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Noah Musingku

A Modern Fairytale!

A Port Moresby street beggar and conman becomes financial tycoon and self-styled King and still enjoys freedom!     


Noah Musingku alias "King Pei II"  in 2009


... and


Noah Musingku alias King Pei II  in 2012


Probably a crown manufactured from stolen alluvial gold: 

Noah Musingku alias King Pei II   - a notorious conman!


Source: ESBC Research


Are the Me’ekamui Remote Controlled from Abroad ?

Since April 2011 the homepage of the criminal Bank of Me’ekamui  ( is not alone in the internet: There is now a new attractive site of a so called "Government of Me’ekamui",   ( ) online. Who is behind these two professional homepages? The ESBC made some research on this and found out surprising facts. It's highly probable that interested "white-collar" subjects from abroad are behind these mean activities.




World class homepage of a notorious local criminal !



Better homepage than PNG: the self-appointed Me'ekamui site!


Both homepages have one thing in common: Both are hosted in the United States of America and updated regularly. The IBOM homepage is made in Drums, Pennsylvania by Mr. Benjamin Papaala.


Residing in a cosy village in Pennsylvania (U.S.A.): The cyber home of the criminal International Bank of Me'ekamui !


Round about four hours drive further east from Drums is the home of the government of Me’ekamui in Woodmere, New York. The small village of Woodmere is only some minutes drive away from JFK Airport. The legal owner of the Government of Meekamui domain is a certain 62 years old  Mr. Stewart Sytner who lives in a splendid villa in 566, Linda Lane, Woodmere, N.Y. 11598. The technical support comes from Phoenix, Arizona.


Jaguar limousine in front: Mr. Stewart Sytner's home and Me'ekamui "government" residence in Woodmere, N.Y.


Both homepages are even very professionaly made and pretend to reflect the reality on Bougainville. The IBOM site even provides in-depth information not only in English but also in French and German. The Government of Me’ekamui’s site pretends to represent Bougainville interest and resources. True is that there is only one lawful governance power on Bougainville: The Autonomous Bougainville Government with Hon. John Momis as President and furthermore the National Government of Papua New Guinea in Port Moresby.


The same is for the banks in Bougainville: There is a branch of the Bank of Southern Pacific in Buka. The so called International Bank of Me’ekamui is simply a mere - a fantasy of notorious conman Noah Musingku and his mentally troubled followers to cheat customers. Same procedure as in the past! Find out more about conman "King Pei" Noah Musingku here in a Journeyman's Pictures report, published on Youtube // !


Who are these two gentlemen who  own these two homepages?  Why do they host and design such homepages? Who are the people who fund these activities in the United States of America?  What are their real intentions? Is it perhaps again the Pritzker Group that already in the 1980s tried to take over Bougainville Copper Limited or are interested groups in PNG involved? There had even been rumors on the ground that the Pritzker Group might have initiated the Bougainville Crises by giving money to some prominent leaders to weaken BCL's position. Is the Pritzker Group again trying to overtake the Panguna mine? Has the Pritzker Group been behind all the violent volatility of BCL shares suffered form within the last 12 months? Who works together in Bougainville with doubtful people in the U.S. and why?


The ESBC has no answers to all these questions yet . We only know that there are a growing number of visitors from the United States on our homepage. That might be evidence for increasing interest of U.S. investors in Bougainville Copper Limited and - perhaps - for some ongoing strange back-stage activities. Howver: these activities are the best evidence that Panguna still of great interest for many greedy people all over the world!


Another fraudulent business of Noah Musingku:

The Bougainville Kina


To say it quite clearly: The "Bougainville Kina" is simply a product of criminal fantasy of a notorious conman named Noah Musingku, who hides with his friends in the jungle of Southern Bougainville.  Musingku, calls himself "King Pei II". A couple of years ago he created  a money scheme called U-Vistract. The people who invested lost all their savings.  Musingku is supported by duboius individuals in the United States of America (see above!) who - amongst others - host his site  (International Bank of Meekamui). 

Musingku also achieved to print his own "money" : the so called Bougainville Kina. This currency is even not worth the paper it is printed on. 




Source:  The National (Papua New Guinea)

Musingku a ‘national problem’ 


THE name of reclusive Bougainville leader Noah Musingku, known as “King David Peii II” of the kingdom of Papaala, came out of obscurity during the “Sustainability of Bougainville” seminar in Port Moresby last Friday.

Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) president, John Momis described the head honcho of the infamous U-Vistract money scheme, which robbed thousands of Bougainvilleans and Papua New Guineans of millions of kina, as one of the “many problematic people” on the path to a referendum for full autonomy or independence.

Former ABG president and Bougainville Revolutionary Army commander James Tanis described Musingku as a “national problem” as he started U-Vistract in Port Moresby.

Constitutional lawyer and Bougainville expert Anthony Regan said Musingku appointed himself as monarch of a “triune government” of Bougainville with president Momis and a prime minister under him.

Momis said: “Noah Musingku is just one of the many problematic people that ABG has to deal with.

“Let us not allow him to stop us from pursuing our objectives, which are to set up good governance, rule of law, good legislative programmes, investment programmes, and so on and so forth.

“I don’t think we should be worried about what Noah Musingku is doing, already he’s marginalised.

“He will only succeed in confusing people, if those who believed in his past actions, allow him to do so.

“I don’t think that we should be too worried about what he’s doing.”

Tanis said he never signed a financial agreement with Musingku as some people said.”

“But I did visit Tonu (Musingku’s village),” he said.

“If you look at his background, he started here in Port Moresby.

“I still believe that Noah Musingku is everybody’s because almost every Bougainvillean was an investor (in U-Vistract).

“It is also a church problem, it is a faith problem, and it is a problem of belief.”




Source: Post-Courier

Illegal tender

American national held with 1.6million in ‘illegal’ currency
PAPUA New Guinea authorities are holding an American man who tried to smuggle into Bougainville 1.6 million Bougainville kina from the United States on Saturday.

American citizen Barry Keith Webb (pictured) flew in from Manila on Air Niugini flight PX 011, which arrived at 5am on Saturday with bookings to transit to Buka on Air Niguini flight PX 251 the same day. Airport authorities detained Mr Webb after going through his documents and baggage, which included a brief case full of newly printed Bougainville kina totalling 1.6 million.
The airport authorities consis-ting Customs, Immigration, Natio-nal Airport Corporation and Air Niugini alerted responsible government authorities including police and the central bank, who interrogated the man, who claimd to be an executive of the International Organisation of Economic Development (IOED).
The United States Embassy was also alerted and their officials were also present at the airport during the interrogation, which almost took four hours at the Jackson International Airport on Saturday morning.
According to Mr Webb, he was travelling to Bougainville on an invitation from authorities in Bougainville, specifically from the Corner Pinati Avenue, King Square, Tonu City.
He had in possession documents and a letter from those in Tonu, which he handed to Government authorities as proof.
In one of the documents which the Post-Courier is in possession of, Tonu City leaders wrote to Webb in November 12, 2013 advising him that he had won a permanent position to represent the central bank of Bougainville as the minister for international monetary relations.


Source: Post-Courier

American held with ‘illegal Bougainville Kina’

The letter was signed by a King David Peii II (pictured) as the head of state, Sir Peter Lising as the governor of the Central Bank and Roger Renaud as the secretary of State on his permanent appointment with details of his job descriptions.

"As the Minister for International Monetary Relations for the Central Bank of Bougainville to represent the Central Bank of Bougainville for the purpose of developing relationships internationally with Central Banks of other sovereign nations and /or commercial banks and additionally for the purposes of developing corresponding accounts and facilitating exchange relationships for Bougainville’s Kina (BVK) with other currencies worldwide," they advised Webb.
Under this decree, your responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  • OPEN accounts in other central banks for the purpose of facilitating relationships with those sovereign nations;
  • ACT as primary signatory in the establishing and maintenance of said accounts;
  • MAINTAIN relationships with the central banks where accounts are located;
  • FACILITATE contracts for exchange of Bougainville kina with other currencies;
  • ACT as facilitator and/or signatory in the process of the issuance and/or monetisation of any sovereign guarantee issued by the Government of Bougainville and/or the central bank of Bougainville;
  • ACT as facilitator and/or signatory in the process of the development of the monetary system of Bougainville; and
  • FULFILL any and all decrees issued under the authority of or by King David Peii II.
  • But Bank of PNG Governor Loi Bakani told the Post-Courier last night that the money was illegal and that the central bank lawyers were looking at possible penalties and working on the charges to be laid today.

"The money is illegal. If you look at the 100 Bougainville kina note, it has the kina name on it but different features and pictures, therefore it is illegal," Mr Bakani said.
"Also the legal tender is in Papua New Guinea kina and the change of the design also has its own penalties."
Mr Bakani, who was also at the airport for the questioning, said the Bank Act was breached and he has instructed his lawyers to work on the charges to be laid on Mr Webb today, including other penalties.
Customs Commissioner Ray Paul confirmed the incident but said he is waiting for full details from all government authorities before he could comment.
He said the Customs office will hold a press conference today about the matter.
Immigrations officials also told the Post-Courier last night that Mr Webb would face penalties but said they would rather have the police and other authorities announce the consequences he would face today. Police advised they will respond today when they all meet to determine the next course of action.



The ESBC strongly advise not to entertain any business relations with IBOM or one of their representatives. If not: Be sure to loose your money! Please contact immediately the commissioner of fraud division in the nearby criminal investigations department for further legal steps.







Please help us also to acquire more indepth information about the Bougainville Kina scam!

Please tell us…

…who told you about “Bougainville Kina”?

…where did you find promotional material or articles about “Bougainville Kina”?

…if you have contacted the fraudulent Bank of Me’ekamui (IBOM)?

…if you did contract in “Bougainville Kina”?

…if you did contact the police or other financial supervisory boards?

Please help us to dry out this scam and send an email to us:





The fake Bougainville Kina look like this:


Joseph Kabui, pictured on this 10 Bougainville Kina note after his death was himself a victim of Musingku's money scheme "U-Vistract"!



A terrorist on the 20 Bougainville Kina note: Francis Ona alias King Pei I :



The Conman in TV:


Watch here an interesting "Journeyman's Pictures" report from 2006 showing conman Noah Musingku at work:






Source: PNG Attitude

The strangeness of Musingku: money, politics & Papaala

LEONARD FONG ROKA | Supported by the Jeff Febi Writing Fellowship


PAPAALA IS A STREAM in the village of Aitara just south of the Tonu station in the Siwai area of Bougainville.


To the people of Siwai, Papaala has great significance in their local mythology which was why Noah Musingku named his operation after this stream.


By scrolling through the blog, Papaala Chronicles, one can work out that the said Kingdom of Papaala is a pure fantasy of money, politics and religious fanaticism created for the people of Bougainville by insane Bougainvilleans.


Noah Musingku [left] lives the life of a recluse in Tonu protected by heavily armed guards who are trained by the single remaining Fijian. He lives on one meal a day in fasting and prayer to fulfill the covenant he says he has with God to liberate the people of Bougainville.


Despite his isolation, Musingku says he long talked of unity with the late Francis Ona and his Meekamui.  Ona always denied that.


In ABC Foreign Correspondent’s interview with Francis Ona (the reporter was Shane McLeod), Ona claimed he “does not know whatever Noah Musingku is up to”.


Despite Musingku crowning Ona a ‘king’ and Ona having nurtured Musingku in his backyard at Guava village, Panguna, Ona still denied him to the world.


Musingku does not travel from Tonu but remains in his house working on computers connected to the internet. His rare public appearances occur on ceremonial days where he emerges wearing a gold crown. He gives a short speech and hides away.


Recently he is said to sponsor a mini-sports events in Tonu and provide a little philanthropy to some elementary schools. His ‘army’ is paid regularly. They regularly desert but, when rumours of money are in the air, they return. But many leave and never come back.


