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News 06.2012




Source: Post-Courier


Miriori expresses anger at PNGEC
By Fabian Gatana


PRESIDENT of the Mekamui Government of Unity Philip Miriori has accused the PNG Electoral Commission and its officers of being “slack and totally inefficient’’.
Mr Miriori was speaking about the way in which preparations on the National Elections were conducted, highlighting three major problems. These were:
nNo prior arrangement was made with the PNGEC to allow those who are living away from their home provinces to vote using the postal voting system;
nA lot of eligible voters were not registered on the updated Electoral Roll; and
nToo many polling teams being sent into any one area.
He said even the ABG President Chief John Momis was not allowed because his name was not registered on the Electoral Roll.
He described it as pure madness and disgraceful, adding that “it must be condemned in the strongest term possible’’.
“A lot of people I know are being deprived of their democratic right to cast their votes to choose the leaders they want to represent them in parliament for the next five years,’’ he said.
“I think this is not only a joke but a total disgrace to all law abiding and good citizens of PNG and Bougainville for being denied their right to vote.’’
He said there was a lot of funding from the Government and donors to fund the elections yet things were not being organised and done properly according to the people’s expectations.
He warned PNG Electoral officers to do something about the situation immediately and support the interest of the people to cast their votes while the elections were not yet over.


Source: Post-Courier


Call for EC to use 2010 Roll


AN intending candidate for the Central Bougainville seat has suggested that the Autonomous Region of Bougainville should use the 2010 ABG Electoral Roll for the election.
Joe Taruna made this call after seeing that more than half of the population at Siroronsi village did not vote on Tuesday because they did not have their names in the Electoral Roll.
Mr Taruna said the Electoral Roll for the 2010 ABG election was more accurate because people from the area who voted in 2010 turned up only to find that more than half of the village population were turned away.
An observer on the ground said that an elderly man was shocked to find that his daughters and wife were enrolled in the current Electoral Roll while he missed out, though he voted during the 2010 ABG elections.
The very reliable observer said that the many people had argued that they were ill-informed about the Electoral Roll for this year’s elections, thinking that it was the same as the one which was used for the 2010 ABG elections.
The observer said most of the people affected were people in the villages, citing that those involved in the Electoral Roll enrolment program may have not done their work properly and explained well to the villagers the difference of both Electoral Rolls.
The observer told this reporter that the people may have mistook this election’s Electoral Roll for the 2010 ABG election Electoral Roll and did not bother to enroll, knowing very well that they had already enrolled two years ago.
But it was a different story on Tuesday as many went back frustrated, citing that the 2010 ABG Electoral Roll should be used for this election in the Bougainville area.


Source: The National


Momis and wife not listed


BOUGAINVILLE President John Momis and his wife are among prominent Bougainville citizens whose names are missing from the common roll.This is despite being regular voters in past elections.
Momis said the Bougainville Electo­ral Commission (BEC), under election manager Reitama Taravaru, should have ensured that all eligible voters had their names on the roll.“It is not good enough to say it was the citizen’s responsibility to make sure their names were on the common roll.  “It is a perennial problem of the Electoral Commission. Despite having five years to prepare and with financial and technical support from our Commonwealth friends, we still find ourselves faced with missing names on the rolls.”He attributed the cause of the missing names to last-minute preparations and lack of quality training. “The EC has failed us and I am disappointed that so much money has been spent by PNG, Australian and New Zealand governments. Yet, we’re still faced with such issues.”


Source: The National


Vote for the right leader, says Momis


AS more than 145,000 eligible voters go to the polls in Bougainville this week, Autonomous Region president John Momis is encouraging them to have the moral courage to vote for the right leader.In a statement yesterday, Momis said choosing the right leaders to represent Bougainville in the national parliament was crucial to the region’s progress towards the referendum for full autonomy or independence in 2015. “This is the time when the power lies in the hands of every citizen of Papua New Guinea to elect the best MPs that will represent them.”Momis said the job of a politician was not to create his own business or use his office to advance his interests but to serve the needs of all people, including those who did not support him.He said elected public office holders were simply public servants and servants of the people.“Elect the best person who holds the interest of the people at heart and will serve you,” he said. It is not hard talking about it but put into practice, it is very difficult that is why I urge each voter to really scrutinise each candidate and vote for the person who will serve.”  “This huge privilege to graduate a person into the political seat rests in your hands. You have equal right, no matter where you are from, whether you are young or old or literate or not, that does not matter, you have the same right to cast your vote and only you have the right to say that out of that number of candidates contesting, we graduate this person, we elect this leader to represent us. This is a great privilege,” he said.He said as an independent Autonomous Bougainville Government, the Bougainville House of Representatives was independent from the national parliament and so it was important that the four elected Bougainville members respected and worked with the ABG.“It is true that the winning candidate will be a member of the national government but that does not mean he will have authority over the ABG. The winning candidates must collaborate with the ABG to promote nothing but the best interest of the people of Bougainville.” Momis urged that the four members elected must be united in their effort to represent the people of Bougainville in the national parliament.“Bougainville is a special case. We have a timeline to referendum that is three years away. If we do not have a united effort from our four elected members, and with the National Government and the people of Bougainville, things will not work out, people will be angry and we could end up having another very unstable region,” warned Momis.Momis wished all voters in Bougainville a safe and free polling.


Source: Post-Courier


Polling on in Bougainville
By Fabian Gatana


DAY three into polling in Bougainville yesterday and already a lot of voters are complaining about their names not being registered on the Electoral Roll.
Bougainville Electoral Manager Reitama Taravaru said there had been complaints coming in from all over the region in regards to the matter but there was nothing much he could do since polling had already commenced.
He said there was ample time given to voters to enrol their names to be included and also to check if their names were on the Electoral Roll before the final roll was sent to Port Moresby to be printed.
He also mentioned that polling for the atolls had not yet commenced as the vessel MV Bougainville Atolls which was assigned to carry polling teams to the atolls had not yet arrived. He said payment for the use of the vessel had already been made to the National Maritime Transport Authority by the New Zealand High Commission and the vessel was expected to be in Bougainville on Friday. By then, polling in the atolls would have been five days behind schedule, he said.
Meanwhile, Mr Taravaru said polling for North Bougainville right down to Wakunai District was disrupted on Tuesday due to heavy rains.


Source: Post-Courier


Training on traditional therapy on Bougainville


TRADITIONAL therapy, especially herbs and massage has been used on Bougainville for a long time but only by a minority.
The Bougainville Diocese traditional health project (DTHP) last week hosted a training workshop in Buka to train people, especially youths and interested members of the public the knowledge of traditional health, herbs and messaging.
A professional physiotherapist and Cuban trained John Mark was engaged to run the training which attracted 38 people all from over Bougainville.
DTHP administrator James Kowie said a lot of people came up to get herbs and ask for a massage when they heard about the workshop.
“We had more than 50 patients and we realised that massaging and herbal treatment is a real need on Bougainville and people just don’t turn to realise it,” Mr Kowie said.
Mr Mark said these treatments were needed badly but people did not realise their value yet.
“It has been vacant for a long time now since our ancestors got introduced to modern drugs and surgery which is now widely used nowadays in the world, ” Mr Mark said.
“Before we think of surgery or taking drugs, we have to think twice that every part of our body is connected via nerves.” he said.
“When you actually take drugs the disease still hangs around you but when you get a massage the disease is gone, because it has been physically removed from
the body by the body itself.”
A lot of patients including senior public servants and businessmen in Buka town came for help following the workshop.
And participants were grateful to be trained on how to use traditional herbs and massaging.
One participant and experienced massager Peter Hatanu from Nissan Island appealed to the Government, but especially the Health Department to allocate funding into traditional health.


Source: The National


Police are ready for polling in Bougainville: Tsien


POLICE and the population in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (ARB) are well prepared and ready for the polling which kicked off on Monday, June 25, 2012.
Provincial Police Commander Senior Inspector Cletus Tsien said police had completed the insertion process of police personnel into the various districts of North, Central and South Bougainville. They have travelled by hired transport with polling officials and the necessary polling materials which is being utilised for the event this country had been preparing and looking forward to.
The atolls combined team of five police personnel, electoral and polling officials are awaiting the MV Andreas hired by the Electoral Commission to get the team to oversee a safe and trouble-free elections in the outer islands of Carterets, Mortlocks, Tasman and Fead. Polling on Nissan Island will be manned by 10 police personnel stationed at the various polling locations.
Senior Inspector Tsien says that all in all, 364 police men and women were involved in the 10 to 14 days polling exercise throughout the region. He says the police personnel deployed for the polling exercise in the ARB are tasked with these special duties including:
nSpecifically provide security to presiding officers and ballot boxes;
nTeam commanders which are more or less like a response team of six where two are allocated to each region will be visiting polling booths to see that things progress in an orderly manner in the polling areas;
Those attached with logistics to safeguard ballot boxes, containers and anything to do with logistics; and a Public Safety Unit to work around the clock involving 13 police personnel tasked with providing safety around the police station during the polling.
“All in all, people throughout the ARB have always taken ownership of elections and I am pleased to say that we are not anticipating any trouble but people are all geared up for polling,” Chief Inspector Tsien said, adding that intelligence survey gathered in the last four weeks throughout ARB including the “No Go Zone” areas shows that no troubles were anticipated


Source: The National


Polling begins with hiccups on Bougainville


ISSUES such as the absence of serial numbers on ballot papers and changes of polling avenues were some hiccups as polling began in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville yesterday.
But provincial election manager Reitama Taravaru said they did not affect polling activities in the three electorates.
Over the weekend, all election materials and allowances were distributed.
The movement of ballot boxes from Port Moresby to each district and wards went smoothly.
He said of the 200 ballot boxes, one was given to each of the 181 polling teams.
Taravaru said another issue was people complaining that their names were not on the electoral ward rolls.
He also said polling officers in North Bougainville discovered ballot papers were without serial numbers. They had to be discarded.
In Central Bougainville, polling took place but not before a sudden change of location at Arawa to the Kupe area.
In South Bougainville, landowners from the Makis constituency, who had outstanding payment issues with the ABG, halted polling.
Taravaru said yesterday they were busy negotiating to allow polling to continue.
Polling is expected in this area tomorrow.
He said polling for the Atolls would be delayed as the chartered ship to transport polling officials and materials was still in Madang.
The vessel was arranged by the Electoral Commission, New Zealand government and the Border Development Authority, which had been provided polling dates for the atolls.
Taravaru said it had affected polling in the area and they would have to re-schedule polling to meet the province’s six to eight-day schedule.

Source: Post-Courier


Two govts in Bougainville meet


A delegation from the Konnou Peace Committee met with the Autonomous Bougainville Government Vice President Patrick Nisira last week to discuss re-unification of ABG and Mekamui U-Vistract government.
The 20-men delegation which included Mekamui chiefs and ex-combatants, freedom fighters, Mongai Home-Guard, Wilmo and Kerugotomei met with the acting President to discuss the re-unification of the two governments and the importance of Bougainville having only one legitimate government which the chiefs saw as a pillar for sustainable peace not only in the Konnou area but on Bougainville as a whole.
Mr Nisira expressed his gratitude for the initiative taken by the Konnou chiefs, saying he was happy to meet with and discuss re-unification with Mekamui U-Vistract front man Noah Musingku so that there is no hindrance to the referendum come 2015.
He added that this meeting would be only to discuss re-unification and not as an opportunity for Mr Musingku to use to claim that ABG has given formal recognition to his government.
He emphasised that the Bougainville Peace Agreement gave birth to only one government and that is the Autonomous Bougainville Government.
Moreover, the Vice President also warned the chiefs from Konnou that certain individuals from Buin were coming into Buka and getting involved in arm hold-ups as well as discharging firearms in and around the Buka Town area.
He told the chiefs to discourage neighbouring constituencies from bringing guns into Buka to conduct illegal activities.
He spoke strongly about the need to maintain Buka Town as an arms-free zone so that Bougainvilleans could move around freely and enjoy peace.

Source: The National


Bougainvilleans celebrate day


PEOPLE from the Auto­nomous Region of Bou­gainville living in Port Moresby celebrated their seventh anniversary last Saturday.
The various cultures of the region sparked the celebrations to life at the Bisini softball ground with singing and dancing.
The celebrations began on Friday at the Don Bosco Technical Institute seminar room with presentations from President John Momis and other prominent Bougainville citizens on the referendum and independence.

The Saturday show opened with a mass, flag-raising ceremony and the singing of the anthem.
Groups from the North, South, and Central Bougainville then took to the stage. The lighter Bougainvilleans from the Atolls also took part.
The groups included bamboo bands from Haku Lontis, Singsing kaur from Kieta, traditional song and dances from the Carteret Islands, Saposa, better known for their bamboo numbers, Mare Teheke from the Mortlock and Tasman Islands, Peit, Selau-Suir, Halia, and special numbers from Bana and Buin.
Other items included contemporary songs and dance from the UPNG BSA and Hagogohe.
The contest for the Mr Bougainville and Ms Bougainville ran all day.
It was eventually won by Tsitalato.


Source: Post-Courier


Candidates told to keep distance from musicians
By Fabian Gatana


BOUGAINVILLE musicians are calling on Bougainvillean candidates contesting in the National Elections to immediately refrain from exploiting musicians and bands during their campaign rallies.
Tony Luwong, speaking on behalf of all Bougainville musicians said he was disappointed at the manner in which certain candidates (named) were not genuinely honouring their commitments in paying local bands for their services during campaign outings branding it as an “exploitation of Bougainville’s musicians.”
“When you make a commitment, honour your commitment,” he said.
He said to combat this trend; Bougainville musicians have joined forces to establish the Bougainville Music Federation to look into the affairs of local musicians and also to combat piracy of local music.
He also said voters in Bougainville should be wary of these sort of people who make commitment but don’t honour them.
Another prominent Bougainville musician Freddy Maneo said that the music industry contributes a favourable amount to the country’s economy through tax collected from record sales but it still lacks recognition and funding from the government.
He said like sports, it helps keep youths away from trouble and provides a form of employment for them while contributing something back to the economy but sports always gets more recognition and funding from the government but does not contribute anything back to the country.
A three-day music fair is currently staged in Buka to help raise funds to establish the music federation. The music fair which began on Wednesday will end today and so far has showcased a lot of Bougainville’s old and upcoming artists.


Source: The National


‘Enough evidence to charge Semoso’ to answer charges in tribunal


State prosecutors have told a Leadership Tribunal they have sufficient evidence to commit Bougainville regional MP Fidelis Semoso to answer to charges of misconduct in office.
Public prosecutor Anthony Kupmain submitted there was sufficient evidence at a tribunal hearing at the Waigani Supreme Court on Wednesday.
Kupmain said it was up to the tribunal to hold Semoso accountable for actions.
Defence lawyer Charles Mende warned the tribunal to be careful with the evidence in relation to an allegation of sexual assault and torture against his client, saying it was criminal and serious.
He asked the tribunal not to believe evidence given by Hani Hapoot, a house maid of Semoso, who is the alleged sexual assault and torture victim.
In his submissions, Mende said the tribunal should dismiss the allegations against his client.
He said the allegation of false pretence had not been drafted properly.
Submissions were made to the tribunal on whether there was enough evidence for Semoso to answer to the charges.
The prosecution is made up of three lawyers, with Anthony Kupmain as the prosecutor, assisted by Ombudsmen Richard Pagen and Tabitha Suwae, the Ombudsmen Commission’s legal services director.
The tribunal will hear submissions next Wednesday.


Source: The National


ABG police don new uniforms


POLICE in Bougainville displayed their new uniforms during a march to mark the general election operation.
The ceremony at the Buka police station began with the police and correctional services officers marching from the UN office in Buka to the police station.
It was attended by ABG Minister for Police and acting President Patrick Nisira, officers from the ABG administration, and officers from the New Zealand and Australian police forces.
Australia Deputy High Commissioner Margareth Adamson said Australia was committed to supporting PNG including Bougainville in the conduct of the 2012 general election.
She said Australia would send three groups of election observers to be based at Buin in South Bougainville, Arawa in Central Bougainville and Buka in North Bougainville.
She said police played an important role in the upholding of the constitution. And the new-look uniforms is indeed to boost morale among police officers.
Nisira urged police officers to be loyal and serve the Bougainville Police Service with dignity.
His appointment was in response to the recent use of firearms in armed robberies and he would like the police to be armed.



Source: Post-Courier

‘I did not receive money from Namah’


BOUGAINVILLE Regional MP Fidelis Semoso has warned critics and political rivals that he will not stand by and watch them tarnish his name and reputation.
Mr Semoso, very angry about the reports that he has received K500,000 from PNG Party and Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah, told the Post Courier from Panguna yesterday that he doesn’t need politician’s money to win this election the second time.
“I’ve done all I can for the last five years…na handmark blo mi stap,” what more can I say,” Mr Semoso said interchanging his pidgin and English languages, because he was very angry.
“I don’t need any politician’s money to win this election. I have not received any money from PNG Party or Belden Namah for that matter. I have not received any assistance from PNG Party and I have not received any financial assistance from the National Alliance Party, but I am still going for elections under NA.
“I categorically deny receiving any funds of K500,000 or K5 million pledge to that effect from Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah,” Semoso angrily said.
“For the last five years, I have delivered services and I have touched the hearts of many Bougainvilleans from north to south, south to central and my small assistance and projects to the women groups, the youths, the schools and people alike speaks for itself.
“Look at the road side markets, the assistance to schools all over Bougainville, other assistance I have given to the mothers of all over the region, they speak for themselves. I have a very popular support everywhere in the region despite the tribunal…my support is even bigger than 2007.
“This is another attempt by my political rivals to tarnish my name so they can win. Let me warn my rivals that I will not stand by and allow them to continue to tarnish my name and reputation with their cheap, utter and rubbish, smear political campaign. This is the same group that has put me through the tribunal but I must say that my people of Bougainville are not stupid. They will now vote for parachute leaders – those that fly in fly out of Port Moresby, come to Buka and back again to Port Moresby.
“But I will not bow down to them, my conscience is clear, all I want is to serve my people, get them through to referendum and have them live normal lives again. We have a lot to do in Bougainville and I want, or I have a big vision for my people of Bougainville,” he said.
Semoso was instrumental in negotiating for negotiations and peace within the rebel hardliners- Moses Pipiro for Panguna Mine and Chris Uma for the Me’ekamui Defence Force eventually getting them out of their hideouts to start talking with leaders of Bougainville.


Source: Post-Courier

Referendum delay irks Momis


AUTONOMOUS Bougainville Government President John Momis is worried the preparation for Bougainville’s referendum is lagging.
Momis addressed hundreds of Bougainvilleans in Port Moresby over the weekend at the Bisini Oval during the 7th Anniversary of ABG Inauguration.
He singled out that over the last six months the national government has not attended or adhered to the Joint Supervisory Body Meeting that they hold every month to discuss the way forward for Bougainville.
“Bougainville’s Constitution is home-grown and gives Bougainville the right to assume increasing control over wide range of powers, functions, personnel and the natural and physical resources of Bougainville,” Momis said. In August 2012 this year, the Peace Agreement will be 11 years old.
“A Referendum on Bougainville’s future political status is now potentially only three years away (window of timing being 2015 – 2020), so given today’s celebrations – it is a good time to have a “stock-take” – where are we at?
“The Peace Agreement and its obligations are between two parties – the Independent State of PNG and the leadership of Bougainville representing the people of Bougainville,” he said.
“As Bougainville tries its best to continue to honour the spirit, intention and commitments of the Peace Agreement – it appears that the other main party is not. Some people are saying that PNG does not understand the Peace Agreement. Some people are saying PNG is not honouring its commitments in the Peace Agreement. Some people are even saying that PNG is in breach of its Peace Agreement commitments‘
“As President of Bougainville, I say that I am frustrated and tired that the blame for lack of real progress and standards for Bougainvilleans is falling at the steps of our Parliament and levied at the Bougainville administration.
“In fact, the reality is that barriers are constantly put in the way of the Peace Agreement and autonomy implementation because PNG is not taking its commitments seriously.
“The Bougainville crisis has more or less reduced us to basis humanity; however, the Bougainville Peace Agreement offers us a unique opportunity to rise out of the ashes of the destruction to build an egalitarian society in which the dignity of the human person and the common good of all is promoted and defended.




Source: Post-Courier

Inquiry cites fraudent deal

Poor managements by successive management firms have been alleged to have caused the demise of the two Bougainville flagships resulting in million of kina loss for the Autonomous Government.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Inquiry Report has cited the allegations of fraudent deals relating to purchases, managements and the operations of the 2 vessels in their years of service.

“While the purchase of MV Sankamap 1 was made consistently with all the necessary requirements, MV Sankamap 2 was found to have been purchased under arrangements that bypassed proper processes and involved many oversights. The PAC report said.

The MV Sankamap 1 was purchased for K2.8 million from Singapore to replace the aging MV Atolls (pictured) Enterprise in 1987. The vessel went through five management’s changes in its 15 years of operation. The changes were Coastal Shipping Management in 1990, Atolls Development Foundation (ADF) headed by Taihu Pais in 1994, a Management Committee headed by Kapeatu Puaria from 1995 – 2000 and Mr Aeron Rigamu as the Chairman of the management Team in 2000 – 2003.

Nukumanu Holdings was managing MV Sankamap 1 from 2003 to 2006 until the vessel went to Rabaul and was grounded there following directions from the National Maritime safety Authority (NMSA). “Basically, there was only a letter, an advice in a form of letter to us that we have been given the management role.” Jimmy Biribudo, Acting general Management of Nukumanu Holdings Limited said.

The Inquiry also highlighted commitments of the Taklam Understanding - a deal by the former ABG Minister for Administrative Services, Joseph Watawi to engage Nakikus Konga Consolidated Limited (NKCL) in Rabaul to maintain and operationised the MV Sanakamap 1 by 2007. 

The Committee was informed during its site visit to Rabaul in February 2011 that only a partial work had been done on the refitting of the alternators which costed the ABG .K300,000. These costs included NKCLs security costs to stop vandalism on the vessel. 

Arnold Pasia, a marine engineer working with Agmark had told the Inquiry that both Mr Watawi and Mr Konga had not been able to provide the funds to complete the work on the vessel.

“We’ve finished the alternators and after that Nakikus never came back at us. We were waiting for the money to come before we can do anything. Mr Nakikus never acted on it (quotation) – he was dealing with ABG and whatever dealings between him and ABG, I have no idea.” said Mr Pasia.


Source: Post-Courier

Tiensten anti-autonomy

CURRENT sitting Pomio MP Paul Tiensten has slammed the idea of granting autonomy to provinces, especially those that supported parliamentarians from the New Guinea Islands (NGI) region.

Mr Tiensten (pictured) said that the autonomous concept was not a good idea as it was not sustainable and that it would separate the country.

He said that instead of the autonomous provinces, he has proposed creation of economic corridors as proposed by the Peoples United Assembly (PUA) Party, led by Anderson Agiru and himself as the deputy leader.

He said that the proposed concept in forming economic corridors would create six regions which includes East and West Sepik and Enga as one, Madang, Jiwaka and Western Highlands as another, Morobe, Eastern Highlands and Simbu as the third and Milne Bay, Oro and Central as the fourth.

Mr Tiensten said that the fifth economic corridor or region would include Gulf, Western, Hela and Southern Highlands and the sixth to cover the New Guinea Islands region including West and East New Britain, Manus and New Ireland. He said that Bougainville could join the New Guinea Islands corridor if they wish to.

He said that with such idea, there would be sea ports built at one coastal port to service the regions and one international airport for each region.

He said that this concept would be aimed at empowering each province in these regions to at least have a say in the export, harvest and sale of their resources so that they would be able to develop their provinces and their districts.

Mr Tiensten said that this would fall in line with the proposed government system that PUA is also suggesting for PNG to adopt to give maximum benefit to the rural areas and all provinces instead of having everything parked in Waigani.

He said that through this system, 40 per cent of funds would be used in Waigani, 30 per cent at the provinces and 30 percent to go through to the districts, LLGS and ward levels.

He said that through such system, people in the rural areas should have maximum benefits and enjoy their fruits of their resources instead of having an autonomous concept in provinces where there are no economic programs or projects to support provinces that do not have resources at all.




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


 By Aloysius Laukai


Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, REITAMA TARAVARU has warned candidates not to campaign after the midnight of Friday June 22nd,2012.

 He was speaking on New Dawn FM explaining why polling on Bougainville will commence on Monday 25th June, 2012.



MR. TARAVARU (pictured) said that polling in PNG will commence on 23rd June and this automatically means that all campaigns must cease 24 hours before polling begins.

 He said that they had decided to start on Monday 25th June, so that once they start polling there will be no stoping in between until all areas are covered.

 MR. TARAVARU says that from experience all areas throughout Bougainville will be covered in the next two weeks.

 On the counting, MR. TARAVARU says that counting will immediately begin after the last of the Ballot Boxes are returned to the Controlling storeroom.

 He explained that due to shortage of experienced staff, they have decided to do counting of all Electorates on Buka island.

 MR. TARAVARU said that South Bougainville Open seat will be counted at the Hutjena United Church Hall whilst Central Bougainville and North Bougainville votes will be counted at the Hutjena Secondary School Hall. Whilst the Central Tally Room will also be at the Hutjena Secondary School Hall.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


 By Aloysius Laukai


The Clerk of the Autonomous Bougainville House of Representatives, ROBERT TAPI praised the Community around CHABAI for organizing their own celebrations last Friday to commemorate the ABG DAY.

 MR. TAPI said that the future of Bougainville depended solely on individual efforts by communities such as the SOAKAP community around Chabai.

 He said their celebration in a clean environment was as clear example of what a community can do if they are united and have one goal.

 The ABG Clerk it only needed one community to make a drastic change that can in turn change the whole region of Bougainville.

 MR. ROBERT TAPI was the guest speaker at the celebrations in Chabai.

 Talking on Referendum, he said a well informed and peaceful community would be in a better position to make a good decision on the future of Bougainville when the time to finally vote arrives in three years time.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


 By Aloysius Laukai


Buka Town Council as of last week closed the only main market in Buka town resulting in a lot of market vendors buying and selling under any shade tree they can find in Buka town.

 According to reports from the Town Council office, they were not able to remove piles of rubbish from previous markets and that the market would be closed until further notice.

New Dawn FM on Monday saw Town Council workers removing piles of rubbish from the Betel Nut market and also grass cutting at the main market.

 And this morning the market vendors displayed their goods at the boat shed just opposite the main Buka town market.

The main market will open for normal busines tomorrow


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


 By Aloysius Laukai


The Assistant Police Commander for Bougainville, THOMAS ELUH (pictured)  yesterday challenged Bougainville Police Personal to serve Bougainville with loyalty.


Speaking at the Bougainville Police Service Uniform launching, MR. ELUH said that Bougainville Police Service is Bougainville’s owned Police service that was created following the wishes of the people of Bougainville.


 He said as such the Policemen and women must work with the local communities in addressing issues affecting the communities today.

 MR. ELUH said that with the improvement of the uniform the workers must put extra effort in their day to day activities.

 He said under current changes taking place, Police manpower will also be boosted to meet daily challenges facing the service today.









Source: Post-Courier

Buka locals confiscate police vehicle

Angry relatives of a prisoner who died last year in police custody at Buka made off with a police vehicle belonging to Bana District Police over the weekend.

Late Zacheas Pareirea died towards the end of his jail term on October 17, last year, when he was electrocuted while attempting to install a power pole below high voltage power lines under the directions of the Buka Police Station Commander at that time. 

According to sources from PNG Power, the installation was illegal and did not comply with their regulations.

The relatives stated that their efforts to seek justice had been frustrated with the case being deferred time and time again.

According to Leo Pareirea the father of the deceased, only K25,000 had been paid as “bel kol” or compensation and the original demand by the relatives of K250,000 still stands.

“We have a genuine case which clearly indicates that Zacheas died because the police were not doing their job properly and we have taken the vehicle in with the hope that something could be done about our compensation payment,” Raphael Taripire, the uncle of the deceased said.

Wakunai police have given the relatives of the deceased 24 hours to return the vehicle. 

Zacheas’ father Leo Pareirea has responded by saying that he had given the police ample time to deal with the compensation demand and he could not see any reason why he was being given 24 hours.

“The vehicle is in safe hands and will be returned when we see the money we have demanded from the government and it is quite unfortunate that we have had to resort to the confiscation of the vehicle because we have wasted time and money going to and from in the effort to settle the matter in an amicable manner”, Mr Pareirea said. 

He added that fees amounting to K5000 had been paid to Tamusio Lawyers but nothing had materialised since then.

According to Police, confiscation of the vehicle will likely hold up elections in the Bana District as the vehicle concerned is needed to move personnel, ballot boxes and polling booths to locations where polling will be conducted.




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


 By Aloysius Laukai


Ex-combatant leader in the Makis Constituency in Buin district, South Bougainville, ALBERT TSIBIN says that he will not allow polling booth to be stationed anywhere in Makis during the National Elections which starts on Monday next week.

 He told New Dawn FM from Buin that this was because the ABG has not paid outstanding bills from the last Japanese Ambassador’s visit to the YAMAMOTO Crash site early this year.

 MR. TSIBIN said that persons from Makis wishing to cast their vote should do so in nearby constituencies.

 Attempts by New Dawn FM to talk to ABG authorities regarding MR Tsibin’s worries were not successful.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


 By Aloysius Laukai


The newly appointed ABG Minister for Police and Acting ABG President, PATRICK NISIRA today called on the members of the Bougainville Police Service to be loyal and serve the Bougainville Police Service and shift out.

 MR. NISIRA made this statement when addressing the Bougainville Police Service personnel at the Buka Police Station this morning.

 The Acting Police Minister said that with him as the new Minister for Police he wants to the service upgraded to respond to demands that is challenging the service today.

 He said that first task would be to make sure Bougainville Police Service is armed and the rifle becomes part of the Police Uniform again.

 The vice President said that his appointment was in responds to the recent use of firearms in armed robberies and there fore he would like Bougainville Police Service to use arms in such situations.

 MR. NISIRA also called on the President to increase funding for the Bougainville Police service with the new assigned tasks.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


 By Aloysius Laukai


Bougainville Police Service today became a member of the Trans National Crime unit in the Pacific with the donation of computers and other accessories to combat crime mainly between Bougainville and Solomon Island border.

 This was revealed by the Australia Federal Police Advisor, STEWART MARLENS when presenting a Car and several new computers to the Bougainville Police Service this morning.

 He said that the Pacific Trans National Crime unit which covers all the countries in the Pacific will be signed in Honiara in August this year.

 MR. MARLENS said that the aim of the Trans National Crime Unit is to liase with other pacific states on criminal activities occurring within their borders or to address criminals creating problems and escaping to other countries.




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


 By Aloysius Laukai


Bougainville Police Service this morning launched their new look uniforms to coincide with the official announcement to cover the National Government Elections 2012 at the Buka Police Station.

 The ceremony started with the Police and CIS personnel marching from the United Nations Office in Buka to the Buka Police Station.

 The ceremony was attended by newly appointed ABG Minister for Police and Acting President, PATRICK NISIRA, officers from the ABG Administration, Officers from the New Zealand and Australian Police.

 In her launching remarks, Australia Deputy High Commissioner, MARGARETH ADAMSON, said that Australia was committed to supporting Papua New Guinea and including Bougainville with the conduct of the 2012 General Elections.

 She said that the High Commission would be sending three groups of Elections observers to be based in Buin South Bougainville, Arawa in Central Bougainville and Buka in North Bougainville.

 The deputy High Commissioner said that Police plays an important role in the upholding of the constitutions and the launch of the new-look caps for Bougainville Police is indeed a morale booster for the Bougainville Police.







Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville





 Date: 15 June 2012





• The Bougainville Peace Agreement was signed on 30 August 2001


• Three pillars of the Peace Agreement are Autonomy, Referendum and Weapons Disposal


• Commitments of the Peace Agreement have been incorporated into the 2004 Bougainville Constitution


• Bougainville’s Constitution is home-grown and gives Bougainville the right to assume increasing control over a wide range of powers, functions, personnel and the natural and physical resources of Bougainville


• The Autonomous Bougainville Government was formed in 2005 and is a separate and independent political institution from that of the PNG National Government


• The Autonomous Bougainville Government has an Executive Council (e.g. Cabinet) and its Parliament has full legislative authority to make laws subject to the Constitution


• In August 2012 this year, the Peace Agreement will be 11 years old


• A Referendum on Bougainville’s future political status is now potentially only 3 years away (window of timing being 2015 – 2020)


• So given today’s celebrations – it is a good time to have a “stock-take” – where are we at?


• The Peace Agreement was a joint and collaborative exercise and the platform to resolve the Bougainville Crisis and to secure lasting peace for all people by peaceful means


• The Peace Agreement and its obligations are between two parties – the Independent State of PNG and the leadership of Bougainville representing the people of Bougainville


• As with any agreement or contract which is legally binding on two parties, each party must perform and deliver on its promises and commitments to give full and proper effect to the agreement


• The Government and Administration of Bougainville continues to strive and do the best it can do for its people


• There have been successes, and like any new system, organization and change there have also been some failures


• Generally, Bougainville is still very dependent on the goodwill and support of foreign aid donors and whilst we are grateful for those contributions over the years, we are realistic that that cannot last forever


• As Bougainville tries its best to continue to honor the spirit, intention and commitments of the Peace Agreement – it appears that the other main party is not


• Some people are saying that PNG does not understand the Peace Agreement


• Some people are saying PNG is not honoring its commitments in the Peace Agreement


• Some people are even saying that PNG is in breach of its Peace Agreement commitments


• As President of Bougainville, I say that I am frustrated and tired that the blame for lack of real progress and standards for Bougainvilleans is falling at the steps of our Parliament and levied at the Bougainville Administration


• In fact, the reality is that barriers are constantly put in the way of the Peace Agreement and autonomy implementation because PNG is not taking its commitments seriously


• Let me just give you a few clear examples that support my view in terms of the Peace Agreement obligations:


 The administration of Bougainville is entitled to an annual unconditional “restoration and development grant” of K15million to cover its operations, including transferred powers and functions as drawdown occurs – this grant has not been forthcoming


 Bougainville is entitled to annual “conditional intervention grant of K 100 million” for the next 5 years to be spent on projects jointly approved by the ABG and the National Government. Although the first K100million has been approved in both the 2012 National Budget and the ABG Budget – this has not been forthcoming and now we are over half way through year.


 There is a Joint Supervisory Body for the Bougainville and National governments for consultation, to deal with autonomy implementation and disputes – in the last 6 months, PNG has either cancelled or not turned up to a meeting

  Negotiations in relation to Bougainville’s share of commercial fisheries resources from its waters have been stalled again; and even then, the potential outcome from these negotiations will not likely reflect a fair and equitable process or distribution


 Lastly, in February 2011 key Bougainville Divisions signed Memoranda of Understanding with their National Department counterparts for the drawdown of functions and powers from PNG to Bougainville. Now 18 months later, there is only one ABG Division that has advanced the process of drafting a Bougainville law to formalize drawdown. This whole process has been slow and undermined by lack of resources, engagement between parties and commitment to the MOU obligations


• It is my view that these types of barriers continue to undermine the Peace Agreement and undermine the real intention and potential of autonomy for Bougainville


• Let me ask you – how would you feel if you entered into an agreement and the other party was simply ignoring or avoiding the obligations and commitments of that agreement


• I want to take this opportunity to say that the dream and possibility of true autonomy is not only good for Bougainville, but it is good for the nation of Papua New Guinea


• But we cannot do it alone and at the very least Bougainville seriously needs the resources and funding committed through the peace making process to actually realize the goals and give long lasting effect to the peace and security envisaged by an autonomous arrangement


• Lastly, I think it needs to be made clear that “autonomy” is something quite different to “independence”. The best analogy is to say that autonomy is a type of self-determination and self-governing arrangement but still within the umbrella of another nation, in this case PNG.


• The notion of independence speaks for itself and is a subject matter and far more important debate for another day.


• However, what I will say is that I sincerely hope that proactive steps and a concentrated effort can be made by both parties to honor the Peace Agreement as a matter of urgency. This is because I do not want to see our people continue to be disillusioned or become dispirited by the lack of true autonomous arrangements for Bougainville.


• It is of paramount importance that the people of Bougainville experience full autonomy in accordance with the spirit of the Bougainville Peace Agreement so that they would have a real choice when the referendum is held between 2015 and 2020.


• During the period leading up to referendum 2015-2020 the National Government and ABG cannot afford to leave any stone unturned in their joint effort to create capacity for good governance, fiscal self reliance, rule of law, sustainable development, democratization and equitable distribution of power, goods and services.


Concluding Remarks


The Bougainville crisis has more or less reduced us to basic humanity; however, the Bougainville Peace Agreement offers us a unique opportunity to rise out of the ashes of the destruction to build an egalitarian society in which the dignity of the human person and the common good of all is promoted and defended. And so with gratitude and optimism every Bougainvillean must take on the challenge and with great passion collaborate with others to liberate ourselves from all kinds of impediments as we empower ourselves to become active agents of change and development and not mere passive recipients of goods and services. Out of all peoples of Papua New Guinea, we Bougainvilleans have been favoured with the rare and unique opportunity to create a fully autonomous government with the added right to determine our ultimate political status through a referendum whether to be an independent nation or remain an integral part of Papua New Guinea as a fully autonomous region. We have an indispensable role here, so let us not shirk our noble priviledge; for if we do the whole “experiment” will fail and we will be the losers, living with the detrimental consequences of our failure.






Source: The National

Bougainville govt to arm police 


AUTONOMOUS  Bougainville Government President John Momis aims arm the Bougainville police in response to increased criminal activities in the region.

He revealed this during a press conference in Buka last week.

He said because of the increased law and order problem throughout the region, the Autonomous Bougainville Government had no option but to improve the Bougainville police service by arming it.

Momis stressed they would help strengthen the Bougainville police service by giving them the capacity to deal with such issues.

He said those involved in the recent illegal activities would be hunted down and face the law.

He told the people of Bougainville that if nothing was done to stop such actions being carried out by a few, “Bougainville will not have a referendum”.

He called on citizens of Bougainville to condemn such actions as they were damaging their interests.

Momis condemned the recent attacks on businessmen in Bougainville.

He said such actions were damaging Bougainville’s path towards autonomy.

He said for Bougainville to create good governance, promote law and order, promote economic recovery, create peace and harmony for all, “these activities must stop immediately”.

Momis said Bougainville was eating directly from the national government and would not get anywhere if the trend continued.

“When there is lawlessness the Bougainvilleans are breaking the Bougainville peace agreement, the law and the laws of God.

“If lawless activities continue Bougainville will not achieve its dream of independence.”

Under the peace by peaceful means policy, Bougainville police are not allowed to carry guns.

Momis appointed Vice-President Patrick Nisira as the new Police Minister, taking over from former minister, Leo Hannet, who will maintain his Public Service Ministry.

The Deputy Australian High Commissioner will present new service uniforms to the Bougainville Police in Buka this morning.


Source: The National

ABG Day celebrated in colours 

AUTONOMOUS Bougainville Government Parliament Speaker Andrew Miriki last Friday congratulated the people of South Bougainville for celebrating and commemorating what he called Freedom Day, ABG Day.

Miriki was speaking as the guest of honour to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the Autonomous Bougainville government.

He called on those in doubt to support Bougainville’s leadership citing seven years of work could be seen today throughout Bougainville.

He described that as a seven-year-old child and that the ABG was now slowly learning the  nitty-gritty of life.

Miriki said the ABG Parliament was a financial member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and was benefiting from a twinning agreement between the New South Wales Parliament in Australia and the ABG Parliament.

He explained that this association was only for independent parliaments and Bougainville was privileged to be a member despite its autonomous status.

Miriki said Bougainville had struggled in the past 17 years to come this far and now had only two years to go before the referendum on independence.

He called on the people of South Bougainville to remain united as issues were still on the table for discussions.

Bougainville staged a number of activities to reflect on the past seven years of governance under the autonomous arrangement agreed to between the PNG government and the people of Bougainville to end the 10-year conflict.

Celebrations were held in Lae, Rabaul, Madang and Port Moresby on Saturday.

ABG President John Momis went to Port Moresby to celebrate with Bougainvilleans living there.

 Vice-President, Patrick Nisira was with Bougainvilleans on Lihir Island.


Source: Post-Courier

Namah made chief in Buka

DEPUTY Prime Minister Belden Namah was made a chief in Buka over the weekend.

Bougainville Regional MP Fidelis Semoso received him with high accord together with his Party officials.

Namah is making a second trip to Bougainville this time, to Central and South Bougainville with several leaders including Regional MP Semoso and his other PNG Party entourage.

The welcome reception for Namah into Bougainville was somewhat contradictory to the statement released by Mr Michael Laimo last week, who said that Belden Namah was not welcome in Bougainville. 

Mr Namah and his team, had unknowingly arrived on Bougainville soil on Friday, June 15th, to learn that it was the 7th anniversary for the region since gaining autonomy. 

It was an emotional time for Mr Namah as he recalled 15 years before, how as a young soldier he had assisted the people during the Sandline Crisis in 1997. 

“I’m really touched. It’s really an emotional trip for me. The last time I set foot here was in 1996 and after that the crises happened in 1997… I am just very happy to see the people moving around freely and the reception and I feel like crying.

“After serving in Bougainville, I have learnt one thing; that Bougainvilleans are very beautiful people. I want to thank the Member for North Bougainville Mr Fidelis Semoso, Governor Mr Louta Atoi and Acting President Patrick Lisira for welcoming me”, Mr Namah said. 

He added that previous successive governments neglected funding to Bougainville and that the O’Neill-Namah government was the first since the peace treaty to have allocated a budget of K100m. Mr Namah said he was happy that the Prime Minister Mr Peter O’Neill had listened to the cries of the people of Bougainville, particularly the President, Governor and the three members. The entourage were then led to the Bel Isi oval where Mr Namah continued to express his love for the people of Bougainville and challenged them to vote for the Bougainville Regional seat candidate Mr Lohial Nuau and also endorsed Regional member Fidelis Semoso as a Pro PNG Party candidate. 

At the Hagogohe sports oval, the Acting President Patrick Lisira, on behalf of the President Father John Momis, said he was happy to have the Deputy Prime Minister as a special guest during their 7th anniversary celebrations. 

“Mi givim bikpela luksave na welkam long Deputi Praim Minista na Jamie Maxtone-Graham, na long ol skul insait long Buka district na long olgeta Bougainvilleans( I want to extend a big welcome to Deputy Prime Minister and Mr Jamie Maxtone-Graham and to the participating schools in Buka district and to all Bougainvilleans”, Mr Lisira said. 

Mr Lisira told the people that the reason for celebrating the anniversary is because a lot had happened for the region, especially in the delivery of basic social services such as schools, health services and infrastructure. 

He also said the Autonomous Region of Bougainville Government (ABG) were able to maintain peace for the last seven years which was a big achievement for them. 

Mr Lisira thanked the Deputy Prime Minister on behalf of the President and the people for what he did in 1997 during the Sand line Crises. 

The highlight of the visit was when a chief from one of the four clans, the Nawen clan, presented two live pigs to Mr Namah and also presented him with a traditionally woven necklace to officially initiate the Deputy Prime Minister as a Chief with a new name, Belden Harin Namah, Harin meaning ‘warrior’. 

Mr Namah then presented the people with K270, 000 cash. Two hundred thousand kina to the organisers of the welcome reception at the airport, K50, 000 to the participating schools and groups at the Hagogohe community, K10, 000 to the church and K10, 000 to the Bougainville Boxing club in preparation for the Pacific Games. 


Source: Post-Courier

Workshops on functions of govt


THE Division of Autonomy Implementation and Monitoring of the Autonomous Bougainville Government has been busy running awareness workshops on the drawdown of powers and functions from the National Government.

It was firstly held at Bana District, then at Buin and Siwai in South Bougainville. The Siwai awareness workshop was held from May 14 - 15 at Panakei whilst the Buin workshop was on the 17- 18 and 18th at the Buin Secondary School Assembly hall.

The awareness was jointly initiated by the Division of Autonomy implementation and Buin and Siwai districts administration. 

According to the initial report, compiled by Senior Programme officer Kotrifa Nanopa and obtained by the Post-Courier, the workshops were organised for several important reasons and they included:

To follow up on the main awareness workshop on the drawdown of powers and function held in June 2011 in Arawa and assist where necessary to improve the two districts awareness programmes 

To establish an improved and effective administration link between headquarters and district administration COE and VA leadership within respective districts. 


Source: The National

Semoso allowed time to campaign 

A TRIBUNAL hearing allegations of misconduct in office against Bougainville regional MP Fidelis Semoso has allowed him time to campaign for his seat.

Head of the tribunal Justice Salatiel Lenalia yesterday ordered that Semoso should go and concentrate on his campaigning instead of attending the tribunal.

“Leader is excused from attending his tribunal starting next Wednesday,” Lenalia said.

Semoso told the tribunal yesterday that it had not been an easy task for him as a leader of a region just recovering from a crisis to secure funds and implement  infrastructure development projects.

Semoso faces 14 allegations of misconduct in office under the leadership code.

Of the 14, questions were based on allegations 1, 2 and 3 relating to the misapplication of K2.7 million from the South Bougainville feeder road project funds of the total K4.1 million.

The allegations relate to winning a contract under false pretence and failure to disclose interest.

He admitted he had interest in the company Bougainville Constructions Ltd, which he was a shareholder of.

Another company where he admitted having an interest was Solana Kori Ltd.

 engaged in the cocoa and copra planting project on Bougainville. His  wife Lina Semoso is one of the directors.

Lina Semoso also answered questions regarding allegations of sexual assault and torture and the use of K470, 000 allocated to Solana Kori Ltd.

Allegation 10 relates to alleged sexual assault and torture of Theresemarie Hani Hapoot, his baby-sitter and house maid.

Semoso told the tribunal that the evidence of the baby-sitter and house maid was false, baseless and defamatory.

He told the tribunal that he had been married for 22 years and had four children. And it was unbecoming for a  person like him to do that.

“It’s another outrageous lie,” he said.

“I do not believe that those allegations were leveled against me. I performed to secure funds and deliver basic services to my people. I do not see any of these allegations as misconduct in office by me.”


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville




Autonomous Bougainville Government Parliament Speaker, ANDREW MIRIKI today congratulated the people of South Bougainville for celebrating and commemorating what he called Freedom Day in Buin this afternoon.

 MR. MIRIKI was speaking as the Guest of Honour at today’s celebrations to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

 He called on those in doubt to support Bougainville’s leadership citing seven years of work can be seeing today on Bougainville.

 The Speaker described that as a seven year old child, the ABG was now slowly learning the

 Nitty-gritty’s of life.

 MR. MIRIKI cited one example in that the ABG Parliament was a financial member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Associations and was benefiting from a twinning Agreement between the New South Wales Parliament in Australia.

 He explained that this association was only for independent Parliaments and Bougainville was privileged to be a member despite its Autonomous status.

 MR. MIRIKI said Bougainville struggled in the last seventeen years to come this far and has only two years to referendum.

 He called on the people of South Bougainville to remain united as Independent was a South Bougainville agenda and should remain focused.



Source: Post-Courier

1400 tested for HIV

By Joseph Morokana

More than 1400 people in the four constituencies on Buka Island have been tested for HIV/AIDS during a three week Voluntary Counselling &Testing (VCT) Outreach Program.

The VCT Outreach Program worth more than K100,000 and was facilitated by the Autonomous Bougainville AIDS Committee (ABAC) in more than 20 villages of Hagogohe, Peit Tonsu and Tsitalato Constituencies.

ABAC co-ordinator Ray Himata speaking during the closing of the VCT Outreach Program at Sohano Island on Wednesday commended the VCT Counsellors for their untiring efforts and commitments to take part in the HIV Testings.

“I commend you so much for your understanding, courage and firm commitment – having to endure three weeks of the VCT Outreach Program, having been away from your families,” Himata said. He said details on the findings of the VCT would not be disclosed due to legal reasons until after been endorsed by the Autonomous Bougainville Monitoring and Surveillance Team (ABMEST). 

Mr Himata said it was fortunate the VCT Outreach Program was initiated since it gave them an idea of where the progress of the rate of the HIV Infections is and also have highlighted priority areas where more focus would be in future.

“Areas where there was a good community turnout for VCT was due to the high level of literacy and knowledge the people have about HIV/AIDS – while areas where there was lack of awareness, the response by community was poor.

The co-ordinator said ABAC has vowed to fight HIV/AIDS in the region and needed a collective effort in which all the networking partners must set out long term plans in improving infrastructure developments and addressing key issues in gender inequalities in ARB.

ABAC HIV/AIDS Statistics for 2012 have shown that four new AIDS cases have confirmed so far this year. Since 2009-2012, North Bougainville has been steady in the number of AIDS cases. In 2009 North Bougainville accounted for 50 per cent of all AIDS cases, South Bougainville 30 per cent and Central Bougainville 20 per cent.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


 By Aloysius Laukai


Bougainville today stood still to reflect at the last seven years of governance under the Autonomous arrangement agreed upon between the Papua New Guinea government and the people of Bougainville to end the Ten year conflict that reduced the entire economy and livelihood of the people.

 Today’s celebrations was different from previous celebrations in that all activities have been held in individual districts.

 Celebrations for Buka district was held at HOKO in HaGogohe whilst for Selau Suir was held at Tsunpetz.

 There was another big celebration held at the Nazareth Rehabilitation Centre in Chabai, whilst others were held in Arawa, Buin, Siwai and other districts.

 New Dawn FM managed to cover the activities in Buin, Tsunpetz and Chabai whilst it is monitoring celebrations in Centres like Port Moresby and Lae.

 These celebrations would be held tomorrow.

 The activities from Buin, South Bougainville was broadcasted live by New Dawn FM on Buka island.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


 By Aloysius Laukai


People from all over the world sent their greetings to the people of Bougainville for commemorating the Autonomous Bougainville Day today.

 From all the messages received by New Dawn FM on its website there was one outstanding one from Germany.

 A Bernhard Winter from Germany said that twelve years ago he was the host to President Momis in Markt Schwaben when he visited Germany.

 He congratulated the people of Bougainville for now seven years of the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

 MR. WINTER also wishes the very best for the future.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



 Bougainville leaders separated today to be with Bougainvilleans celebrating ABG day throughout Bougainville and Papua New Guinea.

 The ABG House of Representative Speaker, ANDREW MIRIKI announced this during his address to the people of Buin, South Bougainville.

 He said whilst he was in Buin, the ABG President chief John Momis is in Port Moresby to be with Bougainvilleans in Port Moresby whilst the Vice President is LIHIR with the Bougainvilleans there.

 Others leaders are also in Lae and other centres to be with Bougainvilleans out there.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


The Management and staff of NEW DAWN FM wish Happy Seventh Annivesarry to the Autonomous Bougainville Government and the people of Bougainville.Happy celebrations.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Sohano Primary to fundraise

 By Tapo Tovilu


The Sohano Primary School one of the oldest schools in the region will be having a cultural show on the 21st of June.

 The show will comprise of a number of activities with its main attraction being its fashion parade to be held later in the day.

 Teachers have appealed to the public, relatives of students and former students to come along and help support the school.

 The cultural show will be held at the school grounds on Sohano Island.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

ABG day to be commemorated

 By Tapo Tovilu


Tomorrow will mark Seven years since the inception of the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

 The people of Bougainville will commemorate the day throughout the region with various activities and programs.

 Tomorrow will also be a public holyday giving time for family and friends to get together to commemorate the day.

 It was on this day in 2005 when Bougainville gained its Autonomy and started its long road to referendum and independence.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Beldam Nahma in Bougainville

 By Tapo Tovilu


Deputy Prime Minister and controversial leader Beldam Nahma arrived this afternoon at the Buka airport.

 He will be here for two days to visit Bougainville and his members contesting for the three national seats in this year National elections.


 This trip however has caused a lot of controversy and his coming to Bougainville has also being questioned.

 Also in yesterday’s Post Courier Michael Limo lashed out at the Deputy Prime minister for his intentions of coming to Bougainville adding that he was not welcomed.

 This also has caused a lot of controversy in his inclusion in the Bougainville crisis as many say that he has not yet reconciled with Bougainville.

 The deputy prime minister will be in Bougainville for two days and will depart Bougainville on Saturday.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Change encouraged

 By Tapo Tovilu


Members have been challenged to change the way they view the road towards referendum for Bougainville.

 President Momis this morning told members of the ABG that time is a luxury they have and they need to work towards meeting the deadline of 2015.

 Also in a press conference yesterday Momis told the people of Bougainville that if they did not respect the rule of law in the region this would also become a setback.

 President Momis says that now is the time for us to really show that Bougainville can become what we have talked about.

 He also encouraged voters in this year’s elections to vote good credible leaders for Bougainville to move forward.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

President Challenge’s candidates

 By Tapo Tovilu


The president of Bougainville in his ABG day commemoration speech called on all Bougainvilleans to choose good credible leaders this election.

 He called for the people of Bougainville to put their vote on members who will be crucial in fighting for Bougainvilleans in the national parliament.

 He says currently the National Government has breached the constitution by not passing down all the powers to the ABG.

 For this reason he says that this election is crucial for us to fight back for all powers to be passed down to the ABG.

 President Momis also says that there are many other issues which are yet to be discussed and fought for in the National parliament and good confident leaders must be chosen.

 He says that Bougainville will have to meet certain standards before it reaches referendum and needs to have good leaders to achieve its goals.

 The president will be attending the ABG day celebrations in Port Moresby.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville




President Momis today condemned the recent attacks on the innocent businessmen in Bougainville.

 He told the people of Bougainville that the actions were damaging our path towards autonomy.

 He says that for Bougainville to create good governance, promote law and order and create peace and harmony for all, this must stop immediately.

 He added that it will make it difficult for us to be physically self-reliant where the government will create money and in turn deliver services.

 Now Bougainville he added is eating directly from the National Government and is not going to get anywhere.

 Momis says that when there is lawlessness the citizens of Bougainville are breaking the Bougainville Peace Agreement, the Law and the laws of god.

 He warned that if these kinds of lawless activities continue Bougainville will not achieve its dream of independence.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Police to be beefed up

 By Tapo Tovilu


With the recent law and order problems on the rise in all regions of Bougainville the ABG will now be strengthening the Bougainville Police Service.

 This was revealed this afternoon at a press conference by the ABG president John Momis.

 He says that because of the increased law and order destabilization in the region, they will help improve the Bougainville Police Service.

 Momis says that they will help strengthen the Bougainville Police Service giving them the capacity to deal with such issues.

 Those he says who are involved in the recent lawless activities will be hunted down and will face the full brunt of the law.

 He urged the people of Bougainville that if nothing is done to stop these actions being carried out by a few, Bougainville will not have referendum.

 He called on all the citizens of Bougainville to condemn such actions as these actions were damaging the interests of the people of Bougainville.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

More money needed for health care

 By Tapo Tovilu

 More money must be allocated for healthcare assistance for special case patients who need medical care.

 This was revealed during last week’s parliamentary sitting during the question without notice sessions.

 Minister for Finance Albert Punghau revealed that this was not the case before but due to the crisis the government stepped in to help pay for medical expenses for those who were in need but couldn’t afford it.

 He says that as members they should take it on as a burden to help our people and also share their mandated responsibility.

 He also called on the ABG to continue with its continual support for its people in terms of their health and life style.

 He added that more money should be allocated for the program to continue in next year’s budget to assist the people of Bougainville.






Source: Post-Courier

No liquor ban on Bougainville

NO liquor ban will be imposed for Bougainville during the election period.

However, the Bougainville Police have issued a stern warning to Bougainvilleans who consume alcohol to act responsibly and to refrain from consuming alcohol in public places.

Buka Police Station Commander Sergeant Emmart Tsimes, when issuing the warning, also added that betelnut vendors would also not be allowed to overnight at the seaside betelnut market, the reason being that the market place was being used for the illegal sale of home-brew and marijuana and is also being used for gambling and prostitution. 

Meanwhile, Mr Tsimes has cautioned the general public on the circulation of fake K100 notes. He said police became aware of the fake K100 notes after some bottleshop owners fell victim. Investigations on the matter are continuing.

He has appealed to anyone who may have information on the person or persons responsible for the production of these fake notes to contact Buka Police on 973 9733.





Source: The National

Laimo: Namah not welcomed in Bougainville 


DEPUTY Prime Minister Belden Namah (pictured on the left) and leader of the PNG Party will not be welcomed on Bougainville soil this week.

Senior statesman and former South Bougainville member of parliament Michael Laimo said Namah must think twice before setting foot on Bougainville.


He said Namah has not reconciled yet with those he abused and their relatives, while he was serving with the PNG Defence Force in Loloho, Central Bougainville during the Bougainville crisis.


Laimo, a former minister for education, said Namah’s PNG Party had no support in Central and South Bougainville.


“Namah has to really think twice before stepping on Bougainville soil.


“There are many victims of abuse and relatives of those abused by Namah, while he was serving with the PNGDF and was based in Loloho,” Laimo (pictured  on the right) said.

Laimo who is currently a candidate for South Bougainville, running under the National Alliance Party flag, has challenged Namah to reconcile first with the Bougainvillians he had left scarred during the crisis.

He said Namah must do that before he could continue with his campaigning or setting foot on Bougainville.

Namah is due to fly to Bougainville tomorrow to launch his PNG Party and candidates on Bougainville.


Source: The National

Resource campaign is lazy talk 

CANDIDATES in resource-rich electorates around the country are having a field day.

They will do everything in their power. They are telling potential voters to ensure resource owners have a greater say and get a greater share of the benefits of resource developments.

They are painting the resource developers as selfish multi-nationals hell-bent on exploitation and profits with hardly a care for the welfare of ordinary Papua New Guineans and, particularly, resource owners.

This is, of course, a cowardly gambit since most resource companies have no recourse. They have no right of reply and would never raise a voice in protest anyway or they would be accused of participating in politics.

These kinds of talk make us recall the 1987 elections on the island of Bougainville. Then regional MP John Momis ran a hard anti-Bougainville Copper Ltd campaign, calling the company the “BCL pig” that needed slaughtering.

There was a mass slaughter later that year and of more than just the BCL pig. The insurrection that erupted on the island led to tens of thousands dead and the total neglect of entire generations of a people for 15 years. The pain is still being felt as Momis takes the helm of the Autonomous region’s government as its president.

Momis did not instigate what transpired with his campaign hard talk - there was already sufficient angst building up on the ground when the BCL agreement review did not come up in 1981 and again in 1987 – but the timing of his campaign talk was most unfortunate indeed.

The same is true today as well.

It is all very well to today talk about changing the law to transfer mineral and petroleum ownership back to the landowners. But has somebody sat down to really have a look at what it will mean for the future of PNG?

Are landowners the best candidates for wealth generation and, especially, for wealth distribution nationally?

Just how many billions have gone into landowning groups in the major resource areas of the country? We talk about Bougainville, Kutubu, Lihir, Porgera, Hidden Valley, Misima, Kainantu, Hides, Moran, Gobe and the list goes on.

The thundering rejoinder to the above sentence will be that what the landowners have received is a pittance compared to the billions that have been siphoned off overseas by the companies.

True, but there is hardly any evidence on the ground of the little that has been given to the resource owners, the provincial government and that which has been poured into government coffers through equity, dividend and taxation payments.

At all levels, our people have spent all the benefits with a single-mindedness bordering on insanity without a thought for future generations.

It would be an excellent exercise to find out just how much has been paid to resource owners over the years and see where all this money has gone.

The issue then should not be one of transferring ownership or wealth but of how to manage what we do have at all levels. This is to ensure the benefits are spread from this generation to the next and from one community to the next.

If we do not manage K1 now, there is no guarantee that we will manage K100 or K1 billion in future.

If one community has no thought for its own sons and daughters in future, how can they be made to change their mindset overnight to think about the welfare of the neighbouring community which does not own any resource, much less for that community’s future generations?

Resource benefits’ distribution is an important topic but the present talk is lazy talk by those who see passage of laws as a solution to a rather complex problem. It is not.

Resource benefits sharing must definitely be on the agenda for the next government. But it ought to be one of how much more resource owners and governments can get under the present fiscal regime.

There are many ways that can be done – equity participation, through taxation, through agreement reviews.

It is the benefits distribution and management of it that has fallen by the wayside. It must be known by one and all that resources are owned 100% by Papua New Guineans including resource owners through their government, the state.

If the government wanted, there is nothing stopping it under present arrangements, to own 90% or 100% of the mine or oil well, raise the money to fund the development of the resource and outsource management to a competent developer.





Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


 By Aloysius Laukai


ABG President chief JOHN MOMIS said that Law and Order in the region will be strengthened and criminals would face the full force of the law once this happens.

 He made these remarks when appealing to Bougainvilleans to stop harassing investors who are trying to raise the revenue of Bougainville.

 Chief Momis made these remarks after the staff of Bougainville Import and Export Group were held at gun point by some criminals and all their cash taken on Wednesday night.

 Mr. Momis said that this was a bad image for the region, whilst the ABG was trying to lure the investors into the region Bougainvilleans youths were doing the complete opposite.

 The ABG President was responding to questions without notice in ABG Parliament this morning.

 The Ex combatants member for South Bougainville, MICHAEL LAITA who wanted to know if the story of the theft was true and what the ABG would do to catch the criminals.

 ABG President said that the Bougainville Police were already investigating the incident.

 The ABG parliament rose this afternoon and would meet again in September.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Research team in Bougainville

 By Tapo Tovilu


An election research team from the University of Goroka is in the region to observe the remaining activates of Polling and counting.

 The team arrived on Saturday and will be in the region for six weeks until the return of writs at the end of the elections in Bougainville.

 Team leader John Kepajia says that they will be mainly researching the issues which are affecting elections on a wider perspective.

 He says that they will be based in the three regions to observe and assess how elections especially polling and counting are conducted.

 They have asked the people of Bougainville for their cooperation as the report compiled will be given back to help improve the election process in the region.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Elections near polling

 By Tapo Tovilu


As the date for polling just a few weeks away the level of law and order in Buka Town has increased with police appealing for law and order.

 This follows incidents over the long weekend where criminals attempted to break into Norak Holdings in Buka town.

 Apart from this police have hit hot spots in Buka town where crime has been at its peak.

 Leaders in Buka are calling for control as the election polling dates draw near and as officials prepare for the rest of the elections remaining activities.

 Buka police have also called on the general public to cut down on drinking in public areas as police will be tougher on offenders.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Soccer tournament into finals

 By Tapo Tovilu


The Saposa inter village soccer tournament to strengthen youths in sports is in its finals.

 The 3 week tournament held at Saposa a total of 9 teams from neighbouring islands took part in the Tournament.

 This weekend will see the finals where four teams will battle it out for the Island trophy which in recent tournaments has been held by Hahon.

 The organizers say that the tournament was set up to help youths leave the damaging trend of homebrew consumption by youths in the communities of Saposa.

 They also called on other areas in Bougainville to help their youths get out of bad practises as the region will need a healthy productive human resource.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Calls to rid use of guns 

By Tapo Tovilu

 A senior public servant in Buka Town has condemned Saturdays break and enters at the Norak Holdings building.

 He also called for the people still in possession of fire arms to get rid of them as it was bringing back memories of the crisis.

 He said it sounded like there were a lot of gun fire during the break in and also after all the tension had subsided.

 He also questioned the Bougainville Peace Agreement and the weapons disposal program in the region.

 He called on the ABG to look at providing subsequent solutions to the issue of guns still in the hands of communities throughout the region.

 Meanwhile police have called for the perpetrators to come forward and surrender their firearms as this was a threat to the general public.






Source: COPPER Investing News

Faith in China Remains in Hearts of Copper Bulls

Wednesday June 13, 2012, 4:15am PDT

By Shihoko Goto (picture)  - Exclusive to Copper Investing News


Copper investors are firmly focused on China, rather than Europe, for clues on the red metal’s long-term outlook, but in the near term Europe’s woes continue to bear down on market appetite. The question now is as much about whether Chinese growth can offset declines elsewhere, and what Beijing can and will do to ensure steady growth, as it is about the impact of the Eurozone’s financial crisis on international markets. 

Amid all the uncertainty, one fact remains true: China is still the world’s largest consumer of copper, accounting for over 40 percent of the market, and its position is unlikely to change. In fact, the second-largest importer of copper is Japan, followed by India and South Korea, with Germany coming in at fifth place, according to the International Copper Study Group. That hierarchy, along with expectations that the Eurozone’s debt crisis will have a less significant impact on global copper demand than the Chinese economy, has led many analysts to downplay the ongoing turmoil in European markets. Clearly, the drivers of the copper market are, and will remain, emerging markets rather than the United States or Europe.

Chinese authorities have certainly demonstrated that they are prepared to take concrete steps to ensure growth, moving forward with a quarter percentage point cut in key rates last week. The first rate cut since 2008 was welcomed by investors. The fact that Chinese exports soared 15.3 percent in May from the same period a year ago, compared to a 4.9 percent increase in April, highlights the country’s resilience in the face of a global economic downturn. With further monetary easing expected from Beijing in the coming months, investors see China leading the way in bolstering demand for copper and other base metals.

So while Goldman Sachs and other investment banks lowered their three-month price targets for base metals this week, the outlook is bullish in the longer term as demand for industrial materials is expected to rise. For now, Goldman has reduced its price target for copper to $8,000 per metric ton from $9,000 a ton, while Societe Generale has dropped its copper outlook to $8,000 per metric ton from $8,220 as anxiety about the spillover effect of the Eurozone’s struggles persist.

“The precarious situation in Europe and scope for instability to spread wider afield, together with slowing growth in the U.S. and China, all add up to form a significant headwind to the copper market,” said Societe Generale analyst Robin Bhar.

Yet Goldman expects the copper market to be balanced later this year as supply tightens, stating that “given continuing disappointments in the supply growth of oil and some of the key base metals, this moderate pace of world economic growth is sufficient to tighten markets during the second half of this year, creating the need for higher prices to balance supply and demand.”

That sentiment was echoed by Jeffery Born, a finance professor at Northeastern University’s College of Business Administration in Boston, who argued that “it is important to note that copper inventories have fallen dramatically, particularly in London, in the past year. Thus, when economic growth prospects do improve and firms start increasing orders we should expect copper prices to rebound sharply and quickly. So today’s gloom is setting the stage for a real profit opportunity – perhaps as early as the fall.”

Others, however, are less enthused about the impact of the latest Chinese rate cut and further potential easing.

“The commodities market is most related to construction while the largest construction projects are mostly completed by now in China. The rate cut will help consumption – GM posted strong sales in China in May – but the demand of commodities in China will continue to soften as the economy moves into a new phase of development,” said Linghui Tang, associate professor at the College of New Jersey’s School of Business. She added that “China has invested a tremendous amount of capital in infrastructure in the past 10 to 15 years. As stated in its 13th five-year plan (2011-2016), the main focus now is to increase the quality of life. The main use of copper is in electricity grids. This part of infrastructure has been completely updated in China and its future demand is likely to be weak. Therefore, the rate cut will not lead to a significant increase in demand of copper.”

Tang’s colleague at the College of New Jersey, Susan Hume, cautioned that in the past low interest rates have produced asset bubbles, and said copper prices are likely to remain weak regardless of Chinese action, a trend that “can be seen in commodity-driven countries such as Australia, which have weaker currencies due to reliance on copper.”

At a time when major mining groups including Rio Tinto (ASX:RIO,NYSE:RIO,LSE:RIO) and BHP Billiton (ASX:BHP,NYSE:BHP,LSE:BLT) are looking to cut back on investing in copper mega-projects, the question remains as to whether miners that are holding back from developing new sites are being overly cautious or making sound investment judgments.

