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For several months now the share price of Bougainville Copper Limited (BOC/BOU1) has been pushed down heavily by short sellers: Since the beginning of 2011 it has been more than 60 percent after all! This is despite the fact that today’s news flow from Bougainville is more promising than ever. The Australian Securities Exchange ASX has reacted to this by improving short selling rules.  Since August 23rd, 2011 no more short selling in BOC shares was reported.

This “ban”, however, is undermined by U.S. and other traders and successfully circumvented. Background: A majority of the stocks held by private investors is deposited with custodian banks. They register those shares in the share register (under so-called custodian banks) who then lend on our shares for short sales against a fee without the owner’s knowledge.

In this context even the ASX is powerless because this business is conducted in a semi-legal but grey area and therefore very difficult to prove. There are only two ways to prevent that our shares will be used for unauthorized short selling. The first is a nominated entry in the Bougainville Copper register. The second is a sell order that will block the shares for on- lending.

However, since the entry into the register of shareholders is boycotted by the overwhelming number of custodians in order to maintain this revenue stream, the last resort that remains is to place a sell order with an extraordinary high limit. This limit should be as high as possible so that the probability of an actual sale is highly unlikely. However, should your shares get sold at a hype, because some short sellers are forced to cover themselves (unlimited), you would have made ​a sensational deal. For you, this action is entirely without any risk. On the contrary, with a bit of luck you are set to make a very nice profit!

Please support us in our fight against such improper dealings of those banks! If possible put up all your shares for sale at a price between AUD 25 and AUD 30 (which is currently the highest ASK in the Sydney order book!). For European investors (Frankfurt) sale prices should be between EUR 20 and EUR 25!

It is completely irrelevant whether you hold very few or a fair number of BOC shares! It is essential that no more BOC shares will be lent on and subsequently that particular market will dry up. This is all that counts!

Do not be put off by your broker or banker, arguing that the order could not be executed because the price is too far off the current actual price. This is nonsense! The ASK of AUD 29.90 and AUD 30 in Sydney are the best proof! In addition: As a stock owner, you can demand any price you would be prepared to sell at!

Please ensure that your sell order is valid for as long as possible and will be extended continuously! Please make absolutely sure that your shares will be put up as a “limited sell order”!

This does not commit you to anything! Should you wish to sell your shares for a lower price at a later date, you can always change your sell order accordingly! 























The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC)