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 Find out here the experiences of investors in Bougainville Copper securities: The list reflects which broker or bank favours fraudulent and unauthorized lending of securities and which one does not!


These banks or  brokers provide POOR service! They ignore or refuse their customer's rights to place high orders and to sell shares at the high price level they request! These banks or brokers provide GOOD or FAIR services! They respect their customer's rights and place an order at the requested high price level!
 Saxo Bank  .dk
 Cortal Consors (BNP Paribas)  .de
 St. Georges directshares (WESTPAC)  .au  Credit Andorrà  .ad
 DZ Bank AG  (Volksbank/Raiffeisenbank)   .de  Deutsche Bank Hongkong .hk
 Commerzbank AG (not in German  stock  markets!)   .de  brokerjet (Erste Bank) .at
  S-Broker does NOT provide access to   ASX  .de  Deutsche Bank Köln   .de
   comdirect   .de
   flatex   .de
   apoBank   .de
  Commerzbank (ASX only)
  interactive Brokers   .com
  ING-DiBa   .de
  Baden-Würtembergischische  Bank   .de
  On Vista Bank (Société Générale  via Boursorama S.A.)  .de
   S-Broker (Germany only!)   .de

(Country reference = internet address code)


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