Securities Disclosure: I, Shihoko Goto, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.






Source: Scoop World

Mining Activities To Begin On Bougainville

Wednesday, 13 June 2012, 12:40 pm

Press Release: Pacific Media Watch 

Mining Activities To Begin On Bougainville

By Peterson Tseraha

BUKA (PNG Post-Courier / Pacific Media Watch): The Autonomous Bougainville Government has made history by moving a motion on the most sensitive issue on Bougainville mining exploration. 

The motion is a positive step since its instalment in 2005 as a young government.

On Thursday, before a packed House of Representatives in Buka, Melchior Dare, Member for Eivo Torau Constituency and chairman of Central Bougainville Parliamentary Committee, presented a motion from the floor to introduce a Bougainville mining policy to start exploration on Bougainville - "a right that every Bougainvillean has been waiting for and have fought the Bougainville crisis for". 

The motion calls on the Autonomous Bougainville Government to: 

* Create a Bougainville mining oil and gas policy that should protect the interests of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, landowner rights and investors; 

* Grant the local resource owners’ company a licence to do mineral, oil and gas exploration on its own land, and;


* Consider the draft mining oil and gas policy during 2012.

In a rousing 45-minute presentation to the House, Dare explained that under section 4(b) of the Bougainville Peace Agreement, "autonomy" is intended to enable Bougainville to determine its own solutions to its own problems and needs and now was the time to act to resume mining exploration on the island.


He told the House that while the move to resume exploration on Bougainville was a grassroots movement driven by the resource owners themselves, the government had a duty to fulfill its function as the regulator of mining on Bougainville.

He stated that the ownership of mineral resources is usually claimed by the State or the Crown, and in the case of Bougainville the customary traditional landowners own the minerals which is protected by section 23 of the Bougainville constitution and recognised by Article 26 of the United Nations Convention.





Source: PNG Attitude

David Martin: entrepreneur, newsman or jumping jack? 





THIS VIDEO WAS POSTED on YouTube by a Dr David Martin, the CEO of a minor financial service provider called M-CAM, based in Charlottesville, Virginia in the United States of America.


Over the last a couple of months, Martin has been in Bougainville organising so-called landowner awareness meetings.


Everywhere Martin appears he refers to his academic “Dr” degree to impress locals. Usually Americans don’t usually do this unless they suffer from inferiority complexes.


Martin has neither a stake in Panguna nor is he, as far as we know, a Bougainville Copper (BCL) shareholder. Without any insider knowledge he presents himself as the landowners’ saviour.


His experience is influenced and supported by jobless former Me’ekamui rebels who pose with guns, and some few other people.


His latest “coup” has been to publish the video on YouTube. Like a jumping jack he runs around on the road to the Panguna mine site and accuses BCL and its shareholders “of being ignorant and not respectful to the people’s voice”.


It is obvious that Martin has never heard of BCL’s and the ESBC’s hard work to reconcile with all parties concerned.


He also is not aware of the widespread jealousy in Bougainville and has not read about money that has been embezzled by PNG officials in the past.


On the ground, Martin is accompanied by Lawrence Daveona, who was on ESBC’s payroll for many years.


Just recently, Daveona was ousted as landowner secretary and spokesperson, allegedly because of disrespectful behaviour. Daveona is also known for pursuing his own agenda, which has had the effect of undermining the work of his fellow landowners. Sad, but true.


Nobody really knows Dr Martin’s real intentions. There is some feeling he might be connected with interested American investors.


Just before the Bougainville crisis started, the US Pritzker Group had shown interest in taking over BCL.


It can be assumed that Martin does not work just for nothing. So who is behind all this? Who funds all his travel to PNG? Who pays for his activities on the ground?


Is Dr Martin a lucky charm or is he one those folks on Bougainville who appear and disappear from time to time?


One thing is unlikely, that David Martin is the Panguna landowners' Mother Theresa.




Source: Post-Courier

Tukihing goes for SLIP

TUKIHING Primary School on the West Coast of Buka recently introduced its School Learning and Improvement Plan (SLIP).

The school’s head teacher Mr Dickson Pelpeli said that the launching coincided with World Environment Day. 

The day started with a tree planting activity and later the SLIP launching which saw students in traditionally attire representing major clan groups in the area being escorted by a singsing kaur or kohi (panpipes) from Tung village to present the SLIP documents to officers from the Department of Education who had come on behalf of the Education CEO Bruno Babato.

In 2012 the five focus areas mentioned in the plan include; curriculum students development plan, staff development, management and administration, infrastructure development and school governance and community relationship. 

The school plans to get new library books and other curriculum materials, provide more in service training to teachers, to build a new library building and hold regular Parents and Citizens meetings to review the SLIP outcomes.

Mr Pelpeli stressed that his intentions in launching the SLIP for Tukihing Primary School was because he wanted to create an environment conducive to improving child learning and academic excellence. 

He called upon the parents and citizens to take ownership of the SLIP in ensuring that it is implemented.

“Education is a shared responsibility whereby all stake holders, the Education Department, parents, citizens, teachers and students all have a part to play in bringing about tangible change in improving the education of children,” Mr. Pelpeli stated. 

The school was established in 1962 by the Methodist Church (now United Church) to serve the communities of Tung and Poka along Buka Island’s sheltered west coast. 

The school is supported by the local population with some assistance from the government, non government organisations and church. The level four school’s enrolment is not very high but has been steady over the years and it has two feeder elementary schools. 

Approximately, a hundred students enroll at the school each year. The school is a United Church Agency School in the Tonsu Constituency.

Students from Tukihing Primary School marching with the SLIP documents to be handed over to Education Department officials. Picture courtesy of David Kelele, Bougainville Education Division


Source: Post-Courier

Malasang into Co-op


THE Malasang number three village co-operative Society is expanding and has won the hearts of leaders like Louta Atoi and Fidelis Semoso to chip in some support.

A delegation from CCI (Cocoa Coconut Institute) head quarters in Rabaul Led by CEO Doctor Eric Omuru and World Bank co-ordinator on Bougainville Patrick Koles also visited the Cocoa and Coconut blocks last week.

The first man to help was a candidate for North Bougainville seat Gerard Masa who donated K500.

The incumbent North Bougainville MP Louta Atoi pledged K50,000 and Fidelis Semoso regional member K30,000. The co-operative society now has an account with the BSP bank in Buka, so when all cheques are delivered they will be deposited into the account.

Last week the CCI boss in Bougainville Paul Nelau and Mr Koles visited the block in Malasang and were met by village chiefs, the society chairman Cornelius Sawa, his vice John Lerrin and field officer John Bitom. This is the first time that a co-operative has been set up on Bougainville, and a lot of leaders have commended the people of Malasang for their hard work.

According to Chairman Cornelius Sawa the main aim of the society is to help the Bougainville economy get back to its feet. 


Source: The National

EMTV to launch online website 

  Text Click


MEDIA Niugini Ltd announced in Port Moresby yesterday the launching of EMTV Online, a new website that lets you watch thousands of streaming television shows, new programmes and breaking news on your personal computer.

Besides delivering video entertainment, the new site is part of EMTV’s strategy to make popular content available to consumers across three screens at the centre of their lives, the TV, personal computers and mobile phones.

Head of sales and marketing Deepal Khanna said the company wanted most of its viewers to be able to access content anytime, anywhere.

“EMTV online provides you with a one-stop destination to watch TV shows and latest news updates wherever you have a broadband connection,” she said.

“The site will grow and evolve to make more content available to consumers in new and better ways.

“Designed with a fresh innovative appearance as compared to the other websites in PNG; EMTV Online displays a plethora of features like video streaming of breaking news, popular programmes, Business PNG, Resource PNG, sports updates.”

CEO Bhanu Sud said there was a lot of activity in the business, mining, resource and political sectors and launching the website enabled EMTV to connect with the audience, PNG and the world.

“We are anticipating close to 9 million viewers on a monthly basis,” he said.

He said EMTV was keeping in line with its vision which was to be the communications bu­siness for the Pacific.





Source: Post-Courier   BREAKING NEWS ! 

Mining activities to begin on Bougainville !


THE Autonomous Bougainville Government has made history by moving a motion on the most sensitive issue on Bougainville Mining Exploration. 

The motion is a positive step since its installment in 2005 for a young government.

On Thursday, before a packed House of Representatives at in Buka, Melchior Dare, Member for Eivo Torau Constituency and chairman of Central Bougainville Parliamentary Committee, presented a motion from the floor to introduce Bougainville Mining Policy to start exploration on Bougainville. A right that every Bougainvillean has been waiting for and have fought the Bougainville crisis for. 

The motion calls on the Autonomous Bougainville Government to create a Bougainville Mining Oil & Gas policy that should protect the interests of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, Landowner Rights and Investor's grant the local resource owners’ company the licence to do mineral, oil & gas exploration on its own land, and that the Bougainville Administration consider the draft mining oil and gas policy during 2012.

In a rousing 45-minute presentation to the House, Mr Dare explained that under section 4(b) of the Bougainville Peace Agreement “Autonomy” is intended to enable Bougainville to determine its own solutions to its own problems and needs and now was the time to act to resume mining exploration on the island. 

He told the House that while the move to resume exploration on Bougainville was a grassroots movement driven by the resource owners themselves, the Government had a duty to fulfill its function as the regulator of mining on Bougainville.

He stated that the ownership of mineral resources is usually claimed by the State or the Crown, and in the case of Bougainville the customary traditional landowners own the minerals which is protected by section 23 of the Bougainville constitution and recognised by Article 26 of the United Nations Convention. 




Source: Post-Courier

School gets K5000

PNG Party gave K5000 to Hamatana Primary School and its feeder elementary school in the Hagogohe constituency in North Bougainville.

The money was handed over by party representative Darney Kehali at the school. The presentation was witnessed by the school’s board of governors chairman, staff and students. 

PNG Party is led by Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah.

Mr Kehali said he was fulfilling a personal commitment made to the school last year on behalf of PNG Party and Mr Namah. 

He said that as a son of Sing village in the Hagogohe Constituency he was committed to bring further development to the Hamatana Primary and other schools in the constituency if Mr Namah and his PNG Party come into power after the elections.

Board chairman Wensislaus Soatsin said K3000 would be used for curriculum and infrastructure development for Hamatana Primary while K2000 would be used to develop its feeder elementary school. 





Source: ESBC Research

Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) closed due to public holiday "Queen's Birthday" !






Source: ESBC Research

Business man, correspondent or jumping Jack?

by Axel G. Sturm

The video below was posted by a certain Dr. David Martin. Martin is the brilliant CEO of a minor financial service provider called M-CAM.  


M-CAM is based Charlottesville/Virginia  (United States if America).

Since a couple of months Martin interferes on the ground by organising so called landowner awareness meetings. Everywhere when Martin appears, he refers to his academic “Dr.” degree to impress locals. Usually Americans don’t do so, except if they suffer from major inferiority complexes.


Martin has neither a stake in Panguna nor is he a Bougainville Copper shareholder (as far as we know). Without any insider knowledge on the ground he presents himself as the landowner’s saviour. His experience is influenced and supported by job-less former Me’ekamui rebels with guns and some few other people. As his latest “coup” he published a video on YouTube.  Like jumping Jack he runs around on the road to the Panguna mine site and accuses BCL and its shareholders” of being ignorant and not respectful to the people’s voice” .  Quite obviously Martin never heard about BCL’s and the ESBC’s hard work to reconcile with all parties concerned. He also never became aware of wide-spread jealousy on Bougainville. And never he read about money that has been embezzled by PNG officials in the past.


On the ground, Martin (picture on the left) is accompanied by Lawrence Daveona (who has been on the ESBC’s payroll for many years).  Just recently, Daveona (pictured below)  had been ousted as landowner secretary and spokesperson – allegedly because of his disrespectful behaviour. Daveona is also well-known for following his so called “own agenda”.  Actually he tries to undermine the work of his former landowner fellows. Sad, but true: Friendship and betrayal are the two sides of the same medal in Bougainville. 

Nobody really knows about Martin’s real intentions. There is some slight evidence that he might be remote controlled by the dubious “Scientology Church” or that he even receives his orders from interested American financial investors. Just before the Bougainville Crises started, the US-American Pritzker Group had shown high interest in overtaking BCL. Shortly after Pritzker representatives showed up on the ground, the attacks on the mine site started. Were both facts related?

It can be assumed that Martin does not work just for nothing. So who is behind all this? Who funds all his expensive travelling to PNG? Who pays for all his activities on the ground? Who pays for his friends like Daveona and Chris (Uma?)?


Is Dr. David Martin a lucky charm or is he once again one those notorious free-riders who appear and disappear from time to time? 

One thing is for sure: Dr. David Martin is certainly not the Panguna landowner's "Mother Theresa"! It's part of his strategy to pretend to be better informed than BBC, ABC Radio Australia or even CNN . 

He says it and he believes it!   -   God bless America!







Source: Radio New Dawn On Bougainville


 By Aloysius Laukai

 Polling on Bougainville will start on Monday June 25th, 2012 in all districts.

 The Bougainville Electoral Commissioner and Returning Officer for the PNG General Elections covering the four Bougainville seats, REITAMA TARAVARU revealed this yesterday when talking with New Dawn FM in Buka.

 He said that they were hoping to cover the entire region in two weeks.

 He said that the Polling will end on Friday July 6th with counting to commence immediately after.

 MR. TARAVARU said that preparation for the Election has been on target and that he was confident they are more than ready for the elections.

 He said that currently the office was engaged in training all its officers who will be involved in the elections.

 Meanwhile a total of SIXTY NINE candidates are vying for the four Bougainville seats that are

 South Bougainville open currently held by the Minister for Bougainville Affairs, STEPHEN PIRIKA KAMMA, Central Bougainville Open currently held by Communication Minister JIMMY MIRINGTORO, North Bougainville Open seat currently held by LOUTA ATOI and the Bougainville Regional seat held by FIDELIS SEMOSO.

 He appealed to all Bougainvilleans to allow candidates to campaign in all areas without any restrictions.

 MR. TARAVARU said that all candidates must be heard for the voters to make a well informed decision to vote.

 He made this appeal after learning that some people in some areas were not allowing candidates to go into their areas.

 Australian Hercules C130 this afternoon brought in some Electoral Boxes that would be used during the Elections.


Pictured is the C130 RAAF Hercules in Buka:





Source: Post-courier

Queen Elizabeth II to visit in November

THE Queen of England and head of the Commonwealth, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the Second, is looking forward to visiting Papua New Guinea in November as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.


H.R.M. Queen Elizabeth II during her Diamond Jublee in June 2012


Governor General Sir Michael Ogio announced this in a press statement he released yesterday in Singapore where he has stopped over for more than a week before returning home.

He said he and his wife, Lady Esme, were very impressed with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations held from June 3-5 and witnessed by millions of people in London.

“During the celebrations Her Royal Highness personally expressed that she is very much looking forward to visiting Papua New Guinea in November,” Sir Michael said.

It is unfortunate that the political impasse and the 2012 election have distracted the nation’s attention away from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

However, the political situation will have settled by early August when the new Government is formed and the people of Papua New Guinea will no doubt welcome and embrace the Queen and her entourage in November, like they have always done for any member of the Royal family when they visit the country. 

“Lady Esme and I are very happy to have been invited by Her Majesty and the head of the Commonwealth to attend her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London,” the Governor General said.


Sir Michael  (pictured) said they were moved by the outpouring of adoration and love for the Queen shown by the millions of people who had turned 


out to be part of the celebrations.

The weather was chilly, windy and it rained but this did not deter the people in their millions as they lined the streets and the banks of River Thames to be part of this colourful and historic occasion,” Sir Michael said.

The Governor General and Lady Esme attended the Diamond Jubilee Pageant, Concert and the National Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s cathedral. Sir Michael had the opportunity to also meet his counterparts from different Commonwealth countries.

Last Wednesday, the Governor General was invited as Knight of the Order of St John by HRH the Duke of Gloucester who is the Grand Prior of the Order.

Sir Michael said he was proud to represent the Government and people of Papua New Guinea on this historic occasion. He and Lady Esme arrive from Singapore on Tuesday.

“I take this opportunity to express my best wishes to all the candidates for the 2012 election and look forward to the formation of the new Government for the people of Papua New Guinea,” the Governor General said.


Source: Post-courier

O’Neill to return: Poll


PETER O’Neill will return as Prime Minister to serve his first full term as Papua New Guinea’s head of Government after the general election, according to a public opinion poll.

This is among other interesting election predictions based on the results of a nationwide public opinion poll conducted between the last quarter of 2011 and first quarter of 2012 by PNG’s only public opinion poll company, Mell Research & Marketing Consultants owned by Michael Mell.

“Our public opinion poll strongly predicts that the O’Neill-Namah Government will return to power after the national election,” Mr Mell told the Post-Courier yesterday (see advert on page 20 for details).


“Our poll further predicts that Mr O’Neill’s People’s National Congress party will muster the numbers required to return him as Prime Minister and his deputy Belden Namah’s PNG Party will also muster the numbers to again make him Deputy Prime Minister,” he said.


Mr Mell said the only major threat to the current coalition Government returning to office is if “there is an open fight” between Mr O’Neill and Mr Namah over who should become Prime Minister.

“If the O’Neill-Namah partnership remains as strong as it has been in the last 10 months during the remainder of the campaign and polling periods and up to the formation of Government, the public can be rest assured that the current coalition Government will return,” he said.

“Our poll predicts that both Mr O’Neill’s People’s National Congress and Mr Namah’s PNG Party will win the most seats, followed by their coalition partners, (Don Polye’s) THE Party and (William Duma’s) United Resources Party,” Mr Mell said. He also said “a little over 50 per cent” of sitting MPs will retain their seats.

On Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, Mr Mel said: “If the Chief was a young man and was contending for the Prime Minister’s post, the recent political impasse would have a large impact on his election to propel him back into Government.

“But this is not going to happen and even the newly-appointed National Alliance leader (Patrick Pruaitch) will be nowhere near to becoming a prime ministerial candidate.

“The political impasse has been the result of Somare’s indecisiveness as to who among his sons would replace him as National Alliance leader and subsequently become Prime Minister.

“The Grand Chief and his NA party executive have failed miserably to perform the most important strategic political move to ensure a smooth transition of leadership and this will hurt them during the polls and formation of the new Government.”





Source: Radio New Zealand International

PNG Bougainville officials divert funds for cars

It has been revealed in the parliament of the autonomous Papua New Guinea province, Bougainville, that officials have diverted funds to buy cars.

The Minister of Finance, Albert Punghau, says 423,000 US dollars were diverted from the 2012 budget appropriation by officers outside of the normal system.

The newspaper, The National, reports Mr Punghau as saying the funds would be returned and the staff concerned dealt with.

He says what they did was illegal and should not be repeated.


Source: Post-Courier

Kamma forgives ex-BRA boss

A SMALL but significant reconciliation ceremony was held last Saturday in the Siwai District of South Bougainville between a former BRA commander Albert Siping and the Minister for Bougainville Affairs and South Bougainville MP Steven Pirika Kamma. The ceremony follows an incident which happened last week in which two of Mr Kamma’s private vehicles were forcefully taken by Mr Siping and his followers at a roadblock they had set up at Aku Primary School in the Makis constituency in Buin. Mr Kamma was returning to his village after campaigning in Buin when the incident happened. Mr Siping had set up the roadblock and took Mr Kamma’s vehicles, claiming that the South Bougainville MP had not been paying his elder brother for the jobs he had done in constructing classrooms in schools in the Makis constituency. However, that small incident has now been solved following the returning of the two vehicles by Mr Siping.

During the small ceremony Mr Sipping apologised to Mr Kamma and asked for his forgiveness. He also assured Mr Kamma that they would still support him during this election period. Mr Kamma in return accepted the apology and assured Mr Siping that his brother’s outstanding payment would still be honoured. The ceremony was witnessed by the Autonomous Bougainville Government Minister for Finance Albert Punghau and the ABG member for Ramu constituency Thomas Mauroko Pa’ataku. Pictured are Mr Kamma (right) and Siping exchanging traditional shell monies as a sign that they had said sorry.


Source: Post-Courier

Laaka gets new building

Words and Picture: WINTERFORD TOREAS


LAAKU Elementary School students in the Ramu constituency in Siwai, South Bougainville, now have every reason to celebrate because they will not be studying under old sago thatched classrooms anymore. This follows the opening of their new permanent double classroom last Friday. The new building which was constructed with financial assistance from the Minister for Bougainville Affairs and South Bougainville MP Steven Pirika Kamma, ABG member for Ramu constituency Thomas Mauroko Pa’ataku and the board of management of the school was officially opened by Mr Kamma. Pictured is Mr Kamma cutting the ribbon to officially open the new building.



Source: Post-Courier

Polling in two weeks time


THE Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission is already set for polling in two weeks time with more than 30,000 polling and counting officials ready for operation sthroughout the country.

And the PNGEC will be providing more than 9800 polling places and more than 4, 700 polling teams now all ready to go when polls are announced on June 23, 2012.

Further, there are more than nine million papers that the PNGEC is printing because during polling, all eligible voters will receive two ballot papers — one for their Open Electorate and one for their Province. With around 4.3 million on each Roll, some 9 million ballot papers will be printed and distributed.

Chief Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen in his brief to the Diplomatic and Foreign Missions detailed that the PNGEC would not be as well prepared for the 2012 General Election without the significant support provided by the Government of Australia, Government of New Zealand, China for the provision of translucent ballot boxes and also from Republic of Korea (South Korea) for donation of laptops, United States of America and many more not mentioned.

“The PNGEC will be providing more than 9800 polling places, Mr Trawen said. There will be more than 4700 polling teams and there will be approximately 30,000 polling and counting officials,” he said.

“The PNGEC would not be as well prepared for the 2012 General Election without the significant support provided by the Government of Australia. This support commenced in April 2000 and has been unfailing ever since. It has totalled some AUD50 million. 

“Three phases of support have been provided under the AusAID funded Electoral Support Program – ESP3 is presently in place and that team helping us to run a good election in 2012. More recently the Australian Civil Corps (ACC) has provided assistance across the full range of election activities. I am deeply indebted to Australia for its continued support.

“I also want to place on record my thanks to other donors not named. New Zealand has assisted with funding the Media Centre and shipping arrangements around Milne Bay and Bougainville; to China for the provision of translucent ballot boxes and also from Republic of Korea (South Korea) for donation of laptops.


Source: Post-Courier

Duma declares it’s time he gets PNG’s top job


Western Highlander and leader of the United Resources Party William Duma (pictured)  has announced that he is going for the country’s top political post.


“I have served my apprenticeship and I am now ready. I am confident of taking the Prime Minister’s post,” Mr Duma declared to over 3000 supporters from the Jiga Mugumana tribe yesterday.


“I feel for this country. Why is it so rich in resources like gold, copper, oil and gas and yet its people are so poor.’’

Mr Duma said for the last 19 years, the United Resources Party (URP had provided strong support to all the governments and have been faithful to them.

He said his party had learnt its lessons over the years and it was growing stronger and stronger while the rest of the political parties were crumbling.

“When you reach the top, there is no other way except down. All the other main political parties have reached the top with our support, now is our turn,” Mr Duma said.

Mr Duma called on Papua New Guineans to embrace the URP and vote its candidates to form the next government.

“A lot of people call me by all sorts of names but this short man was given a good brain by God. I am ready to take the top post,” he added.

He said his records were clean and as Minister responsible for Petroleum and Energy, he had laid the foundation for the economy for the next 40 years.

He is confident that URP will do well because the party has endorsed some of the best people this country has produced. 

The party’s election strategist Steven Pim agreed. 

“We are on top in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. Our candidates are doing well in Central. We are doing well all over the country,” he said. 

Mr Pim explained that URP- endorsed candidates were professional people who were leaders in their own professions and had what it takes to become members of Parliament and form Government to change this country for the better.

The announcement by Mr Duma brings to four the number of senior politicians from the highlands who have put their hands up for the country’s top political post. The others are THE Party leader Don Pomb Polye, incumbent PM and Peoples National Congress leader Peter O’Neill and Peoples Party leader Peter Ipatas. 





Source: The National

Bougainville’s K898,000 used to buy cars 


FUNDS totalling K898,200 were diverted from the 2012 ABG budget appropriation by officers outside of the normal system.

This was revealed in the Autonomous Bougainville Government parliament yesterday during question time by ABG Minister for Finance and Planning Albert Punghau.

He was replying to ABG member for Bolave Lawrence Uakai who wanted to know why another budget book was printed excluding some funds that were under the approved 2012 ABG appropriation.

Punghau said he was already aware of the funds that were diverted to buy cars for the administration.

He said the funds would be returned and officers concerned dealt with.

He said what the officers did was illegal and should not be repeated.

Meanwhile, Bougainvilleans are calling on the ABG president to immediately deal with officers diverting funds outside of the normal system.

They want the ABG to quickly set up an investigation into the matter.

The parliament sitting for June started yesterday and ends Friday.

It will also discuss the seventh anniversary celebration scheduled for June 15.


Source: The National

Locals end awareness on mine lease areas 


A PANGUNA landowners’ educational awareness programme for the six mine lease areas of Bougainville has been completed.

Co-ordinator Lawrence Daveona and the executives of the interim Panguna Landowners Association for the six mine lease villages carried out the awareness over six weeks.

Daveona travelled to the six mine lease area villages  covering the Lower tailings, Upper tailings, Special Mine Lease area villages, Port Mine Access Road, Radovan/Uruawa and Siokate customary land on the outskirts of Arawa Town.

The programme’s aim was to educate landowners on the global financial and business consequences of resource development in Papua New Guinea and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

An  international collaboration between Panguna mine lease area stakeholders and M.Cam-a finance corporation based in the US with operations throughout the world-created a presentation entitled “Global financial literacy: A basic analysis of financial structures effecting asset development in PNG and Autonomous Bougainville”.

The intention was to recognise the urgency of creating an informed dialogue for the consideration of the Bougainville copper and related lease areas.

It was conducted by Dr David Martin, CEO of M.Cam.

Martin’s final information sessions began at the Panguna mine site with several local landowners in attendance. 

He provided detailed information with respect to the corporate structure of Bougainville Copper Ltd and a review of the supra-constitutional nature of the Bougainville copper agreement drafted during Australian administration prior to independence.

The presentation showed the complex corporate structure designed to enrich foreign investors while providing minimal economic or social value to the country and the region.

It also highlighted the need for landowners to be fully aware of all economics of resource development including financing corporations, asset holding and leasing corporations, and other developer-related companies. 

Martin said many of these operator-affiliated companies shielded financial and physical assets from legal liabilities and damages within PNG.

The awareness also went into the no-go zone areas where the team met with the leader of Mekamui Defence Force, Chris Uma.

Daveona and his organisers are currently planning to expand their awareness to other parts of Bougainville using the University of PNG students and other interested stakeholders throughout the country.

Daveona said the awareness which originally was to target the six area villages have received overwhelming support to be extended to all parts of Bougainville.