My informant states that Noah Musingku is always sealed off from the sun, protecting his health with umbrellas. Musingku, as the saviour of Bougainville, has to be protected from direct sunlight. Likewise with his siblings and extended family. Nobody knows why, but that is what they do.


In our world, man must labour to get something on the table.


In post conflict Bougainville the economy is still staggering due to political and economic complexities and people’s unsettled mindsets centered on the Melanesian culture of compensation.


It was in this context that Musingku took advantage of our people in their time of desperation.


With Papaala money, politics, and religion converge as a single realm of activity with Noah Musingku at the centre.


The religious with little formal education are the hardcore followers of Papaala. To the illiterate Musingku is a legend. 

Out of nowhere, he has created his own calendar; the Papaala calendar. July, which is the galip-nut season in most of Siwai, is the New Year. Musingku throws a celebration of feasting for his followers.


To the Papaala, the days are not Sunday to Saturday but they are aligned with the Genesis creation myth. Sunday is ‘Light Day’ and Saturday is ‘Rest Day’. Months are not named as January and so on but are called after the many precious minerals referred to in the Bible. 

In Arawa, some Pentecostal prayer groups and individuals make a monthly donation of K10 that goes to Papaala for the good of Bougainville. I am not sure where this money ends up in, but it is only in Tonu where Musingku is based.


In the ABC program I referred to, the late President Joseph Kabui tells Shane McLeod of Noah Musingku: “…he is a bit of an evangelist in there, and a salesman there, and a bit of a conman there—so, he is certainly a smooth operator”.


Illiterate Bougainvilleans have long being victims of the ‘smooth operator’.


In this scenario we can see how sophisticated Papaala must seem for less educated people in the economically difficult world of Bougainville. 

I think it is justifiable to say that, in our Melanesian developing part of the world, religion can be a problem. People can be trapped by the identity of God and of Papaala. Investing in education is a goal for our children - but still many ignore it.


We should not be biased but should know that superstitious thinking has no place in the world. As Divine Word University lecturer Bernard Yegiora puts it, “Without inferential or dialectical thinking we would be void of new knowledge and devoid of progress of human society. Inferential or dialectical thinking flourished when the Greeks (Socrates, Plato and Aristotle) broke away from superstitious [religious] thinking” - an act that brought change into our world.


Thus, fellow Bougainvilleans, reality and not superstition must explain our world. According to ABC reporter Shane McLeod, Noah Musingku’s UV-Stract scam has robbed 80% of Bougainvilleans of millions since coming into existence.


The UV-Stract is now a cyberspace activity. With Musingku as the director and his elder brother, Miscek Autahi as the chairman, social network sites, especially Facebook, are full of UV-Stract activity. The poor people fall prey to this fantasy. They are told there are great UV-Stract investments overseas and that the wealth is accumulating there somewhere. 

In January 2010 a David K J Solomon in Port Moresby wrote to the Solomon Star News stating that Musingku was seen in Australia buying real estate properties in Kempsey, Sydney, the Gold Coast and Brisbane and donating them to local churches and NGOs.


Such articles make an impact on the ordinary people who never go to school.


Such writing and information gets Papaala followers on their heels and keeps Noah Musingku active and hard to deal with.


In Arawa once I explained my observation of the many fast money scams in Bougainville to a bunch of young boys, who recorded the UV-Stract model as:


Investor A drops K1 into the UV-Stract money pool. Investor B adds another K1. With K2 in the pool they wait for Investor C. When Investor C comes with K1, Investor A walks off with K2 that is a 100% dividend windfall while Investors B and C now wait for Investor D. If D comes with K10, then B or C both walk off laughing, whilst D waits for someone or other to create him a K20 bailout.


This wait is a wait for eternity!


You can read more about this on my blog here.


In these Papaala and UV-Stract stories I do not see any light of hope for the people of Bougainville. They fall victim and Bougainville suffers because of ignorance. 




The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC)