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Asset Manager Adviser, Bougainville

VSA is seeking a volunteer to work with the Assets Manager at the Division of Finance and Treasury of the Autnomous Bougainville Government to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the current asset management system and implement any necessary changes.

Closing Date: 15 Aug 2011
Interview: September 9th and 10th
Pre-departure Briefing: 28 September to 1 October 2011
Expected in Field: Late 2011
Position Term: 2 Years

Assess and develop an asset management system.


The Division of Finance and Treasury was once part of the North Solomons Provincial Government and then became incorporated into the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) in 2005.  The division is charged with the overseeing and maintenance of the asset register for government, which includes 14 divisions and 13 districts.  All of the administration records and assets sit under Finance and Treasury, although each division has its own records.  Finance and Treasury Staff (Property Manager and Assets Clerk) are required to visit all divisions to check that records and assets registers are properly maintained.

A VSA Records Management Assignment (with the division of Human Resource Development in 2009-2010) began the task of organising an efficient filing system.  Some staff training also took place and a good start was made.  This assignment helped identify the need for assistance with asset management and archives storage.

VSA is now seeking a volunteer to work with the Assets (Property and Housing) Manager to assess the current asset management system and implement any necessary changes.  They will also establish policies, processes, and structures that support sound procurement management; assist in the establishment of a system to identify assets for future disposal; and provide training for staff as required.

This is a two year assignment and basic, furnished accommodation will be provided.

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A GIS expert is needed assist in the development of an operational GIS database in Bougainville, with accurate information on land titles, land uses, land values, and land ownership:

The Division of Lands & Physical Planning is one of 15 government divisions of the Autonomous Bougainville Administration. It was set up in 2007, and its main roles are: to carry out land investigations of customary land where there is any proposal that may affect the land; to administer the leases of state land, including the allocation and forfeiture of state leases; and to prepare development plans that control how alienated land is used.

This assignment will contribute directly to the priorities "to increase the division's capacity to administer leases on state land" and "to help customary landowners look after their interests on their land". All Bougainville's land files were destroyed during the Crisis. The Port Moresby office is helping the division set up a GIS system for a fully digital record of land use and ownership, and they require a volunteer to train staff in the use of GIS.

The volunteer will work to ensure digital land information on Bougainville is readily available, accurate and comprehensive; ensure it can be used effectively for physical planning, land administration, land acquisition, and the registration of customary land; and that new topographical and cadastral survey information is available on the GIS.

This is a two year assignment. VSA volunteers receive a living allowance and initial resettlement grants. Accommodation and insurance are provided. Travel arrangements are organised and funded by VSA.

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GIS/Survey Adviser, Bougainville

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