-year development package.

Kamma said in his ministerial statement that under the financing arrangement, K100 million would be provided for infrastructure development each year from 2012-16.

He said the funds should be properly accounted for and reported to him so he could inform the prime minister and National Executive Council.

The minister said the ABG’s financial reporting and accounting mechanism was not in place and therefore, he was unable to report on the expenditure and implementation aspects of the development package.

Kamma also told parliament that the prime minister would be seeking the speaker’s approval to establish a bi-partisan parliamentary committee for Bougainville.

“The bi-partisan committee will provide oversight over various activities on the autonomous region such as the referendum committee, weapons disposal, public service transfer and infrastructure development and ensuring the three pillars of the autonomous government are achieved,” he said.

Kamma added he accompanied Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion to Bougainville two weeks ago for the launching of the referendum committee by ABG President John Momis.

He said the committee’s work included the review of the autonomous arrangements which was a legal requirement under the Bougainville peace agreement. 



Source: Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Bougainville: Pressure on

by mekamui

The pressure is on to reopen the close Panguna mine, there is so far two public forums held in Buka to get public view. From the news report they will held two more forums and than who knows what will happen?

Some people as we always wrote and mentioned are worrying about the economy and the Westerners who talks about development are worrying about making money in the name of development in our life time expenses.

The answer to the reopening of Panguna mine is in the hands of Bougainvilleans not lawmakers who are foreigners and makes law to look like indigenous one and than force it down to the grassroots in the name of the so called development. The development that will makes us salve in our own land.

Days, months and years will go bye when talking about reopening the mine, however the mine will not reopen. Blood is there and needs to be address well and remember that land is our mother, panguna people needs land to plant taro, yam and other food crops for their living. Or they will live on money for the rest of their lives; food for money, water for money etc. and their land will become waste gravel.

With the drawing up of the mining laws for ABG I reckon the landowners who are the most affected after all the extraction of minerals and land become use less will be benefited more if on the bottom line they will have some say or input other wise by the look of it, it’s for the joy riders and educated ones or foreign law to suit them and the company.







Source: Radio New Zealand International

Bougainville mine reopening would get support before referendum, says landowner

A landowner in the Panguna region of Papua New Guinea’s Bougainville says he thinks the majority would back the Panguna mine re-opening ahead of the referendum on independence.

Martin Miriori was speaking after a Me’ekamui militant group leader, Chris Uma, opposed any discussion on re-opening of Panguna until independence is gained through the vote scheduled from 2015.

Mr Uma says only after independence is achieved can there be talk about opening the mine.

Mr Miriori says the majority would support it opening earlier but the government needs to allocate resources to ensure they are well informed.

“To carry out full awareness throughout Bougainville so that after that awareness, explaining to them the advantages and disadvantages, the good side and the bad side, [and] at the end of the day Bougainvilleans are given the right to decide - plebiscite, and I think Bougainville constitution allows for that. And my feeling is that the majority of people will support the re-opening of the mine.”





Source: Post-Courier

Bougainville electoral boss: By-elections will not be held as planned


THE long-awaited by-elections for the four vacant constituency seats in the Bougainville House of Representatives will not be conducted as originally planned.

According to the acting Bougainville Electoral Commissioner Reitama Taravaru, this is due to the recent Bougainville Executive Council’s (BEC) decision regarding the approval of funding to be used in conducting these by-elections.

Mr Taravaru had initially made a submission for K1.5 million to be given to the Bougainville Electoral Commission to conduct the elections.

However, the BEC during its recent sitting held a couple of weeks ago only approved the release of K500, 000. 

Mr Taravaru said this money was not enough to meet all the necessary preparations and expenses to be incurred before, during and after the conduct of the by-elections.

He said his office had prepared and completed all necessary activities including the budget and timeframe to conduct the elections during the past three months, but all this would not eventuate due to the funding shortfall. 

Mr Taravaru is now appealing to the people in this constituencies affected to understand that though injustice has been done to them regarding the prolong delay of these elections, they must also know that it is not only his office that is involved in the conducting of the elections.

He said there were other parties that were also involved including the ABG and the Bougainville administration. 

Mr Taravaru is now looking at other possible options to take in order to have all the elections held using this K500,000. 

One of these is the readjustment of his activity plans by scraping off some of those activities to cater for that K500,000.

He, however, said some of these activities like the updating of the electoral rolls, training and awareness were mandatory requirements that should be made before any election was conducted.

He said if he proceeded in scraping these activities there would likely be an election petition being filed after the declaration.

The other possible option is to separately conduct these by-elections instead of having them all at the same time. 

However, if the above option is taken then more funding will be needed, as a result, surpassing the K1.5m that was initially requested. 

Mr Taravaru also warned that there may also be legal implications taken by the other constituencies if this option is pursued.

He said that was why it was better to have these elections all at the same time because it would involve sharing resources, cost saving and preventing legal implications from arising.

Mr Taravaru will be submitting another proposal for the remaining K1m to be released so that the elections for these constituencies are conducted smoothly and legally as required by law.

He wants the election dates moved a month forward so that the writs are returned in July.


Source: Post-Courier

ABG set to fix feeder roads


AFTER a long fight since the establishment of the Autonomous Bougainville Government in 2005, the call for ABG to upgrade and maintain feeder roads has been answered. 

Under the Economical Feeder Roads Maintenance program, the ABG Works Ministry will be fixing six feeder roads in the region, two for north Bougainville, two for central and two for south.

The first one in north Bougainville, the Tinputz station to Torpanos feeder road, was launched on Monday by ABG Works Minister and Member for Taonita Tinputz Carolus Ketsimur. Also, in attendance was Member for Suir Luke Karaston, who started the fight for roads rehabilitation since the first house or establishment of ABG. 

A local road contactor on Bougainville Kompaini limited has been awarded the contract to upgrade the road.

The ground breaking ceremony took place at the Tinputz government station where the road begins, and was well attended by people in Tinputz. 

Both leaders have appealed to the people to appreciate and take ownership of the project as one of theirs, and also to respect the contactor’s equipment.

“In some cases we have people stealing fuel and harassing bulldozer operators, that is not right and please don’t let it happen here,” Mr Karaston said.

“It is not easy arguing in parliament because everybody wants and is entitled to a slice of the cake, but with the combination of us, me and Carolus Ketsimur we have secured K7 million kina for the upgrading of our roads,’’ he said. Tinputz is Bougainville’s major cocoa producer and the roads will lead to the cocoa being transported easily to the markets in Buka and Arawa. Mr Ketsimur said the time for waking up at 3am and carrying cocoa bags down and arriving at the main road at 7pm or 8pm is now over.


Source: Post-Courier

Pregnant women, children die in floods


A PREGNANT woman who was to give birth next month and her three children are among seven people confirmed dead in Bougainville after their vehicle was swept away by floods.

The incident occurred at Rauravo River, Koianu, in the Kokoda Constituency of Central Bougainville on Monday at around 2pm.

Out of the 11 passengers that traveled in the 10-seater Toyota Landcruiser ambulance belonging to the Koromira Health Center, four survived the ordeal, including the driver. The other survivors include a doctor, husband of the pregnant woman and another woman. They escaped death with scratches and bruises on their bodies.

However, the other six people (pregnant woman and her three children) a two year old boy and another man did not make it. Search parties by villagers yesterday recovered all the bodies some 30 kilometres downstream, near the sea.

Out of all the bodies recovered, the body of a nine month old baby has not been recovered yet. The baby, which died at the Arawa Health Centre, was being transported back to their village when they met their fate.

According to a relative Timothy Karovi, the ambulance was traveling back from the Arawa Health Centre with the body of the 9 month old baby when the driver tried to negotiate the Rauravo River. “At that time, the river was just starting to flood. They were crossing when the vehicle got bogged in the middle of the river. The driver went out to engage the four wheels, which is on the front tyres, when a big current came down hurling stones and tree trunks at the vehicle. The vehicle with everybody inside were sitting ducks as a log came along and hit the vehicle, overturning it and carrying it away with the current.”

When the Post-Courier visited the scene yesterday, along with Arawa Police Station Commander Inspector Herman Birengka and police personnel, the smashed ambulance was stuck to a tree some 300 meters down river. The badly damaged ambulance indicates how frightening it must have been for the passengers who were trapped inside.

Inspector Birengka again sounded the warning to motorists traveling along the roads in Bougainville to take extra precaution when negotiating wet crossings.

The continuous rainy season in Bougainville and other parts of the country has caused many rivers to flood resulting in such fatal accidents.


Source: Radio New Zealand International

Bougainville road accident claims seven lives

A pregnant woman and her three children are among seven people confirmed dead in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville after their vehicle was swept away by floodwaters.

The Post Courier reports that the incident occurred at Rauravo River in the Kokoda constituency of Central Bougainville on Monday afternoon.

All seven were in a 10-seater Toyota Landcruiser ambulance belonging to a local health centre.

The four passengers who survived included the driver, a doctor, the husband of the pregnant woman and another woman.

The pregnant woman was due to give birth next month.

The paper reports the ambulance was found 300 metres down stream, stuck in a tree.

There has been extensive recent flooding in Bougainville and police have called for motorists to take extra precautions when negotiating river crossings.





Source: Radio New Zealand International

Bougainville militants oppose Panguna re-opening without independence from PNG


A leader of the Me’ekamui militant group in Papua New Guinea’s Bougainville Province, Chris Uma, says his group is opposed to any re-opening of the Panguna mine until after independence has been achieved.

Bougainville is due to hold a referendum on possible independence from 2015.

Mr Uma has told the Post Courier newspaper that discussion on re-opening Panguna is non-negotiable until that vote and independence is gained.

The huge mine was at the centre of the province’s civil war and has been closed for 24 years, but there is a drive from several quarters for it to eventually resume production.

Mr Uma, who controls the Me’ekamui faction in central Bougainville where the mine is located, says only after independence is achieved can there be talk about opening the mine.

Last week, the Autonomous Bougainville Government, the ABG, began considering a new Bougainville mining bill, which President John Momis says is being widely circulated for public discussion.

He says the Bougainville constitution requires that the ABG ensures widespread consultations before it makes major new laws.





Leader: Don’t hurt girls, women



A GOVERNMENT leader in Bougainville has challenged all Bougainvilleans, but especially men to refrain from causing any physical or psychological harm to women and girls.

Minister for Community Development, Women, Youth, Sports, Churches and NGOs in the Autonomous Bougainville Government Melchior Dare made the call during the International Women’s Day.

He said in a statement that women and girls should always be accorded every respect they deserved because they were like men, also created by God.

“…are we going to address this situation once and for all? I guess not. But if every person stops and think for a second and reflects on the fact that God created man from His image and woman was formed out of a man, they will know that every time they humiliate a woman they humiliate God himself. 

“If they can honour God then why can’t they honour the women and girls for that matter? That is the question we must always carry with us all the time,” Mr Dare said.

Mr Dare has also assured all women and girls in Bougainville that the ABG will be supporting any activities and programs that will be addressing gender equality to benefit all women and girls in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

He added that the ABG also acknowledged the important roles the committee for the Bougainville Women Peace and Security Action Plan was doing in putting together a policy to protect and guide women and girls to live a peaceful life.

Mr Dare also took the opportunity to encourage women to enter politics, saying that “your voice can be better heard in the House of Representatives than the men”.

“You as a woman know the hardships faced by the women and girls better than anyone if you make a point in the Government,” Mr Dare said.

He said the upcoming by-elections for the Rau, Lule, Kongara and Hagogohe constituency seats was the ideal opportunity for women to stand united and elect a woman into the Bougainville House of Representatives to speak for the welfare of women and girls.






Source: Post-Courier


ABG pays out K700,000


MORE than half of the K1 million that was budgeted for by the Autonomous Bougainville Government to continue the peace initiative in the Konnou constituency in South Bougainville has already been used up.

This was revealed by the ABG Minister for Peace and Reconciliation and member for Makis constituency in South Bougainville Newton Kauva during the ABG Parliament Sitting last week.

Mr Kauva, when responding to questions raised by the South Bougainville former combatants’ representative in the Bougainville House of Representative, said most of this funding allocation had already been paid out to various individuals and organisations from the area. 

Mr Kauva revealed that out of this K1m, K700,000 had already been “hijacked” by those that had rendered their services during the course of bringing back peace into the Konnou area. 

Mr Kauva, however, said he did not have any other detailed information regarding how this money was used.

It is understood that this money was withdrawn and paid out to these beneficiaries during the last two weeks of February. 

South Bougainville former combatants representative in the Bougainville House of Representatives, Michael Laita later told the Post-Courier after the ABG Parliament Sitting that this K700,000 was mostly used up by some members of one of the factions (named) that were involved during the infightings that was taking place in the Konnou constituency.

Mr Laita said members of the three other factions (named) from the area did not benefit from this money that had already been dished out.

Mr Laita said this money was mostly paid out to individuals and groups for services rendered during the Konnou peace process, dating back to 2006. 

Mr Laita, when expressing his dissatisfaction over how this money was used, said it would have been best if this funding was used on identified projects that would benefit all those that were affected during this Konnou crisis.

He gave an example that this money could have been used to sponsor youths from the Konnou area to undergo technical skills studies which would benefit them in their future life.

Mr Laita is now questioning who was responsible for verifying and authorising these payments. 

He said the executive manager for Buin District had already told him that he was not involved in verifying these claims that were paid. 

Meanwhile, the usage of this K700,000 is expected to receive criticisms from many people, especially the former combatants from the Konnou area.

This is because many had wanted this K1m to be used in projects that would benefit all the factions in the area.



Source: Post-Courier


Panguna mine talk opposed


ARAWA-based self-styled Me’ekamui general Chris Uma has bluntly told this paper that Panguna Mine is non-negotiable till after referendum and Independence.

“Only after referendum and independence we will then talk about mining,” Mr Uma told this reporter when quizzed about the re-opening of the giant copper mine in Arawa Town at the weekend. 

The Panguna Mine was forced to shut down 25 years ago and presently remain closed.

“Now we can talk about mining but it will not be opened, we can just talk and talk as we wished, but it will not be opened. Only after we achieved the ultimate independence, we can then talk about opening the mine.”

Mr Uma, who controls the Me’ekamui faction in Central Bougainville, said “before we can talk about the mine, we must answer these questions, why did this war (crisis) start, why did it end and what did we achieve from this fight? What will we benefit from this war? 

“We must not lose our foresight on these very important questions, and most importantly we must educate our children on these issues, tell them why we fought this war and what will be achieved after this war. And what benefit will we get (from this mine), because mining was the sole reason why late Francis Ona instigated this war. We fought because we (Bougainvilleans) as the rightful owners of this Panguna mine were missing out on the benefits. That is the reason why we fought this war, we were not benefiting, and instead the outside world including the developer were benefiting from our mine.”

Autonomous Bougainville Government President John Momis has elaborated on the issue on numerous occasions that Bougainvilleans were out rightly ignored in the role of decision making and benefit sharing, resulting in the war. 

He had stated that Bougainvilleans were no longer in control of what they rightfully owned and that the outside world and developer had cared nothing about the destruction of Bougainville society, culture and the environment.

Me’ekamui in the local Nasioi dialect means ‘Holy Land’ and the view of the Me’ekamui followers, no one, including the National Government, ABG, Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) or even landowners could make any decision on the re-opening of the Panguna Mine. 

Instead, all Bougainvilleans from Buin in the southern tip of the island to Buka in the north will deliberate on the mining issue as all the people have suffered and many lives lost during the conflict. 

President Momis has also supported the call, citing in his maiden speech in the Bougainville House of Representatives that the Draft Bougainville Mining Policy Act 2013 will go through a wide consultation, which is very vital, before making a major new law.

Mr Uma is still adamant that the crisis started as the result of the mine, thus the mine is not only for the landowners to debate by themselves but instead for all of Bougainville to deliberate on.

Furthermore, Me’ekamui stands for the principle that all Bougainvilleans must benefit from the mining revenue and spin-offs if it ever opens.

Majority of the Bougainvilleans support Mr Uma’s view, with some opponents as well.



Source: Post-Courier


Curator’s office sought


A CONCERNED Bougainvillean is calling on the Autonomous Bougainville Government to consider fast-tracking the drawdown of the powers and functions of the Public Curator’s Office to Bougainville.

Mr Charles Paha said the establishment of the Public Curator’s Office in Bougainville will greatly help those who are having difficulties accessing their dead relative’s savings.

Mr Paha said at the moment many Bougainvilleans are having a hard time trying to 

access their relative’s contributions.

He said one of the contributing factors to this is due to the current location of the Public Curator’s Office for the New Guinea Islands region.

“The NGI Public Curator’s Office is located in East New Britain Province, which is making it hard for many of us, especially the old men and women to travel there. Therefore it is best that the ABG considers the establishment of this very important office here on Bougainville,” Mr Paha said.






Source: Post-Courier

Unity key to re-open Panguna mine

A former employee and one time fleet trucking contractor to Bougainville Copper Ltd, has once again asked the O’Neill/Dion Government, the ABG leaders and the Panguna landowners to continue to meet, discuss and explore all avenues available that would lead to normalcy and create an atmosphere conducive to reopening the Panguna Copper Mine and hold the promised referendum when the time arrives.

Mr Kandaso Napi, who has a longstanding relationship with the people of Bougainville through his past association with BCL and the Panguna landowners, said individuals and factions within Bougainville must attempt to put their past differences aside and come together as one people to fight for their future wellbeing. This time, not through the barrel of a gun, but through the power of the spoken word and positive action. 

Mr. Napi said unless the Bougainville people do away with all those splinter groups and individuals with self-interests who seem to be speaking negatively out of the wilderness, they stand to miss out on all the developments and continue to suffer the hardships brought about by that unexpected rebellious uprising. 

He said the people must allow the process to take place and work towards peace and normalcy so that they may participate in the agreed referendum, based on their free choice and not through force and intimidation. 

Mr. Napi has urged the people of Bougainville and all stakeholders to reconcile and work together for the common good of Bougainville and the country. He stressed that the people of Bougainville must realize that Rio Tinto which operated the Bougainville Copper mine, was and is still the best mining company that provided a level of service which is incomparable to those provided by others who have entered the country lately. He added that the company only operated under those mining laws, policies and guidelines as set out at that time and that the National Government under past regimes must be held solely responsible for the destruction and sufferings of not only Bougainvilleans but other Papua New Guineans like himself as well as foreigners. 


Source: Post-Courier

Institutes for AROB


THE establishment of tertiary educational institutions in Bougainville is one of the priority areas that the Bougainville Regional MP Joe Lera wants to achieve during his term in Parliament.

While revealing this recently, Mr Lera said the establishment of these tertiary institutions will contribute to the production of Bougainville’s future leaders and workforce.

One of the institutions that will soon be opening its campus in Bougainville following the invitation from Mr Lera is the International Training Institute (ITI).

Mr Lera has already committed more than K500,000 towards subsidising the first 300 students that were selected by ITI early this year.

Mr Lera also has plans to establish the Bougainville Higher Education, Science and Technological Institute, and has already met with landowners in Manetai in Central Bougainville. 

He said the landowners have agreed to give 49 hectares of their land to establish this institute.

This institute will cater for all the seven universities in the country, with each having its college within this institute.

Mr Lera said this institute will produce Bougainvilleans who will provide good leadership guidance to Bougainville in future.

He said Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has already thrown his support behind the establishment of this higher education institute.

Mr Lera will also be funding the construction and setup of an Information Technology (IT) college in Kubu on Buka this year. 

He said construction of the institution will commence once all the scoping is completed. 

The regional MP said this IT institute also has the backing of Mr O’Neill. 

Mr Lera will also be supporting the establishment of three vocational technical schools, three agriculture colleges and one polytechnic institute in Bougainville. 

He said these institutions will also be supported because they will help prepare the workforce that Bougainville would need.

Mr Lera said he firmly believes in the establishment of these educational institutions because once people are developed, they would then be able to utilise the skills and knowledge gained in developing Bougainville.

He is also embarking on a drive to improve the communication system on Bougainville, especially the radio and television networks so that Bougainvilleans can tune into their radio or television stations to get more information on what is going on in Papua New Guinea and the world.


Source: Post-Courier

All Bougainvilleans must decide


THE political future of Bougainville should be left entirely on Bougainvilleans to decide.

Bougainvilleans themselves will decide whether they want to become a sovereign nation or remain an integral part of PNG through the present autonomy arrangement.

That’s the message from the former Autonomous Bougainville Government President’s chief of staff Peter Sohia.

Mr Sohia said Bougainvilleans should be making this life-long decision through the free and democratic double entrenchment Referendum as per the Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA) and the laws that give legal effect to the agreement.

Mr Sohia said the issue on Bougainville’s independence can only be addressed through the three pillars of the BPA: weapons disposal, autonomy and referendum for independence. 

He added that weapons disposal, rule of law and good governance are the benchmark of the Agreement that should be addressed as they are keys to civil development and overal social welbeing. 

He stressed that the issue on the re-opening of the Panguna Mine should never be used as a condition for Bougainville’s political future.

“The issue of the re-opening the Panguna Mine should, at all costs, never be used as a condition or a stepping stone for Bougainville’s independence by the Panguna landowners, the Me’ekamui or anybody else in Bougainville. Panguna is not Bougainville’s independence. And various compensation demands for land and environment damages caused by BCL previously should not be tied to the people’s aspiration for political freedom,” Mr Sohia said. 

“The Panguna issue must not be confused with the people’s long outstanding political agenda of independence. Panguna must not and should never be used to bankroll Bougainville’s political destiny and Philip Miriori, a senior Panguna landowner should refrain from using the Me’ekamui, a political movement for independence to delay the reopening of the Panguna Mine, rather he should use his landowner authority to seek compensation for everybody in Bougainville who suffered and spilled blood for Panguna. In Bougainville custom, Panguna belongs to everybody and it should be opened sooner than later, to compensate all,” added Mr Sohia. 

Mr Sohia said the Panguna mine should be re-opened before the Referendum date is set, adding that any compensation demands for land and environment (K10 billion), equitable distribution of wealth, damage to property, personal injury and loss of lives amongst the landowners and the people of Bougainville should be paid before the reopening of the mine.

Mr Sohia was making these comments when responding to a media statement that was made by the President of the Me’ekamui Government of Unity and Panguna landowner Philip Miriori. 

Mr Mirori had said that the Panguna mine would be reopened after Bougainville gained its political independence.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG President DR. JOHN MOMIS announced that the ABG is partnering with an outside company to go into a Shipping business.

He made these remarks this morning in the ABG Parliament.

DR. MOMIS said that the Passenger vessel will cost FOURTEEN (14)Million Kina and would be jointly owned by the ABG and the partner HAKAU investments who will contribute SEVEN MILLION KINA each.

He said that the ship will ferry passengers between Buka, Rabaul, Kimbe and Lae and back.

The ABG President said that another boat to serve the people of Atolls and the coastal villages will also be purchased and operated by this joint venture to make sure that the ships last for some time.

The ABG President made this known when responding to comments made by the ABG member for Atolls, PASINI MARENA who complained why funds allocated to purchase the boat was diverted by the Bougainville Executive Council without his knowledge.

The member raised his concerns during grievances debate at the ABG House this morning.

Other members who commented on this topic, were the Ex combatants member for North Bougainville, FRANCO HOPING, the member for Suir, Luke KarastoMember for suir said that funds must be allocated according to cost and the asset paid immediately and not forwarded to the following years.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

LLG report

By Aloysius Laukai


The ABG Minister for Local Level Government and Media and Communications, JOE NOPE told Parliament today that four new Council of Elders of COEs into the system.

They are Taunita Teop, Taunita Tinputz, Ramu and Banoni-Baitsi

This Minister announced this when presenting his Local Level Government report to the ABG Parliament in the ministerial report.

He said this year the LLG division was trying to make sure that all Constituencies have a COE of which to work with.

Minister Nope said this was part of the overall plan the LLG division is trying to introduce in Bougainville to strengthen governance systems with the Constituencies and COEs.

The Minister said that most of the issues have been incorporated from studies gathered from visits the office has made to Fiji and Tonga last year.

He said with the new arrangement he hopes the division will be able to work more closely with the people of Bougainville who are members of a COE in the region.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG President DR. JOHN MOMIS this week announced that the joint Technical Working Group endorsed a package of ten Work Streams which will be pursued over the coming weeks and months to fast track the process of establishing a Bougainville Public Service.

Highlights of these Work Streams are:

          i. Agreement has been reached and work completed on the Leaders Pay Review which will now be put before the National Salaries and Review Commission (SRC);

        ii. Agreement has been reached and work completed on the proposed pay structures for the Bougainville Public Service and recommendations to implement the same;

       iii. Further development of the ABG Administration Audit findings; there are eight (8) key Work Streams in this component; some of the highlights calls for the funding of 75 unfunded vacancies plus additional resources being sought to support the creation of the ABG Public Service prior to the commencement of the 2014 budget process; and a recommendation for Domestic Market Allowances to ABG CEOs;

      iv. Approval of Drafting Instructions for the ABG Public Services as developed by the ABG’

        v. Reviewing options for the development of the ABG General Orders;






Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The long awaited Draft Bougainville Mining act 2013 was announced at this morning’s ABG session of parliament.

The ABG President in making the announcement said this first draft will be widely circulated to all corners of Bougainville for public discussion.

He said that a key reason is that our Bougainville constitution calls on the ABG to make sure to have widespread consultations before it makes major new laws.

President Momis said that for almost 50 years since CRA exploration for Copper and Gold began in the mountains of Central Bougainville, Bougainvilleans have had to respond to the wishes of outsiders in what are after all our minerals.

In the 1960s, neither the Australian Colonial regime nor Conzinc Rio Tinto Australia(CRA) had any interest in our views, or our concerns, about mining.

We were ol Bus Kanaka tasol. The mine was imposed for the good of Australia(because it would reduce the need for Australian funding of the PNG Budget and for the benefit of CRA.

President Momis said that he believes that its is not really Panguna mine that caused the many problems and the conflict Bougainville has experienced since the 1960.

He said that the real problem was the fact we Bougainvilleans were ignored.

We had no role in decision making and without our consent, the bad impacts of the mine fell on us” said President Momis.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The ABG President DR. JOHN MOMIS says that the ABG at this stage has no policy on compensation of assets, properties and lives lost during the Bougainville conflict.

He said that this was a very frightening issue as a lot of monies are needed to pay compensation and we do not have the monies to make any payments.

President Momis also question which government would be making these compensation .

The President was replying to questions from the member for Tonsu, JOEL BANAM who wanted to know if the ABG had any policy on compensation.

President Momis said that a committee must be established to look into the issue of compensation.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG President DR. JOHN MOMIS announced that the ABG is partnering with an outside company to go into a Shipping business.

He made these remarks this morning in the ABG Parliament.

DR. MOMIS said that the Passenger vessel will cost FOURTEEN (14)Million Kina and would be jointly owned by the ABG and the partner HAKAU investments who will contribute SEVEN MILLION KINA each.

He said that the ship will ferry passengers between Buka, Rabaul, Kimbe and Lae and back.

The ABG President said that another boat to serve the people of Atolls and the coastal villages will also be purchased and operated by this joint venture to make sure that the ships last for some time.

The ABG President made this known when responding to comments made by the ABG member for Atolls, PASINI MARENA who complained why funds allocated to purchase the boat was diverted by the Bougainville Executive Council without his knowledge.

The member raised his concerns during grievances debate at the ABG House this morning.

Other members who commented on this topic, were the Ex combatants member for North Bougainville, FRANCO HOPING, the member for Suir, Luke Karaston.

Member for suir said that funds must be allocated according to cost and the asset paid immediately and not forwarded to the following years.


Source: Post-Courier

Search for two boats in NIP called off


THE search for two missing boats, carrying 14 passengers has been called off by the New Ireland Provincial Disaster Committee. 

The search and rescue operation which started two weeks ago, ended on Saturday. 

Chairman of the Namatanai District Disaster Committee Abraham Alapi said they could not locate the two boats and its passengers. 

He said one of the boats known as Madnips had nine passengers on board while the Lapun Service boat was carrying five passengers. 

The boats had left Namatanai for Lihir on two different days two weeks ago but did not make it to their destination. 

He said a search and rescue operation was mounted by the New Ireland Provincial Disaster Office which included an aerial search. 

Boats were also sent out during the operation including a call to people in the islands to be on a lookout for the two boats. 

Mr Alapi said the aerial search went as far as Nissan and other islands in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. 

However, all attempts failed to find the two boats and the search was called off over the weekend. 

“This means, we do not know where they are and whether they are still in the waters of New Ireland,” he said. 

Mr Alapi said they had issued warnings to small boat owners not to travel during bad weather but operators often did not take heed of the warnings and continued to go out to sea when the weather was bad. 

He also said boat mishaps continued to occur in both the west and east coasts of the province. 

Furthermore, he said, the people’s only means of transportation to Lihir or to Kokopo in East New Britain Province was by sea and therefore have to travel by sea.


Source: Post-Courier

Crafts seller awaits payment from government


A CRAFTS seller in Bougainville is still waiting for the Bougainville Administration to pay him for the crafts he sold them.

Thomas Nohune said it was about two years ago that he supplied the administration 20 handcrafts worth K2050.

Mr Nohune said these handcrafts were later presented to the World Bank delegation that came to Bougainville to launch their project office in Buka in 2011. 

“I was told that the payment would be done after the launching. After the launching, I went to collect the payment and was told that there was no money left to pay me as all the funding had already been exhausted,” Mr Nohune said. 

“The delay in getting my payment shows that I was abused of my rights by the Government. I am not happy with the Government. This shows that this poor man was only used by the Government.

“I have been earning my income through the sale of these handcrafts. I do harvest cocoa or copra to sell and earn my living. That is why they must quickly pay up what they owe me.’’

Mr Nohune said he had enquired numerous times at the Bougainville Administration office but was told that there was no money. 

He said there had been times when he thought of approaching the office in a violent manner to show his frustration over the delay but decided not to do that because he did not want to create any hatred between him and the administration.


Source: Post-Courier

Delicacies at the famous Buin market


WHEN in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville don't miss out Buin in your itinerary list of places to visit. It is located in the most southern tip of the island. It is also just a 15-minute boat ride to the nearby Shortland Islands of bordering Solomon Island. Early Saturday morning is a perfect time to visit Buin, as you will catch the ever-vibrant Buin Market, with fresh garden produce and 'abus (protein)’ such as pork, possum, fried eel meat, smoked fish, crayfish, boiled wild fowl eggs, fried river prawns and fried fresh water fish. As this Kieta couple, Chrisanto Korokoro and lovely wife Salatiel shows in this picture, get everything your kina can buy at the Buin Market and drive down (five minutes) to Kangu Beach to have a hearty lunch. The couple were enjoying fried prawns and eel meat when caught on camera at the weekend at Kangu Beach overlooking the Solomon Islands.


Source: The National

Bougainville inmates at Kerevat get chance to meet family members 

INMATES from Bougainville in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville serving at the Kerevat jail in East New Britain had an emotional meeting with their family members and relatives this week.

They had not seen each other for the past six to eight years.

The International Committee for Red Cross (ICRC) in PNG facilitated the reunion through the restoring family link programme, which helped inmates to reunite with their families.

The programme started in 2011 at the Bekut jail in Buka and proved to be successful in bringing together in mates and their families.

The programme began for the 21 inmates at Kerevat last November, with messages from their families in Bougainville and followed this week with 23 family members visiting East

New Britain to see the prisoners.

Red Cross field officer in Buka Borger Bakare said it was an emotional time for the inmates when they met up with their family members again.

Bakare said the visit lasted three days and the family members would return to Bougainville today.

The relatives were accommodated at Kereba ward near the Kerevat jail.

Kerevat jail commander acting chief Supt Kiddy Keko said the humanitarian programme gave families the opportunity to see the inmates.

He added that the jail had been facing difficulties with communication and it was hard for inmates to contact their relatives at home.

The visitation by relatives will go a long way, especially in rehabilitating inmates, in re-integration and restoring family links.

Keko acknowledged the Red Cross for assisting them to repatriate one the discharged inmates back to Bougainville recently.

Another visit will be

facilitated later this month which will see 18 family members from Bougainville visit inmates in East New Britain.


Source: The National

Bougainville assured of support on referendum 

DEPUTY Prime Minister Leo Dion has assured people of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB) that the national government will support them in conducting their referendum.

But he reminded the leaders and people of Bougainville that the referendum was an important milestone that all men, women and children must be properly prepared for as it would determine their future.

Dion was speaking in Buka last Saturday where he launched the review of programmes for the referendum.

Dion, who is also the Inter-Government Relations minister, said there should be no obstacle to undermine and derail the progress to a free and fair conduct of the referendum.

He said the launching was an added impetus to the work of the referendum and the autonomous arrangements review committee comprising representatives from the national government and the AROB.

Dion said the review of the autonomous arrangements was a legal requirement that must take place on the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the AROB. It could not be delayed as it was important to a successful referendum.

He said if there were problems, the national government must be advised on a timely basis so that all parties could work towards a referendum in a true bi-partisan approach.

He stressed that the national government demanded the review process to be thoroughly and expeditiously done to make up for lost time.




Source: Radio New  Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

ABG Vice President, PATRICK NISIRA has responded to “insulting” claims about Bougainville’s new draft mining law.

He was replying to claims by former BRA leader, Sam Kauona, that Bougainville mining policy was being influenced by an expatriate adviser to the Autonomous Bougainville Government.(ABG)

Mr. Nisira said: “the claim of external influence is an insult to the intelligence and commitment of ABG leaders. Kauona reflects a racist, colonial mentality when he suggests the ABG is somehow controlled by a white-man.

The new Bougainville law is being developed by Bougainvilleans, for Bougainville using regional forums, meetings with ex-combatants, long discussions in the Bougainville Executive Council(BEC).

The Vice President said that we make decisions remembering the bitter experience of the Panguna mine imposed by Australia, on behalf of BCL.

Based on the lessons learnt from the crisis of the mining impacts, we are determined to avoid mistakes of the past.

We aim to do that through our new law, which will protect landowners, as well as all other Bougainvilleans.

All must share in revenues, and in access to opportunities provided by mining.

The Vice President said that the extend of mining must be strictly controlled, with resource owners participating in exploration and development decisions.

Mr. Nisira said that the ABG Policy were decided by BEC alone with no outside input.


Source: Radio New  Dawn on Bougainville

Australia welcomes Review

(SOURCE Australian High Commission News)

By Aloysius Laukai


Acting Australian High Commissioner, Margaret Adamson, has congratulated the Government of Papua New Guinea and the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) on the launch of the review of autonomy arrangements in the Bougainville Peace Agreement. The launch was held in Buka on 9th March.

“As a witness to the Bougainville Peace Agreement, Australia is committed to seeing its provisions fully implemented. The review is another very important step in this regard and another example of the excellent cooperation between the National Government and ABG”, Ms Adamson said.

“Both governments have expressed their commitment to ensuring the panel of experts consult widely throughout Bougainville to listen to the views of all stakeholders. This will ensure that the review outcomes are representative of the people of Bougainville” she said.

AusAID’s work in Bougainville is focused on health, education, transport and law and justice, with a focus on governance and public sector capacity to improve service delivery. 

“As a key development partner of Bougainville and Papua New Guinea, Australia very much welcomes the review and looks forward to learning of its outcomes. As outlined in the Bougainville Peace Agreement, the review is expected to improve, clarify and strengthen the autonomy arrangements. It will be extremely timely given the five-year window for the referendum will open in 2015”, Ms Adamson said.


Source: PNGExposed

Will the real Anthony Regan please stand up?

There has been a lot of interest and comment on a recent post about the Australian academic Tony Regan and his role in the drafting of a new mining law for the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

Distilling the various views expressed and evidence adduced, the question seems to be whether Mr Regan is  genuinely an independent academic assiduously assisting the people of Bougainville or whether he is biased in favor of large-scale mining and an apologist for the role of Rio Tinto in the Bougainville war.

ABC journalist Liam Fox seems to be a firm supporter of Mr Regan; posting:

“wondering if you’re aware of Tony Regan’s long, long history of working with Bougainvilleans and that he’s widely admired and respected in Bougainville for that work?”

“… to paint Mr Regan as a stooge of BCL [Bougainville Copper Limited] and /or the Australian government is ridiculous in my opinion”

Of course, Mr Regan wouldn’t be the first Bougainville expert at Australia’s National University (where Regan is based) to work as a ‘stooge’ for the Australian government According to his obituary in The Australian, the respected historian and Bougainville commentator, Jim Griffin while working at ANU was recruited as an analyst by the Office of National Assessments (one of Australia’s key intelligence agencies) for his expertise on PNG and Bougainville in particular. At the same time he was writing papers and articles on the war, advocating Australian military intervention.

Mr Regan also has good reason to make sure he does not upset the Australian government with his views: Regan is currently benefiting under a $600,000 three-year grant from AusAID to study and document the impacts of illegal mining on Bougainville; this is in addition to other lucrative AusAID consultancies he has accrued for his work on Bougainville

And Mr Regan certainly wouldn’t be the first Australian academic, or broadcaster, to display sympathies for the mining industry or other corporate giants with poor records on human rights and the environment (indeed the Australian media and academia are littered with them).

But what does the hard evidence say?

Dr Kristian Lasslett from Ulster University has pointed out a couple of interesting facts:

Firstly on the Bougainville blockade, which most academics and observers agree led to the unnecessary death of thousands of children and pregnant mothers because of the shortages it created in medicines, soap and disinfectant; a situation which has been described as a ‘humanitarian crisis’ and an ‘emergency situation’. Regan though saw things very differently. In his evidence to an Australian Senate inquiry he suggested deaths caused by the blockade were offset ‘to a significant degree – or even outweighed – by the improved general health of the population’.

And what about on Bougainville Copper Limited, the Rio Tinto subsidiary that operated the Panguna mine? In 2003 Regan claimed ‘there is as yet no credible evidence BCL took any direct part in the operations against the BRA [Bougainville Revolutionary Army]‘. This was factually incorrect and ignored the damning sworn testimony from former Prime Minister Michael Somare, current ABG President, John Momis, and former PNG Defence Force Commander, Jerry Singirok that not only did BCL feed, house and resource the PNG troops, ‘they also regularly met with PNGDF commanders to discuss military operations and key offensive targets’.

Clearly the relationship between academics, governments and multinationals is a questionable one, conducted in the shadows, facilitated through taxpayer money; it is time a healthy debate is conducted. Given the profound consequences for the people of Bougainville and Papua New Guinea such a debate is more than necessary.

To read the ongoing debate see:


Source: Post-Courier

Momis urged to remove advisor on Mining law

by Winterford Toreas

PRESIDENT of the Autonomous Bougainville Government Chief Dr John Momis has been called to immediately remove one of his advisors.

The call was made by the former combatants from Bougainville during a meeting they held in Buka last week.

According to a petition from the former combatants, they want the Dr Momis to immediately remove this advisor (named) within three days from the date this resolution was made.

The petition which was signed by the chairman and vice chairman of the three former combatants associations from North, Central and South Bougainville will be presented to Dr Momis today by the three associations’ representatives in the Bougainville House of Representatives.

The former combatants said the engagement of this advisor, whom they said, was previously removed by the late ABG President Joseph Kabui, was insulting to the integrity of educated Bougainvilleans, the public and most importantly the former combatants who were stakeholders in many outstanding issues like mining and the review of the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

The demands contained in this petition include:

Particular expatriate advisor to the ABG President and the Bougainville Executive Council in person of (named) be permanently removed from Bougainville within three days from the date of this resolution and further be barred from acting as such advisor to the ABG;

That more public awareness be conducted on the development of Bougainville’s mining laws and policies before they are passed by the ABG Parliament;

That the ABG Mining Department be given full responsibility to drive the development of Bougainville Mining Laws and Policies without undue foreign influence and;

That the three ex-combatants members of the ABG Parliament present this petition to the president.

Although the former combatants have failed to outline in detail their reasons for their demand in the removal of this advisor, it is understood that this decision was reached following misconceptions that many Bougainvilleans have towards this particular advisor.


Source: Post-Courier

NZ police in AROB to get new leader


THE members of the New Zealand police based in Bougainville will soon be seeing the arrival of their new Team Leader.

This was revealed by the vice president of the Autonomous Bougainville Government Patrick Nisira following his return from New Zealand last week.

This new Team Leader, whose identity is yet to be revealed, is expected to take up the posting sometimes this month.

He will be replacing the outgoing NZ police head in Bougainville, Supt Murray Lewis who will be leaving soon after completing his five years contract on Bougainville. 

Mr Nisira’s trip to New Zealand follows an invitation from the New Zealand government’s Ministry of Police to become a member of the five member panel tasked to select the best and suitable candidate to succeed Supt Lewis. 

This was the first time that the ABG was involved in the panel to select the NZ police team leader on Bougainville, which according to Mr Nisira is a sign that New Zealand, through their police personnel are serious in carrying out their roles in policing matters on Bougainville.

Mr Nisira said after conducting the interview on the three top applicants, the panel agreed with his choice on Supt Lewis’ successor.

The New Zealand police personnel are mainly involved in training and assisting the Community Auxiliary Police (CAP) and also in providing other advisory roles within the Bougainville Police Service (BPS).

However, Mr Nisira said this new team leader would now be working on a new program to integrate CAPs into the BPS.

He said this, once implemented, would now see some CAPs becoming regular members of the BPS. 

Mr Nisira, who is also the ABG police minister, said during his trip he was also able to relay ABG President John Momis’ request for a New Zealander to be appointed the Assistant Commissioner for Bougainville police.

He said this request was “not out of line”, but “within the context of the Bougainville Peace Agreement which provides for consultations”. 

He said if the PNG Government wanted to post their appointed ACP personal in Bougainville they must first consult the ABG, a thing which Mr Nisira revealed was not the case as the ABG was never consulted regarding the appointments for Bougainville’s ACP post over the years.

He said the NZ government was now considering this request and once they had submitted their suitable candidate, the ABG would then proceed with consultation with the National Government on this issue.


Source: Post-Courier


PNGPCL donates fuel and food to Bougainville police


CENTRAL Bougainville Police operation code name ‘Rausim Hombru na Marijuana’ received a timely boost from the PNG Ports Corporation Ltd yesterday.

The small but significant gathering at the Arawa Police Station saw Business Manager for the Kieta Port Joshua Taruna (Jnr) handing over 4 fuel drums and food items worth around K5000.00 to the Central Bougainville Police Station Commander Sgt Herman Birengka in the presence of police personnel and ex-combatants who have been helping out police in the operation. Superintendent Rigga Neggi from the Police headquarter in Port Moresby was on hand to officiate at the small gathering.

According to Sgt Birengka, PNG Ports Corporation through Mr Taruna is the first organization to chip in and help the police carry out its operations’ logistics after numerous letters to business houses in Arawa.

While handing over the donation, Mr Taruna said PNG Ports Corporation, as an organization serving in the country had its obligation towards the well being of the community and Kieta Port was no different.

“Kieta port is one of the 16 declared ports in the country and like the rest, we have our community service obligation to adhere to, and this is just one example of our community service to the Bougainville Police Service in their operation to quell law and order in Kieta District,” Mr Taruna said. 

He added that PNG Ports as part of the community had the obligation to assist various parties in the region, including the police to maintain law and order. 

Mr Taruna who has recently moved in to manage one of Bougainville’s two ports told the gathering that police played a vital role in our community, especially to maintain law and order and keep everyone in check which was a bonus for all stakeholders to do business and provide services freely.

“This is small token of appreciation and is a start for the PNG Ports to help out in whatever way it can. Many more help will come from us. We will also help other various stakeholders to whom we are partner to fulfill our community service obligation,” Mr Taruna said. 

In receiving the donation on behalf of the Bougainville Police Service Sgt Birengka lauded the commitment of PNG Ports through its Kieta port manager adding that this was the first assistance from any organization within the township of Arawa.

“Though this is a small donation, it signifies the importance of working in partnership to maintain law and order as stipulated under the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

“Law and order is the priority of the O’Neill-Dion Government and in Bougainville we need all stakeholders to be partners to address issues. Together we will prosper and PNG Ports has just shown this by donating food items and fuel for our logistics,”said Sgt Birengka.

Since the operation started in December last year, the Arawa police have been moving around with only one vehicle donated by their local MP Jimmy Miringtoro. However, this has not dampened their spirit as they joined forces with the tireless efforts of ex-combatants to clamp out these illegal practices.


Source: Post-Courier

Herds ferried to Bougainville

AS part of Trukai’s national herd development program, almost 200 beef cattle have been sent to Bougainville over the past 12 months in order to establish rural development and farming opportunities for locals. 

On top of this, another 150 herds of cattles are expected to be shipped in the next six weeks.

The program in Bougainville began in July 2012 when 44 heifers were sent to the island as an establishment herd for the community and in the last nine months many of these heifers have delivered calves to increase the herd size.

At the end of last year, an additional 140 heifers and 5 bulls have been shipped to other locations in Bougainville, where the paddock infrastructure and stock yards are being developed to meet an expanded herd size. Of the 140 heifers recently shipped, around 30% are pregnant, which means further increases to herd size can be expected shortly. 

Once they arrive in Bougainville, the cattle are delivered to landowners who have lease arrangements with a Canadian cattle company to help establish numerous local cattle enterprises.

An Australian beef cattle specialist, Mr John Harsent has been consulting with a number of the investors in Bougainville cattle industry and says the objective is to help people establish beef production in order to provide a regular income stream for local farmers from their livestock enterprises.

The work being done in Bougainville to further establish a local cattle industry is complemented by Trukai’s work to supply heifers and bulls to the PNG beef industry at large, with other shipments of cattles already sent this year to Kiunga, Madang, Tari, Goroka, Mt Hagen, and even by plane to the Purari River area. 

These cattle all come from Trukai’s 2500 hectare ERAP Cattle Farm which undertakes research and development as well as breeding programs to assist in the expansion of PNG’s beef cattle industry. 


Source: Radio New  Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


ABG speaker, ANDREW MIRIKI said that the Autonomous Bougainville Government is a member of the Commonwealth Parliament Associations and as such has organized this mock youth parliament for the youth of Buka talk about issues as if it was real parliament session.

And he praised the youths from Buka district about fifty in total for participating at this year’s mock parliament at the BEL ISI PARK in Buka town.

He said that the first mock parliament was set with students from nearby secondary schools, Hutjena and Bishop Wade SCHOOL which was very successful in that the children can learn on how issues are dealt with in a real parliament.

MR.MIRIKI said that youths as future leaders need to know the processes of parliament and staging exercises increase the knowledge of the youths and also the public on the roles and responsibilities of members of parliament.

He said that staging mock parliaments raises awareness on the people who can on the other end appreciated the challenges that members face on the floor of parliament whilst representing his or her people.

The Speaker also announced that similar mock parliaments should be set up in Arawa and Buin at a later date.

MR. MIIRIKI also announced that Parliaments of New Zealand ,Solomon islands and Bougainville will be staging another youth mock parliament in Honiara in September this year in which selected youths from Bougainville can participate in.

The Speaker also read this year’s message from the Queen to the participants of the mock parliament this morning with the theme for this year’s Commonwealth Day which is “Opportunity through Enterprise”.


Source: Radio New  Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Minister for Community Development which covers youths, MELCHIOR DARE yesterday praised North Bougainville youths for taking part in the MOCK parliament to commemorate the Commonwealth Day in Buka.

The Minister told the youths that “What you will experience here is what actually what happens in sessions of parliament throughout the commonwealth countries.”

This session is very important to many of us especially to the many people who want to enter very important decision making in what ever government they may wish to represent their people.

Politics is people, so if you enter politics, you are actually representing your people.

Today’s mock parliament session is just a glimpse on what the government of the day portrays in any of its parliament meetings.

The Minister also explained that a youth policy would be developed to cater for Bougainville’s Youth.

He said that the policy will be a road map for our youths in the region to have access to many things in life, like continuing your formal education courier, enroll in suitable training in life skills through vocational training programs, or enroll with Fode at the university centre at Kubu, or have access in entering politics to serve your people.

Today youths play a major role in sports, throughout the region, where it brings together youths from all works of life.

Youths have also bring in together many cultures in Bougainville, where we have 27 languages we can use to communicate with each other in the region.

Youths you are the future leaders of Bougainville. What ever you do in life you are contributing directly or in directly to the economy building of Bougainville.

But the aim of the program is really to build up your capacity to be able to debate and address issues at a leadership level

The Autonomous Bougainville youth policy calls for nine key policy areas,

This includes;


  • Improving quality of young people’s life
  • Accessing integrated education
  • Nurturing sustainable livelihood
  • Promoting healthy life style
  • Building stronger communities and good governance
  • Youth and identity
  • Research information and collecting data base
  • Law, order and justice and
  • Peace building


He said that, once all this issues are taken care off, then this should minimize law and order situations in your communities.





Source: Post-Courier

Review important for Bougainville


ANOTHER milestone event in Bougainville’s political history and journey towards referendum took place in Buka over the weekend.

According to the acting Bougainville chief administrator Paul Kebori, the launching of the review on the autonomy arrangement for the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, which was held in Buka town on Saturday, is another milestone achievement towards fully implementing the Bougainville Peace Agreement. 

“Today marks an important milestone in the implementation of autonomy for Bougainville - the implementation of the Bougainville Peace Agreement,” Mr Kebori said.

He was speaking after welcoming government dignitaries and the public who came to witness the event.

Mr Kebori also acknowledged the Referendum Committee, which is chaired by the national government’s chief secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc. The committee is made up of representatives from both the national government and the ABG.

Mr Zurenuoc thanked the committee for their effort in making sure that requirements such as the review of the Autonomy arrangement as stipulated under the BPA are implemented. 

Mr Kebori said the review on the autonomy arrangement together with the appointment of those experts that will be conducting the review were approved during the Joint Supervisory Body meeting that was held in Kokopo, East New Britain province, last year. While welcoming the reviewers, Mr Kebori said the panel of reviewers, which will be led by Dr Naihuwo Ahai as team leader, is made up of experts in different fields. 

He is appealing to all Bougainvilleans to work in partnership with this review panel when they visit their area.


Source: Post-Courier

Atoi pledges support for school


students, teachers, board of management and parents of an elementary school located in the Tsitalato constituency on Buka Island, can now look towards receiving financial assistance from their North Bougainville MP, Lauta Atoi.

Mr Atoi, while officiating at the opening of a new classroom for Roha elementary school in Malasang 3 village, pledged more than K100, 000 towards fully renovating the existing infrastructures as well as the construction of new buildings for the school.

While speaking at the opening which was held about a fortnight ago, Mr Atoi said he was very happy as the funds were spent wisely resulting in the school now having a new classroom. 

Mr Atoi was very pleased with the community’s commitment, particularly the local building contractor, Elanou Construction, for using the money well and completing the project on time. 

He said education was important and the key to other developments in the region, adding that government funds will always be available as long as proper procedures are adhered to when applying for projects. 

Mr Atoi said unlike in the past, they now have a policy plan and system available from the national Member to the ABG Member, COE and the Village Assembly to reach the people.

He said all they have to do is to cooperate and complement each other to produce the result.

Before officially opening the classroom, Mr Atoi committed K60, 000 towards the school, however after a brief inspection of the current existing classrooms.

He further pledged an additional K56, 000 to fully maintain the current classrooms. 

Those present to witness the opening include the ABG Member for Tsitalato Constituency Cosmas Sohia, Education delegation led by Elementary School Coordinator Seddy Palin, representatives from the Bougainville Police Service, teachers and teachers, village chiefs and parents and citizens of Roha elementary school.


Source: Post-Courier

Buin to get new court house


A NEW court house will soon be commissioned for use in the Buin district of South Bougainville. 

The court house which is being constructed next to the Buin police station is expected to be completed and officially opened by the end of this month. 

While making the announcement, Bougainville senior provincial magistrate Bruce Tasikul announced that the Magisterial Service in Bougainville is also privileged this year to have received funding through its development partners in the Law and Justice Sector program. 

When thanking these development partners from Australia and New Zealand for their financial assistance, Mr Tasikul said these countries have contributed immensely towards rebuilding Bougainville.

Meanwhile, the opening of the Buin court house will also see the National Court having its circuits for the first time in Buin and South Bougainville as a whole, since the start of the Bougainville restoration program. Bougainville resident judge, Justice John Kawi is already looking forward to his first National Court circuit in Buin. 


Source: Post-Courier

Fred Hollows extends eye services to Bougainville

A MEDICAL team from a non-government organisation is now in Bougainville to help the Health Department restore some basic services.

With the autonomous region of Bougainville added to the list of locations visited by The Fred Hollows Foundation’s surgical outreach team, and a foundation-trained eye nurse now based in Buka, Bougainville’s remote population will now receive much needed sight-restoring surgical services from the foundation.

With a sole eye clinic on the island of Buka run by a Papua New Guinean disability organisation, Callan Services, the autonomous region of Bougainville is underserved in many areas of health and in particular, eye health.

This is a widespread problem throughout PNG where there is a staggering shortage of both eye doctors and nurses to serve a total population of more than six million. Bougainville itself has a population of about 175,000.

The newest addition to Bougainville’s eye care services is Tracey Riama, a foundation-trained eye nurse who is now based at Buka Hospital. Ms Riama’s role includes providing much needed eye care within the hospital.






Source: Post-Courier

Review of AROB process in sight


THE much talked about and long-awaited review of the Autonomy Arrangement for the Autonomous Region of Bougainville will soon take place.

This follows the launching of the review process by the Autonomous Bougainville government (ABG)President Chief Dr John Momis and PNG government’s deputy Prime Minister Grand Chief Leo Dion in Buka town last Saturday.

The launching which was witnessed by many Bougainvilleans was deemed as another milestone achievement towards implementing the Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA).

Invited guests present to witness the launching included Bougainville Affairs Minister Steven Pirika Kamma, Regional MP Joe Lera, North Bougainville MP Lauta Atoi, chief secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc and other senior officials from the national government, ABG ministers and members of the Bougainville House of Representatives and senior officials from the Bougainville administration.

Grand Chief Leo Dion, while delivering his speech said it was an honour to witness and co-launch the review process of the Autonomy Arrangement leading up to the scheduled Referendum.

“The Referendum is an important milestone that all men, women, and children of Bougainville must be properly prepared for as it will determine their future self-determination,” Mr Dion said.

Mr Dion also assured the President and the people of Bougainville that the O’Neill-Dion government was fully committed in ensuring that it provides the atmosphere and an environment conducive to achieve this important milestone.

“We must not allow any obstacle along the way that will undermine and derail the smooth progress towards the free and fair conduct of the Referendum,” Mr Dion said.

“We cannot delay this major exercise that is fundamental and pivotal to a successful referendum to continue to drag on. If there are any problems that the national government must be advised appropriately on a timely basis so that we can collectively work together to progress in the path towards Referendum in a true bi-partisan approach.

The national government demands the review process to be thoroughly and expeditiously done to make up for lost time,” added Mr Dion. 

He also reminded Bougainvilleans to continue to support work on achieving the three pillars enshrined in the BPA: Autonomy, Referendum and Weapons Disposal. 

Mr Dion said “weapons disposal and good governance are essential fundamentals of Referendum that we are working towards. A culture of accountability, transparency and good governance must be encouraged by all of us.”



Source: The National


Momis reveals autonomy panel 

By Aloysius Laukai

AUTONOMOUS Region of Bougainville President John Momis has announced the composition of the panel of experts that will review autonomy arrangements for Bougainville.

The panel – Dr Ahai Naihuwo, John Mooney and Mark Smith for the ABG and Dr Lawrence Suase, Danny Aloi and Nemo Yelo for PNG.

Prof Andrew Axline of the University of Otawa in Canada, Prof Ted Wolfers of the University of Wollongong in New South Wales and Dr Anthony Regan of the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia, will also lend their expertise.

Momis said other individuals with particular knowledge of policy, law and economics and other issues in both the national and the ABG governments would also be readily accessible.

“There must be a strong element of political

participation in this work and for this to work,

both governments have agreed to establish

political oversight by agreeing to support the appointment of respective parliamentary committee,” he said.

“Such committee will not only monitor and track the review process, but also matters related to the preparation for referendum and going forward.”

Momis also urged the panel of experts to listen to the people’s views, including the former combatants, the Mee’kamui and all other factions on Bougainville.

“No group should be denied the opportunity to make full representation of their views and positions,” Momis said.


Source. Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


MOCK PARLIAMENT staged in Buka

By Aloysius Laukai

Bougainville celebrates Commonwealth Day by staging Mock Youth Parliament in Buka.

Pictured are public who gathered to see the actual activities.







Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The ABG President DR. JOHN MOMIS last Saturday announced the composition of the panel of experts that will review the Autonomy arrangement for Bougainville.

They are, Dr. Ahai Naihuwo ABG team leader, Mr. John Mooney for ABG and Mr. Mark Smith for the ABG whilst three from the Papua New Guinea side would be Dr. Lawrence Suase, Mr. Danny Aloi and Mr. Nemo Yelo.

He said that these group will serve as the panel of Specialists within the meaning of the reference in the Peace Agreement.

They will however be supported in their work by three eminent academicians who are well versed on matters pertaining to Bougainville and the history of the process and developments that have led to the Peace Agreement and subsequent events.

This group comprises of Professor Andrew Axline from the University of Otawa in Canada, Professor Ted Wolfers from the University of Wollongong in New South Wales and Dr Anthony Regan from the Australian National University in Canberra.

President Momis said that this group will serve as reference point and as peer reviewers when invited to by the Panel.

Other individuals having particular knowledge of policy, law and economics and other issues in both the National and the ABG governments will also be readily accessible.

He said there must be a strong element of political participation in this work and for this to work, both governments have agreed to establish political oversight by agreeing to support the appointment of respective parliamentary committee.

Such committee will not only monitor and track the review process, but also matters related to the preparation for referendum and going forward.

The ABG President also urged the panel of experts to listen to everyone.

This include the Ex combatants, the Mee’kamui and all other factions across Bougainville.

He said that No group should be denied the opportunity to make full representation of their views and positions.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The ABG President DR. JOHN MOMIS says that Bougainville has accomplished much of which the people can be proud of since the Bougainville Peace Agreement was signed in 2001.

He was speaking at the launching of the Joint Autonomous Arrangement Review in Buka last Saturday.

DR. MOMIS said that this was no small achievement as very few thought that the experiment that we have embarked upon would bring us to this point in time.

He said that the Bougainville Peace Agreement (Blue Book) has over the years been the abiding document that has been the source of inspiration and the font of our political creed and practice.

It has given direction to what we now refer to as the Autonomy Arrangements.

The ABG President said that Autonomy has since become a household word in Bougainville.

He said that section 298-308 of the Bougainville Peace Agreement require that the Autonomous Bougainville Government and the National Government, jointly should review the autonomy arrangements every five years and present their report of their review to the National Parliament and the Bougainville Legislature. 

This was a very critical element of the Bougainville Peace Agreement in that it calls, as it were for an audit or an evaluation to determine whether we are on course.

The ABG President also said that this review has been a demand of many groups and sectors of our community.

We appreciate that such demands were well intentioned as it was perceived to be an opportunity for all groups in our society to voice their views on the way and many in which the Bougainville Peace Agreement was being implemented.

DR. MOMIS said that his government is an inclusive government and welcomes all views and acknowledge that in a free society there will be differences in opinion.

On the review itself President MOMIS said that the Bougainville Peace Agreement lists four (4) particular aspects that the framers of the Bougainville Peace Agreement considered to be of particular concern as to how the Autonomy arrangements would be developed and consequently on how the review would proceed.

The following broad terms, which are at the heart of the Autonomous Arrangements, will comprise the basis of the review.

Financial Arrangements

Social and Economic Arrangements

Governance and Administration

Technical and Legal.

He said that what we are embarking on is a joint review undertaken jointly by the National Government and the ABG.

This is important because the arrangements of autonomy are equally binding on the National Government as it is on the ABG.

What this means is, essentially, is that the impetus for the success of autonomy rests not only on the ABG but, also, as much on the National Government.

If autonomy succeeds, we both benefit, and if autonomy fails and we are both worse off for it.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The long awaited review process on the Bougainville Autonomous arrangement leading up to the scheduled referendum was jointly launched by the Deputy Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, LEO DION and the Autonomous Bougainville Government President, DR.JOHN MOMIS in front of the packed crowed at Buka town’s BEL ISI PARK last Saturday.

In his address to the people of Bougainville, the Deputy Prime Minister said that the Referendum is an important milestone that all men, women and children of Bougainville must be properly prepared for as it will determine their future self determination.

MR. DION assured the people of Bougainville that the O’NEIL-DION government was fully committed to ensure that it provides the atmosphere and an environment conducive to achieve this important milestone.

He said that we must not allow any obstacle along the way that will undermine and derail the smooth progress towards the free and fair conduct of the referendum.

The launching occasion was to give added impetus to the current work of the Referendum and Autonomous Arrangement Review Committee which is chaired by the chief secretary to Government and comprises representatives from both the National Government and the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

He said that the review of the Autonomous arrangements is a legal requirement that must take place on the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

We can not delay this major exercise that is fundamental and pivotal to a successful referendum to continue to drag on.

If there are any problems the National Government must be advised appropriately on a timely basis so that we can collectively work together to progress in the path towards Referendum in a true bi-partisan approach.

The Deputy Prime minister also said that the National Government demands the review process to be thoroughly done, expeditiously to make up for lost time.

He said that the key component to peace on Bougainville is the Bougainville Peace Agreement and the various constitutional arrangements such as part 14 of the National Constitution(as amended) and the Organic Law on Bougainville Peace Building which give legal effect to that Agreement.

On the three Pillars of the Bougainville Peace Agreement, Autonomy, Weapons Disposal and Referendum, MR. DION said that the three pillars are at various stages of implementation and must continue to be supported.

Under Autonomy, the transfer of powers and functions are now been implemented and different departments in Waigani are working closely with their counterpart divisions in the ABG Administration in trying to fast track the establishment of the Bougainville Public Service and also to look at ways to speed up the delegated powers and functions to the Bougainville Public Service.

The issue of affordability of the Bougainville Public Service to sustain itself and the requisite manpower to support the system is one that will come to the ABG and the National Government for consideration at the Joint Supervisory Body, the Bougainville Executive Council and the National Executive Council.

He said that the O’NEIL-DION Government would like to see a definite deadline on this.

The Deputy Prime Minister also commented on the weapons disposal program on Bougainville.

He said that the Weapons disposal and Good Governance were essential fundamentals of Referendum that we all are working towards.

MR. DION said that the conduct of referendum was contingent upon a weapon free Bougainville.

He also commended President Momis government and past governments for tirelessly working to achieve this mission with the assistance from Department partners as well as the National Government.

It is important as we approach Referendum, the National Government and the ABG must agree on a joint work plan that will essentially oversee in a cohesive manner all the different weapons disposal and reconciliation undertakings.






Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Autonomy review team chairman DR AHAI


Deputy PM met at the Buka airport


ABG President Momis talking to the people in Buka today

Deputy Pm addressing the people in Buka

Launching has started

pictured is DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER LEO DION inspects guard of honor by Bougainville Police


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The ABG member representing the women of South Bougainville and Minister for Culture and Tourism, ROSE PIHEI (pictured)  today challenged the men of Bougainville to play their role as fathers and brothers and not to abuse their power and abuse women and children.


She was speaking on New Dawn FM to congratulate all women and girls for the International Day today.


MRS. PIHEI said that women are supposed to be equal partners with their men folk and they should work together to move Bougainville forward. 

She questioned if men are to be the figure heads of families then they must perform that task or seing as been doing just that.

MRS. PIHEI said that the primary role of the father is to make sure the family have food, money and are safe in their homes. 

She said if this is not happening today then something is wrong and must be corrected before its too late.




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



By Aloysius Laukai


Women of Bougainville are calling on their women leaders to organize and commemorate occasions such as the UN declared International women’s Day.

The woman who wants to remain anonymous told New Dawn FM why their ABG women members have not organize activity for the Bougainville women to commemorate the day.

They said that women must be prepared to spend money on the women and girls so that they can stand together and raise issues affecting them today,

She said that the planned meeting at the UN women office to commemorate the day today was only for a selected few.

The Bougainville woman said that women leaders have failed them again on this very important day.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The ABG minister for Community Development which covers women and children of Bougainville, MELCHIOR DARE today congratulated all women and Girls on Bougainville for their day, the International Women’s Day.

In his speech to commemorate the day, MR. DARE said that today the world has recognized their hardships and struggles every woman and girl face everyday.

MR. DARE said that the ABG supports every activities and programs that addresses gender equality to benefit our women and girls on Bougainville.

He said that the ABG acknowledges the important role the committee for the Bougainville Women Peace and Security Action Plan is doing to prepare a policy to protect and guide our women and Girls.

MR. DARE said that our Women and Girls must be protected from abuse and intimidation by anyone.

The Minister also called on the women to prepare for the upcoming by-election to elect more women to the ABG House.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The Bougainville Referendum Committee technical team met this morning to discuss the 2013 work plan, Review of the Autonomy arrangement and update on the progress so far, Discuss the Weapons Disposal especially the UN Assessment report and also work on the Communication and Awareness Strategy.

The meeting was chaired by the Chief Secretary,MANASUPE ZURENUOC.

The meeting first of all looked at how the referendum would be conducted and if the Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission would be involved with the Bougainville Electoral Commission who should immediately look at the type of election and who will vote in this referendum.

The committee also realized that the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner was only acting and the ABG need to appoint a permanent Electoral Commissioner to speed up the preparation process.

The meeting also looked at the relocation of ABG headquarters back to Arawa in the future.

The Deputy Prime Minister, LEO DION will officiate at the launching of the Autonomy Review program at the BEL ISI PARK tomorrow morning. The Committee will meet again in 3 months time.





Source: ABC Radio Australia - Pacific Beat

Bougainville President in-depth on new mining legislation and more...

Bougainville's President, John Momis is set to introduce groundbreaking legislation into the Bougainville parliament next week.

  Listen here !  


The legislation is the first in the world to see landowers share sub-surface mineral rights with their government and the legislation also allows them to veto exploration.

Bougainville President John Momis explains in this in-depth interview.


Presenter: Jemima Garrett


Speaker: John Momis, President of the Autonomous Government of Bougainville.

MOMIS: The underlying philosophy for our new Mining Act is empowering people, giving people the power to make political decisions about development not just being mere passive recipients of benefits. That is a very important underlying philosophy that motivates us to move on the new mining act. A lot of people just see development as providing services and giving people benefits of development but not actually involving them as major stakeholders in the process of decision-making and the process of governance. Therein lies the difference between our mining act and the Papua New Guinea government Mining Act.

GARRETT: This sharing of mineral rights between the government and landowners is a world first. Will it actually work?

MOMIS: Well, we believe so. In our cultural context, resources, land, sea, minerals belong to the people, in fact that disagreement with the colonial law and the Australian government and Rio Tinto at the very beginning of the inception of the talks to develop Panguna mine, later on led to the crisis. You know the Australian government and Rio Tinto in their zeal to generate revenue completely ignored the peoples' way of doing things so we want to get to the root cause of the problem and address the root cause by empowering people. So the ownership of the resources by the customary landowners is by tradition belong to the people and we are recommending in our new proposed bill that the ABG which represents the rest of the population in Bougainville, because of the bloodshed during the crisis in the rest of Bougainville in defence of customary rights, must also be a joint owner in the resources.

GARRETT: What will this legislation mean for Rio Tinto's existing Panguna mine on Bougainville, a mine it is hoping to re-open? Does Rio Tinto need to be worried?

MOMIS: I don't think so. What we are saying is that the resource no longer belongs to the state it belongs to the people and to their own government, that is the ABG. Rio Tinto will have to deal with us. We are the only legitimate authority with respect to mining in Bougainville.

GARRETT: How will the new legislation work on Rio Tinto's Panguna mine if there is a small minority of landowners who do not agree that the project should go ahead?

MOMIS: Yes, our proposed bill gives the landowners the right to veto, veto any exploration which they so believe that the developer and the government are not doing the right thing. They also have the right to object once a development process begins after exploration should the developer and the government decide to go ahead with development. And the landowners also have the right to object and that puts a stop to the process and then we have to sit down and work out why other landowners say 'no' instead of what the Australian government did before, it just didn't want to listen. Had they listened the Panguna mine would not have blown up in their face. So we are looking at the fact that the landowners, the resource owners must be major stakeholders in the decision-making. They must be given power. They are not just side, onlookers. So that doesn't mean that the ABG, the government of the people of Bougainville, of course, has the ultimate authority, to issue licences and so on and so forth but it cannot do it in isolation of people's involvement in the process, in isolation of people's concerns and grievances. It must address them. There must be legitimate, meaningful consultation and not post facto consultation.

GARRETT: So as the legislation stands, landowners have a veto on exploration but not on mining itself. If there is a problem there is this discussion process. Is that correct?

MOMIS: They have the right to object which means the process cannot go ahead unless and until their grievances are addressed in the Bougainville mining development forum by the developer, their government, that is the ABG, and the affected landowners.

GARRETT: Some of the ex-combatants who are landowners from the Panguna mine are involved with companies that are mining the old tailings from the Rio Tinto site. To what extent is that driving opposition to Rio Tinto re-opening its operations on Bougainville?

MOMIS: Some of these ex-combatants, which are doing a bit of mining, which is illegal, will have to abide by the new mining law hence the importance and the urgency of the new mining law coming into existence. We could wait until all the 't's are crossed and the 'i's are dotted. Now we are saying let's cross the bridges as we come to them. Hence the urgency the importance to have a mining law now in order to enable the ABG to take control of the situation and citizens of Bougainville must abide by the laws of their own government.

GARRETT: There are also a number of small mining companies such as the Canadian company Murumbi, that are going around telling landowners that they - the landowners have an exclusive say and they are signing up exclusive exploration deals. Is that a problem as far as you are concerned?

MOMIS: They are a big problem. Again that is another reason why we have to have our own mining law, mining regime, put in place quickly so we can take control of the situation. ABG is the legitimate government. As you know we are in a post crisis situation, and like all post-war situations law and order is a problem. Our law enforcement agencies are not effective, people think they can do whatever they want to do and that is not right. The government, the ABG is committed to democracy, we are committed to the rule of law, we are committed to sustainable development and democratisation. That is why we have got to have laws that are fair and just and will protect the interests of the landowners as well as the interest of the common good, that is the interests of the rest of Bougainville. And people like Murumbi, whilst we recognise the right of customary landowners over their resources we are also saying only the government, that is the ABG, has the exclusive right to issue licences and control such things as who gets the benefits. There must be equitable distribution. We must not disadvantage those who are affected by the detrimental impacts of the mine like adjoining groups of people who are not in the mining area but who are detrimentally affected by the development and that is why we cannot allow and we must not allow anybody to act outside of the jurisdiction of the government and the law.

GARRETT: So what is your message to the companies that are going around and signing these sorts of deals with landowners?

MOMIS: My message is that they must forthwith stop. That what they are doing is illegal. There is a moratorium imposed in Bougainville and at the moment without our law being enforced the national government is the only legitimate authority to breach the moratorium. Once our law comes into force then the ABG will then be the legitimate authority to lift the moratorium. Without lifting the moratorium, anybody doing exploration, or who thinks he's doing exploration, and intends to do mining is acting illegally and acting against the best interests of the people of Bougainville.

GARRETT: The Autonomous Government of Bougainville's share in any mining venture will be held on behalf of the people of Bougainville, and that is a result of the bloodshed and recognises custom ways of doing things. How will that work exactly?

MOMIS: Number one, talk about shares, monetary shares we don't know, as yet we have not decided whether we will, the ABG will hold equity in any mining deal. What we do know now is that the ABG, in the name of the rest of the people of Bougainville, is a joint partner in the ownership of resources. Now we may not want to buy shares but if we do, of course, we buy shares and own them on behalf of the rest of the population.

GARRETT: At the moment the PNG government owns a 19 per cent stake in the Rio Tinto subsidiary Bougainville Copper, which is the owner of the Panguna mine. You have said in the past that you want that stake transferred to the Bougainville government. How are negotiations going?

MOMIS: We will start negotiating soon. In my view we should, the ABG should start negotiating with the PNG government towards the latter half of this year and with Bougainville Copper round about the same time. In my view the 19 point 6 or 7 per cent that the PNG government owns, should really be transferred to us because Bougainville made a huge contribution to the national economy and got very little in return.

GARRETT: Will the PNG government handover the whole 19 per cent or will it want to keep a stake for itself?

MOMIS: Well, they may want to keep some percentage for themselves but it is only fair that the province that contributed the lion's share of the revenue that enabled Papua New Guinea to become independent, and convinced the Australian government that independence for Papua New Guinea is viable, was Bougainville and we got very little in return. I was involved in both constitution-making and fighting for the rights of the landowners in Bougainville all these years. In 1972 when I got elected I moved a motion in parliament calling for a radical change in the mining policy and that mining policy should be used as a backdrop that the Bougainville Copper agreement should be re-negotiated to achieve a more equitable deal.

GARRETT: I understand you have a policy of a limit on the number of mines on Bougainville. What is that limit and why that policy?

MOMIS: Bougainville is a small place, Bougainville is mineral rich and it is very easy to ignore environmental impact detrimental effect on society so we believe one big mine is sufficient and if pressed we may allow for one more mine, no more. We know there are possibilities but we are making sure that we first of all make proper use of the revenue generated by the Panguna mine and have it equitably distributed. We want to make sure that the current generation, as well as the future generation, are looked after and that we have our own people educated and skilled to handle the problems that the mining process will bring on Bougainville. If we don't then we'll be swamped. Papua New Guinea is different, Papua New Guinea is a bigger place, a bigger population, we are only talking about 300-thousand people and I think one mine is sufficient. We want revenue of course to promote autonomy and fiscal self-reliance and help the people of Bougainville prepare for the referendum on independence and maintain unity at the same time. We don't want to cause all kinds of problems that might be beyond our capacity to handle and manage in an intelligent and sustainable way.

GARRETT: Before the Rio Tinto mine can be re-opened the Bougainville Copper agreement needs to be renegotiated and for that landowner groups need to come together and speak with a united voice. How are those landowner negotiations progressing and when do you think they will be ready to begin those negotiations?

MOMIS: We have nine landowner organisations and we have come a long way as far as organising the landowner associations goes. All registered apart from one of two and expect that should be done fairly soon. The nine landowners have also agreed to an umbrella organisation to speak for them and participate in the negotiations. We are enabling the landowners to actually be the stakeholders that will participate with the government in the negotiations for the re-opening of Panguna mine.

GARRETT: Just how much opposition is there to the re-opening of the mine?

MOMIS: The bulk of the population want the re-opening of the mine. When people talk about the 10 billion that BCL and the national government must pay the landowners and the ex-combatants for the damage done, they must realise that without opening the Panguna mine, where will the company get the money to pay the ten billion. If the mine is operating then there's a real possibility of negotiating an agreeable amount as compensation. So it doesn't make sense for people who say let's not open the mine now. Let's leave it closed until after independence. How will we become independent, how will we achieve-fiscal self-reliance, how will we achieve fullest autonomy, how will we achieve rule of law and development, infrastructure development and so on and so forth. So I think it is only logical that the mine must be opened but on equitable terms, the developer must benefit of course, the government and the people. And also might I say here that is time, this is a golden opportunity for Australia and Rio Tinto who were to be blamed for a lot of the mess-up at Panguna and we the people of Bougainville, especially the ex-combatants, where we ourselves can come up with a new deal to stop the suffering of the people now. We cannot go on procrastinating and expect the people to survive under difficult conditions.

GARRETT: There is still some opposition to re-opening the mine. Where is it coming from and could it derail this whole process?

MOMIS: It is coming from a small group of Mekamui supporters, it's quite a small group. We respect them. There are ways of engaging them. They want recognition. They are important. They are part of the landowners but the bulk of the landowners have agreed but that does not mean we should adopt an exclusivist approach. We must be all-inclusive and under my watch, I believe in collaboration, consultative, consensual form of decision-making. We want to include them in decision-making and even discussing the possibilities of recognising their group. You know the second level of government in Bougainville doesn't have to be uniform. There are ways of recognising them by bringing them into the fold.

GARRETT: President John Momis, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with Radio Australia.





Source: Australian Mining

World first mining laws for Bougainville

by Andrew Duffy 


Latest News

Papua New Guinea's copper-rich island of Bougainville is aiming to introduce world first mining laws that would see traditional landowners share mineral rights with the government.

ABC News reports the laws will strengthen the power of traditional owners, and give them the right to make political decisions about how development goes ahead.

President of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, John Momis, said under the new system approvals and dispute resolution would be conducted at an all-inclusive landowner forum.

“The underlying philosophy for our new mining act is empowering people,” he said.

Mining regulation has long been a sore point for Bouganville, with Rio Tinto's Panguna mine playing a pivotal role in a ten-year civil war in the region throughout the 1990s.

Last year PNG president Michael Somare blamed Rio and its subsidiary Bouganville Copper for causing the war, but the company has defended its actions.





Source: The National

Call for mining policy to cover Bougainvilleans 


THE new Bougainville mining policy must protect the customary ownership rights of resource landowners, chairman of the Panguna Landowners Association Chris Damana says.

He said by securing a special mining lease, landowners would be better placed to negotiate with resource developers.

“By controlling our own resource and not just being spectators, we will be in the position to ensure that all of Bougainville and all Bougainvilleans benefit to the fullest,” Damana, who is also the vice-chairman of Bougainville Resources Owners representative committee, said.

He said this in relation to recent statements by former commander of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army Sam Kauona and the president of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, John Momis.

Kauona, who spearheaded the armed resistance during the Bougainville crisis, warned Australia not to continue to meddle in Bougainville affairs.

Momis was critical of Kauona’s claim that he had allowed Australia to dictate mining policy on Bougainville.


Source: Post-Courier

BDM ban upsets Bougainville


ATOLL islanders in Bougainville are writing direct to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to express their concern and disappointment on the government’s decision to extend the blanket ban on the harvesting and sale of beche-de-mer (BDM) for another three years.

The ban has affected the islanders who depend on BDM as their primary source of income for their livelihood.

The islanders intend to defy the ban imposed by PNG Fisheries Authority, threatening to harvest and sell their BDM to buyers across the maritime border in Solomon Islands, which has lifted its ban on the sale of beche-de-mer from March onwards for the next three months.

Led by Tasman Island chiefs, spokesman Herman Vaitai told the Post-Courier in Port Moresby yesterday that the chiefs and the people of Tasman, Mortlocks, Fead, Carterets and Nissan Islands were really struggling to make ends meet because of the ban which came into force in 2009.

Mr Vaitai, who has been assisting the islanders to voice their concerns, revealed that Bougainville national MPs, especially the North Bougainville MP, have been sending food rations to the islanders but this scheme has not helped the people as the food is not sufficient to cater for all the people for any length of time.

“The food rations of rice from our Member and the National Emergency Office is a great scheme, however, the 300 bales purchased every now and then is not enough to cater for our population,” Mr Vaitai said.

“For example, at home, we have 518 families and thisis enough for each family to receive 12 packets of rice from the 300 bales at any given time, which is equivalent to only 12 meals, depending on the size of a family,” he said.

“The supply is estimated to last for a month based on consumption of rice three times a week. The other basics like laundry powder, bath soap, sugar, flour, cooking oil, transport fuel, clothing, medical supplies, student pocket money, travel allowance and many more are not even considered.

“The food rations and financial constraints leave our parents with no option but to withdraw their children early from school,” he said.

Mr Vaitai said the chiefs have drafted a letter to be sent directly to PM O’Neill instead of going through their MPs or the Autonomous Bougainville Government of president John Momis because their local leaders have failed to listen to their pleas and to do something about the BDM ban.

“Our people in the Atolls are struggling but no one seems to take our plight seriously,” he said.

“Many people in the country and maybe the government really have no idea where we are located and how we survive and the struggles we are going through. Because of our location, the government of the day really doesn’t care about our well being,” Mr Vaitai said.

“We believe in our Prime Minister to help bail us out of our current financial situation by opening the beche-de-mer season for four to six months.

“Our local MPs have not helped us and some are not active and helpful. That is why we have decided to go direct to the Prime Minister.

“If Solomon Islands can help their maritime or coastal people by lifting the ban, why can’t our NFA have mercy on us?”


Source: Post-Courier

West coast of Bougainville needs services

THE Autonomous Bougainville Government has planned to restore vital service infrastructure to the remote west coast of Bougainville mainland - a move that will no doubt improve the livelihoods of the people living there. 

The whole enclave area extends from the Islands of Saposa and Taiof, and stretches as far as the Korepovi and Atsinima areas, which due to lack of vital road access in the past years, had left the people with no access to outside 

markets and other essential services.

The ABG has already committed a total of K7.5 million to upgrade the first potion of the 55km of road from Siara to Kunua and would later continue to Sipai later in the year.

The other service infrastructure to be developed is a technical high school to enrol students in trade courses.

“The fifteen years of conflict has totally destroyed our infrastructure and has reduced Bougainville to a shambles,” ABG President Chief Dr John Momis told the people of Mahari and Teua constituencies when he visited their area on Tuesday this week.

Chief Momis stated that it was time to forget the past and to work in unity to rebuild Bougainville so that the people would enjoy prosperity again.

He said that unity was the key to success and that the ABG has now come up with measures aimed at maximising the local participation in the major impact developments.

He also attributed effective partnership with foreign investors as vital as we do have only a limited skills and capital and stressed that the time for a rapid localisation would gradually come about in few years’ time.

“Today is the time for serious commitment and work and no time for feasting - and Kunua has got the potential to develop because of sufficient land and surplus of water,” President Momis said.

ABG Minister for Media and Communication, LLG and Traditional Authority, and member for Teua constituency in the Bougainville House of Representatives, Rev. Joseph Nopei who accompanied the President during the visit, urged the people in his constituency to be role models.

“Precedence has shown that you are a hardworking people - to work in plantations in Buka. You must have the will to achieve something,” Rev. Nopei said.

Former vice president in the Kabui Government, Mr Gerard Sinato had also affirmed his support to the ABG.

Various issues that Mr Sinato had cautioned the Momis government to focus on, were particularly the issues discussed at the recent 2nd regional forum on the reopening of the Panguna mine that was held in Buka.

The issues include the K10 billion compensation demand by the Panguna landowners, ‘bel kol’ (peace) money to be paid by the Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) towards the victims of the crisis, granting of the exploration licence, lifting of the moratorium on mining in Bougainville, drawdown of the mining powers and functions and the progress of autonomy implementation.

Mr Sinato and Chief Momis have indicated the same views to involve the Panguna LOs, BCL, ABG, the national government and the people of Bougainville as important stakeholders in the on-going discussions to reopen the mine.


Source: Post-Courier

AROB judge doesn’t have a house


BOUGAINVILLE resident judge, Justice John Kawi is calling on the relevant authorities in Bougainville to immediately allocate him a house.

And he has given the authorities until the month of May to sort out his accommodation. 

Their failure to adhere to his plea will result in him moving out of Bougainville to another location where there is housing available for the judge. 

“You don’t expect me to go and sleep like a rat or a snake up in Sohano Island. I need accommodation so that I can work,” Justice Kawi said.

He said his day’s duties starts at 4am every day and he urgently needs a house to rest properly before carrying out duties.

Mr Kawi said the Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia has given him a month to fix his accommodation issues in Bougainville.

“The Chief Justice has told me: ‘You must find your accommodation in Buka. And I’m giving you one month to do so.’ And he gave me the month of May. So if no accommodation is ready for me by May, I’m going,” Mr Kawi said.

He said he has seen in the Highlands region of the country that all the provincial governments have been taking the lead in providing accommodation for all the judges and the court staff. 

He said that recently he was asked by some senior lawyers in Mendi to consider taking up residency in either Mendi or Tari but he declined their request. 

“If there is nothing provided for me in this province then I would have to say goodbye Bougainville. I’m not interested in serving here. I can go to other places where the people will at least see the importance of a judge among the people,” Mr Kawi said. 

He was commenting on his housing issue whilst delivering his speech during the opening of the legal year for Bougainville.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The Works Division yesterday released Tender Documents Titled Emergency Maintenance of the SIARA TO KORIPOVI Trunk on North West Bougainville.

This was only one day after the ABG President, DR. JOHN MOMIS made a surprise one-day visit to the West Coast up to the Kunua District Office on Tuesday this week.

When the President’s delegation visited the district the main trunk road was in a very bad condition with bridges washed away by recent heavy rains and one major metal bridge dropped from its stand.

Tender for the 95 km road states that the road passes through Selau and Kunua districts and requires general clearing, earthworks, pavement works, river training, drainage and culvert works.

Tender for this road would close on March 26th, 2013.

Apart from this tender the Works Division is also tendering for the rehabilitation of the Kangu junction to Muliko Feeder road in Buin.

This 13 kilometer road is in the BAUBAKE COE in Buin South Bougainville.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



By Aloysius Laukai


The former Provincial Works Manager and Supervisor for the JAPANESE Bridge program, JOHN KOLAN is calling on the ABG to immediately activate the Crusher paid from the KITANO Construction to start crushing stones for road upgrading and sealing throughout Bougainville.

He told New Dawn FM that the Crusher is needed to prepare gravel for sealing and general upgrading of all Bougainville roads.

MR. KOLAN said that when BCL was operating it was using crushers at Kumo and Aropa to upgrade and seal all the roads in Kieta, Arawa and Panguna roads.

He said because of the quality of these gravels the roads are still in good condition.

MR. KOLAN said that different crushed sand are needed for various construction when rebuilding on Bougainville begins.

He said all crushed stones can also be shipped to other provinces for building contractors.

New Dawn FM understands that Bougainville imports crushed stones and sand from Lae and Rabaul for major constructions like the Buka General Hospital and the Buka court house just to name a few.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


Only one Pillar of the Bougainville Peace Agreement’s Three Pillars will be reviewed after the launching of the Review on Autonomy this Saturday.

This was revealed by the senior Program officer with the Autonomy Implementation Division, KOTRIFA NANOPA today.

MR. NANOPA was commenting on the coming autonomy implementation review scheduled for this Saturday.

He said that the Three Pillars for the Bougainville Peace Agreement are AUTONOMY,REFERENDUM and WEAPONS DISPOSAL of which the two pillars will not be reviewed.

The Program officer said that the review will be based on Autonomy arrangement, which will include legal/constitutional, Administrative and Good Governance and Finance.

MR. NANOPA called on all COEs to send representatives to witness the ceremony and from the districts only selected representatives would be accommodated in Buka.

MR. NANOPA said that this was a special event for Bougainville and people must witness and appreciate the work ABG is doing to move the process forward.

The launching ceremony will be held at the BEL ISI on Saturday morning at TEN AM.Ends


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



By Aloysius Laukai


The ABG House of Representatives speaker, ANDREW MIRIKI is disappointed at the office of the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, REITAMA TARAVARU for delaying the Bougainville By-election for four vacant seats in the ABG house.

In making this comments, MR. MIRIKI said that the vacancies were officially declared vacant in August last year and wanted the Electoral Commissioner to make sure the by-election was conducted quickly to fill the seats.

The vacant seats are RAU in Wakunai left vacant by the former Minister Late JOSEPH EGILIO who died last year.

The LULE seat in Buin was also made vacant when its former member the late PAUL MITU died last year.

The other seats of Kongara in Central Bougainville and Hagogohe were vacated when the former members resigned to contest the PNG National elections.

The speaker said that the people of these four vacant seats have a right to have a representative in the house.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Committee meet

By Aloysius Laukai

The Bougainville Referendum Committee which comprises of the Chief Secretary of PNG, MANASUPE ZURENUOC and his PNG delegation and the ABG Delegation led by Deputy Administrator Operations, PAUL KEBORI are meeting this morning in Buka


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Chief Secretary Arrives

By Aloysius Laukai

Chief Secretary for the National Government,MANASUPE ZURENUOC OBE,Electoral Commissioner, ANDREW TRAWEN arrived this morning in Buka in preparation for tomorrow's launching.

The chairman of the review committee will be headed by Bougainville's own DR.NAIHUWO AHAI




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The Bougainville Autonomy will be reviewed starting with the official launching this weekend.

This was announced by the Deputy Administrator, Operations, PAUL KEBORI this afternoon.

In his announcement, MR. KEBORI said that since the Autonomy was established through the Bougainville Peace Agreement it was supposed to have been reviewed last year.

This has led to the Ex combatants protesting to the ABG demanding immediate review of the Autonomy arrangement.

A team from the National Government will arrive tomorrow, Friday to prepare for the review meeting to be held on Saturday.

According to the program the Chief Secretary MR. MANASUPE ZURENUOC and his National government delegation will arrive on Friday and will meet with ABG officials on Friday.

The main Launching ceremony will be held on Saturday morning at the BEL ISI PARK in Buka town.

The Papua New Guinea’s deputy Prime Minister, LEO DION will arrive on Saturday morning for the launching.

Joint Keynote address would be made by the Deputy Prime Minister, LEO DION and the ABG President, DR. JOHN MOMIS.

Chiefs ex combatants and the people of Bougainville are welcomed to witness the ceremony.

New Dawn FM will carry live the speeches at the ceremony.





Source: ABC Radio Australia - Pacific Beat 

New Bougainville legislation a world first for landowner rights to minerals


In a world first, Papua New Guinea's copper-rich island of Bougainville plans to introduce legislation that will see traditional landowners share mineral rights with their government.

In the 1990's dissatifaction over the sharing of benefits from Rio Tinto's giant Panguna mine, led to a 10-year civil war on Bougainville, which left thousands dead.

As Rio-Tinto prepares for negotiations for the re-opening of the mine President John Momis is adamant it will be on his terms.


Jemima Garrett reports.


   Listen here !  


Presenter: Jemima Garrett

Speaker: John Momis, President of the Autonomous government of Bougainville


GARRETT: Since the Bougainville peace agreement was signed the people of this troubled island have been looking for a new kind of development: one that will give them economic self-reliance and a real choice when they hold a referendum on independence from Papua New Guinea sometime between 2015 and 2020.

Bougainville's new mining legislation is due to go to the autonomous region's parliament next week.

President John Momis believes it will be a game-changer.


MOMIS: The underlying philosophy for our new Mining Act is empowering people, giving people the power to make political decisions about development not just being mere passive recipients of benefits.


GARRETT: In a world first the legislation, allows for landowners and the autonomous Bougainville government to share rights to sub-surface minerals. Approval of mining and resolution of disputes is to be done through an all-inclusive Landowner Forum process.


President Momis says landowners will also have a power of veto over exploration.


MOMIS: Our proposed bill gives the landowners the right to veto, veto any exploration which they so believe that the developer and the government are not doing the right thing. They also have the right to object once a development process begins after exploration should the developer and the government decide to go ahead with development.


GARRETT: President John Momis blames Canberra and Rio Tinto for the way mining was set up on Bougainville prior to Papua New Guinea's indpendence from Australia, and as a result also blames them for the civil war.


MOMIS: The Australian government and Rio Tinto at the very beginning of the inception of the talks to develop Panguna mine, later on led to the crisis. You know The Australian government and Rio Tinto in their zeal to generate revenue completely ignored the peoples way of doing things.


GARRETT: What will this legislation mean for Rio tinto's existing mine on bougainville, a mine it is hoping to re-open. Does Rio Tinto need to be worried?


MOMIS: I don't think so. What we are saying is that the resource no longer belongs to the state it belongs to the people and to their own government. Rio Tinto will have to deal with us.


MOMIS: The new mining legislation is being pushed through parliament much faster that expected because a rash of small companies are entering Bougainville without permission and signing up landowers to deals with no legal basis.


President Momis's messge to them is clear.


MOMIS: My message is that they must forthwith stop. That what they are doing is illegal. There is a moratorium imposed in Bougainville and the national government is the only legitimate authority to breach the moratorium.


GARRETT: Rio Tinto has been working with the PNG government, landowners and with the Autonomous Bougainville Government and it may end up being the only miner on Bougainville.


MOMIS: We believe one big mine is sufficient and if pressed we may allow for one more mine. No more. We know there are possibilities but we are making sure that we first of all make proper use of the revenue generated by the Panguna mine and have it equitably distributed. We want to make sure that the current generation, as well as the future generation, after looked after and that we have our own people educated and skilled to handle the problems that the mining process will bring on Bougainville. If we don't then we'll be swamped.




Source: Post-Courier

New police chief gives Bougainville assurance


THE Bougainville Police Service (BPS) will continue to serve the needs of Bougainvilleans.

That’s the assurance from the acting police chief Paul Kamuai.

While delivering his speech during the opening of the legal year for Bougainville on Tuesday, Supt Kamuai said police would continue to carry out their duties and responsibilities despite criticisms being labelled against them by the public.

“Our reputation as an organisation to fulfil public demands may perhaps not be good,” he said.

“However, I am proud to say that despite the frequent criticisms we get from the public, our image and credibility continue to improve as we work together with the Courts, CS, and the overall sectoral approach led by the Law and Justice Sector Program on Bougainville.’’

He also acknowledged the tireless support given by other BPS partners like the New Zealand police and LJSP advisers working with the police.

He also gave a brief update on the positive developments taking place at the Buka Police Station cell.

Mr Kamuai is now calling on Bougainvilleans to co-operate and help police improve the law and order situation on Bougainville.

He said the law and order issue needed a consolidated support from everyone including the police, Correctional Service, courts and individual Bougainvilleans.

He said Bougainville would only experience a peaceful environment if the people changed their negative attitudes.

Meanwhile, Mr Kamuai revealed that more than 1000 bench warrants had already been issued on Bougainville. 

Sadly, many of these warrants have not been served by the police.

Mr Kamuai said certain Bougainville Police Service members had already been tasked to ensure that a good filing and action plan was done to clear up these warrants.




Source: The National

Bougainville magistrate thanks Aussies, NZ for assistance

BOUGAINVILLE’s chief magistrate Bruce Tasikul has commended development partners Australia, New Zealand and other countries that have contributed to the rebuilding of Bougainville.

Speaking during the opening of the legal year on Tuesday, he announced that the magisterial services in Bougainville have been allocated funding for some of its projects under the PNG-Australia law and justice partnership programme.

“Last year we were also given funding for some of our infrastructure,” he said.

“By the end of this month, the people of South Bougainville will have a new court house. They will not need to come to Buka to seek judicial services and this service would be at their door step.

“That is actually what the government is supposed to be doing in delivering services closer to the people.”

Tasikul said the funding would also enable the construction of two houses in Buin and the construction of a new court house in Arawa.

He said last year was a difficult year for magisterial services in Bougainville after his predecessor AJ Toliken took up his appointment to high bench.

“I could not cope with the work load.

“I need to circuit to other districts like Buin and Arawa, leaving no body to cater to cases in Buka,” he said.

Tasikul said that despite this shortcoming they managed to deliver judicial services to the people of Bougainville.

He acknowledged his staff and other stakeholders who have assisted them in delivering that much needed services.

“Traditionally, the opening of the legal year to me is a time that all stake holders of the law and justice sectors agencies including police, community base officers, correctional services, both private and public lawyers, the courts and those court users to recommit their professional life to God.”


Source: The National

ABG, MPs urged to support sector

THE Autonomous Bougainville Government and its national MPs have been urged to support the development of the law and justice sector agencies in the region.

Chief magistrate, Bruce Tasikul highlighted this on Tuesday during the opening of the legal year.

“Our government has been advocating on referendum and independence, yet I have not seen any contribution by it to the development of the Law and Justice Sector agencies,” he said.

“I am not speaking for other agencies, but for Magisterial Services in Bougainville.”

“All the infrastructure that the people of Bougainville are currently accessing services from are built on funding from aid donors especially through AusAID.

“ABG has not contributed any funds for the establishment of these facilities. Every year when ABG passes its  budget it does not allocate funds to the Courts in Bougainville.”

 to sustain its recurrent budgets.”

He said the district and national court were the national government’s responsibilities. 

“If we are talking about independence why is it that the ABG is not seriously providing capacity building for the establishment of the Bougainville Courts as provided under the Bougainville constitution?

“Before any draw down of powers for Bougainville courts and other constitutional office the ABG must start building up its capacities in terms of infrastructure,” he said.

Tasikul added that there was a component for the law and order programme that was funded from the district services improvement programme under the care of national MPs.

“I have not seen any of their funding for Law and Order channelled to the development to the Law and Justice Sector agencies.”

He said although some MPs may have assisted police with vehicles, the criminal justice system comprised of all justice agencies connected to each other and if one of the agencies was crippled then the whole criminal justice system would collapse.

Tasikul challenged the ABG and the national MPs to seriously consider funding the Bougainville judiciary.

“Otherwise we may have a half- baked government with parliament and the executive arm in place but without a judiciary.”


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

Meanwhile, the Regional member for Bougainville, JOE LERA yesterday promised to look into the plight of the Law and Justice sector on Bougainville.

He made these comments while responding to the call by the Magistrate and the Judge on the little support the authorities are giving to this sector.

MR. LERA said that as the regional member he needed to get all the information on such problems before he can support.

New Dawn FM understands that the member for South Bougainville, STEVEN PIRIKA paid three Police vehicles for the three district Police stations in Buin, Siwai and Bana whilst the member for North Bougainville LAUTA ATOI paid a Police car for KUNUA district and the former North Bougainville member and Governor General, MICHAEL OGIO paid a Police car for the Tinputz Police Station.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



By Aloysius Laukai


A psychiatric doctor, DR. MONICA HAGALI says there is an increase in the cases of mental diseases in Bougainville due to homebrew and marijuana.

DR. HAGALI was speaking on New Dawn FM today.

She said that her trip to Bougainville was to try and assist the region as no such doctor is based on Bougainville.

DR. HAGALI called on patients or parents of sick patients to bring them to the Buka General Hospital this week.

She warned parents not to allow their children to smoke marijuana which grows wild on mainland Bougainville as damage marijuana does to a person is uncuable.

She returns to Port Moresby this Saturday.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



By Aloysius Laukai


Bougainville Regional member, JOE LERA is optimistic about his first Bottom-up forums to establish an implementation plan for his FIFTEEN MILLION KINA Provincial Service Improvement Program(PSIP) next month, April.

The Regional member has planned for three weeks of forums to be held in the three districts of North, Central and South Bougainville.

Forming the forums are the three national Open members of Parliament, ABG President, members of the ABG House of Representatives, District Executive Managers, Chairmen’s of Council of Elders, chiefs, representative of women, youth, church and faction leaders, ex combatants, Meekamui and Uvistract.

Each district would have a week of planning and debate to identify the high impact projects that would be implemented this year and in the next five years.

MR. LERA said the basis for these bottom up forums would be uniting and mobilizing people through leaders and providing opportunity for people to participate in determining development on Bougainville.

He said Politic in Latin means people and leaders have to focus on the people and government, and not putting development before the people.

“Develop people first and they will determine development he said.

He believes that the answers to all Bougainville issues and development remains with the people and not the leaders.

He said that leaders should only provide leadership, guidance, support and direction to the people to find answers to development.

MR.LERA sais that the bottom up approach was not a new idea in the country but will create a revolution in Bougainville and Papua New Guinea.

He said preparation for the forum was progressing well and should eventuate as planned.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



by Aloysius Laukai

The ABG President John Momis yesterday blamed Rio Tinto and the Australian government for the Bougainville conflict.
He made these comments when talking to the people of Kunua .

Dr. Momis said because of this the ABG was asking them to come back and redeem themselves to the people of Bougainville and start fresh.

He said that they were happy to return and contribute to the development of the region despite all the past problems.

President Momis said all other outstanding issues will be addressed through a new agreement that will be negotiated between BCL, ABG,National Government, Landowners and representatives of all Bougainville facttions.

He called on the people of Bougainville to also redeem themselves as they too took part in destroying properties like schools and hospitals which we are trying hard to re build.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville




ABG President DR. JOHN MOMIS today announced that SEVEN POINT FIVE MILLION KINA haS been allocated to fix and upgrade the Kunua Koripovi road right up to Sipai.

He was speaking at Kunua this afternoon.

He said it was up to the scoping team to scope and put the road on tender for the roads to be fixed, as he purposely came to Kunua with the Technical team to assses the state of the road and bridges on the West coast road which was one of the economic regions of Bougainville.

DR. MOMIS said that the ABG was trying its best to address outstanding issues to prepare the region for referendum.

The ABG President called for unity from the people of Kunua and Bougainville as a whole stating all Bougainvilleans are members of team Bougainville and if the people do not contribute their bit then they are the once that are not contributing to the overall development of the region


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



By Aloysius Laukai


Senior Bougainville Magistrate, BRUCE TASIKUL yesterday called on the ABG to support the work of Law and justice in the region.

He made these comments at the opening of the 2013 Legal year at the Buka town United church.

The Magistrate said that they recognized the support by members to the Bougainville service with Police vehicles however there are other areas which the members and the Government can also assist in.

Bougainville’s resident Judge who officiated at the ceremony, JUSTICE JOHN KAWI told the gathering that for the resident judge and staff to be based on Bougainville they must have accommodation.

He said this would make the work of the courts system more active with all Judges and Magistrates and their staff staying in the region.

New Dawn FM understands that currently Judges for the National Court have to fly in from Rabaul, Kimbe or Port Moresby.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



By Aloysius Laukai


The private Elementary school on Sohano island, ALDONA school will have its own boat and dingy thanks to the Regional member for Bougainville, JOE LERA.

During his visit to the school yesterday, MR. LERA made a commitment to the management of the school that he would provide boat for the school.

This was after the member was able to tour the school area and saw the state of the school which was developing fast to provide much needed basic education to the people of the region.

The management briefed the regional member on difficulties the school was facing in terms of passenger boats refusing to ferry students to school.

In his response the Regional member said that the school was only fulfilling one of his priority areas of educating the people of Bougainville.

He promised to connect the school with similar institutions outside of Bougainville so that through networking and partnership the school can further progress.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



By Aloysius Laukai


The former deputy Premier, Gerard Sinato today supported the work of the current ABG President JOHN MOMIS in running the affairs of the region.

He made these remarks in welcoming the ABG President to Kunua this morning.

MR. SINATO said that the ABG was trying its best to run the region with no capacity especially funds.

He called on the Bougainville administration to put their acts together and fix their roads and bridges to Kunua.

MR. SINATO said that the district of Kunua have been cut off from the rest of Bougainville in the last nine months and wants the roads fixed quickly.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


Despite conflicting reports on the future of the closed Panguna Copper and Gold mine, the majority of Bougainvilleans still want the Panguna mine to open with BCL the main player again.

The second North Bougainville forum on the future of Panguna mine was told by all the districts that PANGUNA needs to be re-opened to support the ABG realize physical self reliance before referendum is conducted on Bougainville.

Although the Mekamui faction were opposed to the immediate reopening wanted Bougainville to attain independence before discussing the future of the mine.

All North Bougainville districts supported the re-opening stating that other issues would be addressed through negotiations.

Districts that attended this second regional forum were, Torokina,Selau.Suir,Kunua and Tinputz.

Recommendations from this forum will be collated and presented to the Bougainville Executive Council.

The meeting was organized by the office of the Director of Panguna negotiations, RAYMOND MASONO who thanked all participants for their contributions.

Forums for Central and South Bougainville would be held later this month.





Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Bougainville: Kauona presents writeup

by Aloysius Laukai

Isina landowners chairman, Sam Kauona and his Bougainville resources owners group last week presented their proposed policy to the ABG minister for mining, Michael Oni.

The presentation was made at the end of the second Forum on Panguna negotiations in Hutjena.
Mr. Kauona said that his group have prepared some write ups which they have presented to the ABG for possible inserting into the mining policy that would be tabled to the ABG Parliament next week.

He said that they wanted to assist the ABG with its plan to set up policy on Mining in the region.

Meanwhile, Minister Oni in his response thanked Mr. Kauona and his group on their presentation.
He promised that ABG Lawyers will work on their paper to see if some areas can be accommodated in the overall ABG Mining policy.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai


The Buka Police Station Commander, PSC SGT EMMART TSIMES is calling on all parents throughout Bougainville to make sure they are responsible for their own children.

He made these comments at the opening of ROHA elementary School classroom at Malasang Number three village on Buka island last Friday.

SGT Tsimes said that parents must make sure they have funds to educate their children and not transfer their responsibilities to uncles and aunties.

The PSC said that the trend today was parents were throwing away their responsibilities to other people thus creating a society that is not responsible.

He said parents must be taught family planning that covers both spacing kids and managing their family finances.

He said many parents were forgetting their primary responsibilities and producing uncontrolled children who could be a dangerous time bomb for the region.





Source: Bougainville Copper Limited

Just  Published!

2012 Annual Report

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Source: Post-Courier

Bougainville marks legal year


BUKA town in Bougainville came to a standstill yesterday as the Bougainville Police Service and the Correctional Service personnel performed a parade to mark the opening of the legal year for Bougainville.

The parade which started at the Buka police station saw members of the police, CS and other legal fraternity in Bougainville marching towards the Buka town United Church building where a church service was led by the bishop of the United Church on Bougainville to mark the official opening of the legal year for Bougainville. 

Bougainville resident judge, Justice John Kawi was the guest of honour during this event. Other invited guests present included the Bougainville Regional MP Joe Lera, acting ABG vice president Carolus Ketsimur, Bougainville senior magistrate Bruce Tasikul, CS Assistant Commissioner in-charge of New Guinea Islands Mr Philip Eka, CS Armourer Inspector Rueben Manamb, Bougainville Catholic Diocese Bishop Bernard Unabali and other senior officers from the Bougainville Administration.

While presenting the keynote address, Justice Kawi thanked all members of the police and CS for a tremendous job done last year.

Justice Kawi then urged them to loyally continue to carry out their duties without fear or favour. 

“For us here in Bougainville, we must always strive to make sure that justice is served to the people,” Justice Kawi said.

Mr Kawi, who is also the resident judge for Kavieng announced during the ceremony that the number of criminal cases in Bougainville had been reduced, adding that the cases for murder, rape and unlawful wounding had greatly dropped last year.

He said this was because of the “good work done by the police and the community.”

Mr Kawi also thanked the lawyers of the different organisations in Bougainville for all their efforts in carrying out their duties.

“When it comes to dispensing justice, all of us have a duty to make sure that whatever they call justice, without any qualifications, without any fear or favour, we must serve justice equally to men, women and children as well,”

“Whatever we call justice, you and I must improve it, without fear, without favour, without any descriptions attached to it. We all have a duty to serve faithfully,” Justice Kawi said. 

Bougainville Regional MP 

Joe Lera expressed the same sentiments and urged them to continue in years to come.



Source: Post-Courier

Magistrate blasts ABG Govt


BOUGAINVILLE senior provincial magistrate Bruce Tasikul has blasted the Autonomous Bougainville Government and the Bougainville MPs in the National Parliament for not allocating any funding towards the development of the Law and Justice Sector agencies on Bougainville. 

Speaking during the launching of the legal year in Bougainville yesterday, magistrate Bruce Tasikul said he had not seen any funding allocation from either the ABG or the Bougainville MPs towards the improvement of the performances of the magisterial services in Bougainville. 

“Our government (ABG) has been advocating about referendum and independence. Yet I have not seen any contribution by the ABG to the development of the law and justice sector agencies,” Mr Tasikul said.

Mr Tasikul, who spoke precisely on the assistances given to the Magisterial Services, said all the infrastructures in Bougainville were funded by donor agencies.

He gave examples of the Buka Court House and the Buin Court House as facilities that were funded by donor agencies.

“Our ABG has not contributed any funds through the establishments of these facilities. Every year when ABG passes its annual budget it does not even allocate funds to the Courts in Bougainville to sustain its recurrent budgets,” added Mr Tasikul.

He also questioned the Bougainville MPs on their DSIP components for the Law and Order programs, saying he has not seen any funds for that.


Source: ABC Radio Australia - Pacific Beat

An investigation into illegal mining in Bougainville

Two Australian university academics are headed to Papua New Guinea's Autonomous Region of Bougainville to investigate illegal mining.

The problem is widespread in mineral rich regions around the world and Bougainville will be used as an example to illustrate it.

One of the investigators is Qiaran O'Faircheallaigh Professor of Politics and Public Policy at the School of Government and International Relations at Griffiths University.

Waleed Aly from ABC local radio in Melbourne, asked him what his research involves.

Presenter: Waleed Aly

Speaker: Professor Qiaran O'Faircheallaigh from Griffiths University


  Listen here !  






Source: Post-Courier

Bougainville to strike it rich

THE autonomous Bougainville Government’s mining policy will give mineral ownership to customary landowners.


The landowners will also be involved in major mining project decisions and can say ‘no’ to exploration on their land. 

ABG President Chief John Momis said this at the weekend to counter what he says was ‘misleading statements’ by former Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) rebel commander Sam Kauona, who recently alleged that the “colonial administration” was drafting the autonomous region’s new mining policy. 

“Mr Kauona should not think that an ABG led by me could ever ignore Bougainvillean concerns about mining. We will never be told what to do by an outsider,” the veteran politician, who first entered politics in 1972, said in a statement. 

The former BRA commander has in recent days criticised Australia over what he claimed was its involvement in the draft policy, however, Chief Momis in response said Bougainvilleans were playing leading roles in the ABG’s mining department, the law and justice division and the Office of Panguna Negotiations. 

“Many Bougainvillean officials are involved in our mining department, law and justice division and office of Panguna negotiations. 

“They develop policy proposals to be considered by the ABG cabinet. We make our own decisions. Take issues of ownership of minerals. 

“The administration presented three options. Cabinet discussed them over several long meetings. We decided to reject all three options. Instead we came up with our own. Minerals will no longer be owned by the State. 

“Instead they will be owned by both customary landowners and the ABG,” he said. 

According to the ABG president, equitable distribution of revenue from mineral resources was at the core of his government’s policies.

“As part owner, the ABG will act on behalf of all Bougainvilleans because of the blood shed by all Bougainville groups during the conflict. The ABG will also ensure equitable development and the use of mineral resources in the interests of both present and future generations. Landowners will have the right to say ‘no’ to exploration and to be fully involved in all decisions on mining projects. The ABG will have the power to grant all exploration and other licenses and authorise mining revenue distribution.”

The exchange between the former rebel commander and the ABG president adds to the debate on the island surrounding the closed Panguna copper mine and proposed plans to reopen it. Mr Kauona is reportedly the president of the Bougainville Resource Owners Representative Council.


Source: Post-Courier

Chemical effects linger


CHEMICAL effects stemming from the operations of the then Panguna mine in Central Bougainville are still being experienced today, even though it is now more than 20 years since the company was forced to close down its operations.

This was revealed by the president of the Me’ekamui Government of Unity Philip Miriori during the recently-held 2nd Regional Forum on Panguna Negotiations held in Buka last week. 

Mr Miriori said many people who have been panning for gold in the area now have big sores on their legs after being exposed to deadly chemicals.

Mr Miriori said these chemicals were removed from the mine’s concentrator by the company and dumped at the Kaverong river, which later made its way 

down the tailings and coame into contact with alluvial miners.

Mr Miriori said many women from the area who had been panning for gold have also been 

diagnosed with breast and cervical cancers.

He said there is currently a woman from the area living with breast cancer following her exposure to these deadly chemicals whilst panning for gold. Mr Miriori said the evidence of these deadly chemicals being dumped into the water systems was one of the reasons that led to the late Francis Ona demanding the K10 billion compensation payment for the damages being done to the environment.


Source: Post-Courier

Me’ekamui: Bougainvile not ready to re-open Panguna mine


LEADERS of the Me’ekamui Government of Unity (MGU) in the Panguna district of Central Bougainville are still adamant that Bougainville is not yet ready for the reopening of the Panguna mine.


Speaking during the 2nd Regional Forum on Panguna Negotiations held last week in Buka, MGU president Philip Miriori said discussions on the possible reopening of the mine should take place after Bougainville gains its independence.

He said their standing to reopen the Panguna mine after Bougainville gains its independence is because there are still a lot of outstanding issues that need to be addressed.

One of these outstanding issues is the K10 billion compensation claim for environmental damages being done during the mine’s operational days. 

Mr Miriori added that the presence of the deadly chemical wastes that were dumped into the water systems at Panguna must also be thoroughly addressed before the reopening of the mine can take place (see separate story).

Mr Miriori also said the social and other related issues that may occur following the reopening of the mine must also be carefully analysed before further talks on the mine’s reopening can take place.

These issues include the establishment of squatter settlements and law and order problems. 

However, on a positive note, Mr Miriori said they want the ‘bel kol’ money to be paid not only to the LOs but to all Bougainvilleans because they had all suffered during the crisis. 

Mr Miriori is also calling on the Autonomous Bougainville Government to support the court case against mining giant Rio Tinto for compensation payments to be made for environmental damages being done during the operational days of the Panguna mine.

Meanwhile, many North Bougainvilleans who attended the forum had expressed their unhappiness at the Panguna LOs decision to defer the mine’s reopening after Bougainville gains independence.

They said without the mine, Bougainville will not be able to sustain itself through independence, that is why it was important to reopen the mine.

This was because the revenue earned from the mine will be able to bankroll 

Bougainville’s journey towards independence. 

The LOs were also blasted by some reputable North Bougainvilleans who claimed that the LOs have not always been consistent with their decisions.

They said sometimes the LOs would openly express their support to reopen the mine whilst it would be the opposite again at other times. 


Source: The National

Mining Claims Misleading

AUTONOMOUS Bougainville Government president John Momis says Sam Kauona’s outburst in the media last week – in relation to Bougainville’s mining policy – is “completely misleading”.

Kauona – a former Bougainville Revolutionary Army leader –claimed the current ABG policy on mining was written by “colonial administrators” and did not recognise the rights of customary landowners.

Momis, however, said his government was developing a new mining policy and claimed that the ABG cabinet alone decided on the policy.

He said he was a strong critic of colonial mining policies and laws ever since the late 1960s.

“Kauona should not think that an ABG government led by me could ever ignore Bougainvillean’s concerns about mining. We will never be told what to do by any outsider.”

He said the ABG was developing a unique mining policy by examining Bougainville’s needs.

The policy, he said, aimed to meet Bougainville’s needs, very different from those of PNG’s.

“Many Bougainvillean officials are involved – our mining department, law and justice division and office of Panguna negotiations,” Momis said.

“They develop policy proposals to be considered by the ABG cabinet. We (cabinet) make our own decisions.”

He said minerals would no longer be owned by the state, but by the customary landowners and the ABG.

Momis said as part owner, the ABG would act on behalf of Bougainvilleans because of the bloodshed by all Bougainville groups during the province’s conflict.

“ABG will also ensure equitable development and the use of mineral resources in the interest of both the present and future generations,” he said.  He said landowners would have the right to say “no” to exploration and be fully involved in decisions on mining projects.

Responding to reasons for Kauona’s claims, the president said:

“I fear Kauona has been misled by a foreign company who seeks control of minerals in large parts of Bougainville by signing MoUs with unrepresentative landowner groups.

“It says the landowners alone can decide on mining development.”

Momis said this was dangerous because it could result in many mines which could destroy Bougainville’s society, culture and environment.





Source: BCL Press Release

Appointment of a Director

Dame Carol Kidu to join Board of Bougainville Copper Limited


Dame Carol Kidu has been appointed to the board of directors of Bougainville Copper Limited [BCL].

BCL Chairman Peter Taylor said that Dame Carol would stand for election at the company’s Annual General Meeting in Port Moresby on April 8 and the directors have recommended that shareholders vote in favour of this appointment.

She  will  join  another  distinguished  Papua  New  Guinean,  former  Prime  Minister  Sir  Rabbie Namaliu, on the board of BCL.

Mr Taylor said Dame Carol would bring a wealth of experience to the company’s deliberations, by virtue of both her long parliamentary and political experience, as well as her outstanding record as an advocate for social reform and human development.

Dame Carol, a teacher by profession, retired from the Parliament of Papua New Guinea in 2012 after 15 years in politics.   She was the Minister for Community Development for nine years and finished her political career as Leader of the Opposition.

Her achievements included legislative and policy reform for social development in PNG, with an approach based on human rights, and a focus on marginalised and vulnerable populations.

In addition to her Ministerial work, she established the Parliamentary Committee on HIV in 2003 and the PNG Parliamentary Group on Population and Development in 2008.

Dame Carol’s international roles include representative on the board of the Commonwealth of Learning, international advisor on the board of the Cairns Institute, regional member of the Pacific Leaders Green Growth Initiative, non‐resident Fellow of the Lowy Institute, Asia Pacific Patron of the  Australian  Centre  for  Leadership  for  Women,  and  a  Patron  of  Australian  Volunteers International.

Her many awards recognise her commitment to improving the rights of marginalized or neglected groups including women, children, the disabled, HIV positive people and indigenous minorities.


  Dame Commander of the British Empire (DBE)

  Chevalier of the Légion d'honneur (Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honour, France)

  PNG International Woman of Courage Award by the Secretary of

State of the United States of America in 2007

  Pacific Person of the Year in 2007

  Regional Rights Resource Team Pacific Human Rights Award for contribution to promoting the rights of Pacific Islanders in 2008

  Honorary  Doctorate  University  of  Natural  Resources  and  the

Environment (Rabaul, PNG)

  Honorary Doctorate University of Queensland (Australia)

  Honorary Doctorate University of Papua New Guinea



  Dame Carol Kidu : Wikipedia Portrait here !  




Source: ESBC

The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC)  welcome the appointment of Dame Carol as a director of our company.  We believe that her feminine presence and political experience will voice the traditional  matriarchal Bougainville society in this masculine dominated world of mining.




Source: Post-Courier

Momis: Referendum to be held


BOUGAINVILLE will still be having the referendum to decide its political future as stipulated under the Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA), that’s the assurance from the ABG President Chief Dr John Momis (pictured).


Speaking during the official opening of the Second Regional Forum on Panguna Negotiations held in Buka early this week, Mr Momis said the referendum process would still take place, even if Bougainville did not fully achieve the three pillars stipulated under the Bougainville Constitution. 


The Bougainville Constitution stipulates that the three pillars that need to be addressed before referendum can take place include weapons disposal, fiscal self-reliance and good governance.

“If we do not remove the weapons, we are not self-reliance, and if we do not achieve good governance…referendum will happen,” Mr Momis said. 

The president said the onus was now on Bougainvilleans to prepare and achieve the identified outcomes that would enable the referendum process to take. He said it was important for Bougainvilleans to grasp this unique opportunity which had come about following amendments being done on the PNG Constitutions.

This amendment was made to allow Bougainville to have the referendum between 10-15 years following the establishment of the ABG. 

Mr Momis then stressed that failure to achieve the referendum would bring great shame on Bougainvilleans, not only in the eyes of PNG but the rest of the world. 

According to Section 191 Subsection (7) of the Bougainville Constitution, the referendum should take place not earlier than 10 years and not more than 15 years after the election of the first Bougainville Government.

Since the ABG was formed in 2005, by law the referendum should be held between 2015-2020. 

This now means that Bougainville only has between two to seven years left before the referendum is held. 


Source: Post-Courier

Appeal for road 


ROADS really play an important role for Bougainville’s economic recovery, especially feeder roads leading into cocoa and coconut plots.

Bougainville’s main cocoa producing district Tinputz, has its feeder roads in dire straits, particularly the Tsunpets Arabia Romsis and the Ramazon Suir feeder roads. 

Local businessman and cocoa farmer Pais Silaves speaking on behalf of the silent majority, has appealed to the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) to start making good use of the hundred million given by the national government, starting with roads.

“Bougainville’s economy now entirely depends on our cash crops,” he said.

“With us here in the Suir constituency we have most of the cocoa trapped in our mountainous areas, and people carry them on their shoulders to reach the main road. Sometimes spending days,” Mr Silaves said.

Mr Silaves, with his own money and resources plus big help from youths he employed, have patched some badly affected parts of the Suir Ramazon feeder road, enabling vehicles to have access to cocoa plots further inland.

“We farmers are really suffering at the moment. And the more we suffer, the government will also suffer by missing out on tax. Bougainville cocoa, I think is the best in PNG right now, and we Bougainville cocoa farmers are trying to help the government by playing our part by farming cocoa and coconut. But the government has to do its part by fixing up feeder roads because feeder roads lead to plantations,” Mr Silaves said.

Mr Silaves and this reporter toured the cocoa plots up in the mountains of Suir and saw roads covered in undergrowth.





Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Roha Elementary School Classroom Opens

By Aloysius Laukai

Roha elementary School in Malasang No 3 Buka island will open their new Classroom today.

The new classroom has been built with funds from the Open member for North Bougainville, LAUTA ATOI.

Enrollment for the school for this year is 111 and the chairman BRUNO HATSIERE told New Dawn FM that the school needs another classroom.

Currently the school has two classrooms.The building was buit by Elanou Constructions a local company.

Roha school

Roha school



VIPs in Roha


Cosmas Sohia

Cosmas Sohia


Bill Baramun

Bill Baramun


Lauta Atoi MP speaks

Lauta Atoi MP speaks



Bougainville: Munlus Group

Munlus Group
























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