Source: PNG television networks

Peter  O'Neill campaigning for 2012 (re-)elections




Source: Leonard Fong Roca Blog

Impact of a Panguna Mine Pit Lake

By Leonard Fong Roka

The Panguna Mine pit is about half a kilometre deep and two kilometres wide. Today it sleeps idle a scar of suffering in the heartland of Bougainville. Kilometres of gravel stretches and slopes surrounds the pit to the west and to the east, stands the imposing Pen hill (organic rock) brae that was butter-cut to the side of the central regions of the Crown Prince Range by the BCL; added on, is the rock spree and slip that slides to settle into the pit.

Panguna mine pit

In the early days of the BCL operations (1970s), the naturally occurring crust water systems that sprouted from the numerous sections of the pit, was drained by a pumping station mounted at the lowest section of the pit through a network of steel pipes to the surface. This was a costly exercise.

To minimise the cost of operations, BCL engaged a foreign specialized company to open a drainage tunnel network. A location right at my family’s piece of land was selected (in 2004, I erected my house right at the entrance and lived there ever since).

Pit Drainage tunnel entrance

From the entrance, the Panguna pit is around 6 kilometres to the north-east, but the company cut the tunnel straight east towards the Kongara area more than a hundred kilometres away but cut it short from continuing and redirected it towards the pit.

After mapping out their position some 3-400 metres below the pit, the company punched from the bottom of the pit, 1.5 metre in diameter steel pipes piece by piece through the crust to the tunnel below. After reaching it, the punched in 3 more and the job was done. The strategy was, every time the pit expanded down, a piece of the steel was cut. The pit experienced from JULY 1985 no nightmare of water built-up.

My concern today is the concentration of wash-out from the sides of the pit at the bottom. It threatens the intake vaults (of course, two were already permanently shut off). The remaining two, are near from their fate. And when they are shut, the Panguna pit will turn into a huge lake of water.   

The only lowest point that the reservoir can drain is through the main pit entry wing and out into the Kavarong River firstly, through the public vehicles pit-area entry tunnels. This water, however, washes away with it, tonnes of gravel that hosts the pit workshop section to the secondary crusher (a distance of half a kilometre).

Public vehicle pit area access tunnels

The flow of this washout from the Panguna Pit Lake shall further energize the naturally running Kavarong River along the ‘V-shape concrete Kavarong waterway that is already in a state of a long pond system after blocked by a huge landslide from the direction of the BCL Concentrator Zone (beyond this point, right below new Dapera village, the V-shaped water system is in better condition).

V-Shape Kavarong water way. Workable area beyond Dapera

Landslide affected zone of the Kavarong waterway near the BCL concentrator

Water filled sections of the water way near the former BCL light vehicle workshop

These combine forces of nature, will block the V-shape water way, around new Dapera and divert the water, through the lower section stretching from the secondary crusher to the B-40 workshop, into the more lower belt (5-10 metres lower) hosting the conveyor belt system that former supplied the spreaders kilometres away to the south-west that poured gravel into the Tumpusiong Valley (my home).

Spreader area

All these areas just mentioned, of course, before the mine came into existence, were the sky or tree tops enjoyed by the winged animals. The waste gravel from the pit area filled in the valley and today made it possible for human occupation.  Some dozens or hundreds of metres below is the pre-mining river bed of the Kavarong River.

Gravel brae above Pirurari village

Once the genesis is done, we face the catastrophic action of nature that is the Kavarong River trying to relocate its old bed as it washes with it billion tonnes of waste gravel down into the Tumpusiong Valley.

The washout will first consume the Pirurari village and move on into my section, where the Kavarong River is still searching for its apical bed.

Pirurari Village below

The Panguna-Jaba section of the highway into South Bougainville will be off once and for all. Affecting the economically vibrant South by cutting off the access to the Bougainville east coast areas like Arawa and Buka, for Bana district, this is the access not too costly from driving through Siwai to Buin and to Arawa.

For the Tumpusiong valley where many of us are now settled near the highway to the Southern districts and close to the banks of the polluted Kavarong River, this will cause us to resettle to the higher altitudes with some costs.

Tumpusiong Valley

This is a disaster soon to be unfolded for the Panguna District and the Bana District in South Bougainville.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

ABG President Chief JOHN MOMIS says that the Bougainville administration through the office of the Chief Administrator, LAWRENCE DISIN were in the process of studying the recommendations made previously by the Parliamentary Committee on Public Accounts headed by its chairman the member for Tsitalato, COSMAS SOHIA.

The ABG President said that previously all these recommendations were not given to the office of the Chief Administrator resulting in no actions taken to these recommendations.

The ABG President made these remarks when answering to questions by the member himself who wanted to know why recommendations made by the Public Accounts Committee in the past were not implemented.

He said that now this problem has been solved and the office of the Chief Administrator was working on these issues.

The President also revealed that these documents were only delivered to the office of the Administrator two weeks ago.




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Australian NSW Representative speaks to ABG Parliament


Hon Don. Harwin President of the Legislative Council in the New South Wales Parliament has been talking to ABG members in the ABG Parliament yesterday.  Pic by Aloysius Laukai

Buka island: ABG Goverment House




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


 By Aloysius Laukai


Members of the ABG today called for more funding compacted into individual members projects funds from the current ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND.

The member for Lato William Lavapua who introduced the motion said that the current funding was not enough for members to do sufficient projects in the rural communities.

Many of the members talked in support of the motion but wanted the normal system of service to be fully utilized instead of ABG members becoming fund distributers.


Source: Post-Courier

Locals demand money from candidates


A FEMALE candidate in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville has cried foul on the way locals were treating candidates who go to campaign in their area.

Francesca Semoso, a long time woman leader in the region and candidate contesting under the Peoples Party banner led by Peter Ipatas, has revealed that people in Buka, especially the Haku and Selau constituencies, were using the elections to make money.

She said that in Kokopau, people have built stages where they charged intending candidates cash to use their stage to campaign. 

She said that the people were charging K300 per independent candidate and K500 for those endorsed by parties for the use of the dais. 

Ms Semoso has called on Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen to come out clear and explain such practice, saying that this was illegal. 

She said that when she went out to campaign over the weekend at the market in the Haku constituency, she was approached by men who demanded that she pay K300 to campaign. She complained that people should understand that not all candidates were travelling around with money. 

She refused to pay and instead used her own equipment and just three minutes into her campaign, the men blasted their huge equipment and disturbed her with heir loud music and she eventually decided to pack up and leave. 

Bystanders who witnessed the incident almost destroyed the stage in retaliation when they turned up to listen to her, but she intervened and stopped what could have been a violent situation. 

She said that it was a very disheartening experience and as a female candidate, she was treated unfairly and it was a public humiliation which she described as totally unfair and uncalled for. 

But Ms Semoso said that she would not back down from campaigning, stating that this was the current situation in the North Bougainville area, especially in the Haku and Selau constituencies.


Source: Post-Courier

Nuau for Central Bougainville

PNG Party candidate for Central Bougainville, Lohial Nuau has vowed to restore basic government services in the electorate if he is given the mandate in the coming National General Election.

Speaking from Buka, the former social-scientist graduate from Unitech said after the crises and 20 years on, there is nil basic services of education, health and economic reaching his people of Central Bougainville.

Nuau who is synounymous with boxing and his good networking amongst the government bueracrats and politics believes he can be able to deliver services to the Autonmous region of Bougainville overall. He says he has built a good network as a former public servant and the sports administrator. The former Department of Petroleum employee said he is confident he is the right leader to be able to deliver goods and services. 

“I have been in the government system, and with today’s politics of good networking, I am confident that I can deliver the services to my people who have been neglected for over two decades now,” he said confidently from Buka.

He is supported by the Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah’s party, the PNG Party. As sports administrator, Mr Nuau believes that politics and sports can work in partnership to deliver goods and services to the people. 

“Sports knows no barrier. It brings people from all walks of life together in one-ness and unity. Through sports, Central Bougainville and PNG can receive benefits if the right people are elected into the National Parliament.

Mr Nuau said boxing is like many other sports which involve unemployed youths to become part of the community.





Source: The National

Semoso targets trauma on Bougainville 


A SOCIAL worker who has returned from overseas training is ready to tackle  trauma cases  on the island.

Francis Semoso is the first Bougainvillean to undertake this course at the Mindanao Peace Institute in the Phillipines, through funding from the United Nations Development Project (UNDP) and the Leitana Nehan Women’s Development  Agency (LNWDA).

He said it was almost 15 years after the infamous Bougainville crisis ended, but the people who lived through the crisis were still traumatised by the event.

Many social issues arising within families and communities were  the direct cause of this (trauma) which individuals never realised.

Semoso, project officer-masculinity with the LNWDA, said this after returning from the Philippines where he participated in a three-week course on “Community trauma and peace building”.

The training was a bonus for someone with vast experience as a social worker in Bougainville.

“Trauma in Bougainville is caused by the loss of family members and loss of family assets.

“With the training I received, I am now going to team up with other community-based organisations in Bougainville, NGOs, the national government and the Autonomous Bougainville Government to combat this pressing issue,” Semoso said.

The three-week training he received was based on:

l    Peace education concept and approaches;

l    Peace education training programme design; and

l    Community trauma and peace building programme.

“By the time I get to Buka, I will start drafting trauma counseling and peace building programmes for the region,” he said.


Source: The National

Bougainville NGO says more people want to leave Carteret Islands 

TULELE Pasia, a non-governmental organisation in Bougainville says more people want to move out of the flood-prone Carteret Islands.

The islands are regularly inundated by sea water, affecting the lives of the islanders.

Tulele Pasia has for years been working to relocate families to Tinputz on the Bougainville mainland. So far six families had moved.

Spokesperson Ursula Rakova said their aim was to relocate 1,700 people by 2020 at four different sites.

She said residents were now keen to leave the islands.

“Right now there are more people willing to sign up to move to mainland Bougainville because of the lack of food that can be grown,” she said.

“The population is also increasing, the land is getting short and basically no available land suitable for growing a lot of food crops.” – RNL 




Source: Radio New Zealand International

Top PNG policeman Yakasa arrested and charged

A senior Papua New Guinea policeman, Fred Yakasa (pictured), will appear in court today after being arrested yesterday and charged for depriving the political right of Prime Minister Peter O’ Neill and his cabinet ministers last December.


Mr Yakasa was the Police Commissioner appointed by Mr O’Neill’s rival for the Prime Ministership, Sir Michael Somare.

The Acting Deputy Police Commissioner and Chief of Operations Simon Kauba says police acted on a formal complaint by Mr O’Neill.

It is alleged that Mr Yakasa and a group of officers set up a barricade around the precincts of Government House in a move to prevent Mr O’Neill and his fellow parliamentarians from being sworn into office.





Source: The National

Yakasa arrested, charged for obstructing MPs 


CHIEF Supt Fred Yakasa has been charged with one count of “interfering with the political liberty of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and others” last December, a senior police officer said yesterday.

Acting Deputy Police Commissioner and Chief of Operations, Simon Kauba, said police acted on a formal complaint by O’Neill and arrested Yakasa yesterday as he was coming out of the Waigani Court premises.

Police alleged that at the height of the political impasse, Yakasa and some policemen set up a barricade around the precincts of Government House on Dec 12 and 13 in a move to prevent O’Neill and his fellow parliamentarians from being sworn into office.

“In doing so Yakasa and his group of policemen had contravened Section 79 (1) of the PNG Criminal Code Act Chapter 262,” Kauba said in a statement.

Kauba alleged that Yakasa had, by intimidation, interfered with the free exercise of the political right O’Neill and his cabinet ministers had to see Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio.

Yakasa, 47, of Watumanda village in Wabag, Enga province, was taken to police headquarters in Port Moresby and interviewed before being charged, Kauba said.

He was later taken to Boroko Police station and released on his own recognisance.

Kauba said because of the political nature and sensitivity of this case, the investigators had to work on this case meticulously and in a professional manner to eliminate any perception of bias before arresting Yakasa.

Yakasa will appear in Waigani Committal Court at 9.30am today.

Yakasa was appointed commissioner of police by Sir Michael Somare after the Supreme Court last December recognised the Grand Chief as the legitimate prime minister.

When The National telephoned Yakasa yesterday, he said: “I am at the Boroko police station going through the normal process.”

Yakasa’s lawyer David Dotaona said his client was charged for his part in allegedly preventing O’Neill and others from entering Government House last Dec 12 and 13, to be sworn in by the Governor-General.

Dotaona said Yakasa was leaving the court premises after attending his case with Tom Kulunga over the commissioner’s post when he was picked up.

“The way they treated him was not good as heavy handed tactics were applied,” he said.

“He is not a common criminal.

“They should have accorded him the courtesy to present himself for questioning,” Dotaona said.


Source: Radio New Zealand International

Bougainville library gets help from Wellington counterpart

A new library being built in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville is set to benefit from expert help from New Zealand’s Victoria University Library.

The campaign to build the libarary is led by author Lloyd Jones, whose book, ’Mr Pip’ is set in Bougainville in 1991, during the decade-long civil war.

Mr Jones says the library building itself is expected to be completed towards the end of the year and they’re lucky to have Victoria University Library on board to mentor the Bougainville library staff and provide them with expertise.

“Victoria university has been really helpful, aiding us with developing a collections and management policy, this policy will guide the operation of the library. There are a whole lot of disciplines around operating a library, clearly. Before the books actually leave New Zealand and go to Bougainville, they’re going to catalogue them.”


Lloyd Jones says the local librarians will then be trained, and outreach programmes will need to be undertaken so locals can learn to interact with and use the library.


Source: Radio New Zealand International

Focus in Bougainville shifting to literacy rates, says Mr Pip novellist

The author of Mr Pip, Lloyd Jones (pictured), says with the building of a library in Bougainville going well, the focus is now shifting to creating community activities that will help raise literacy rates.


Lloyd Jones’ Booker Prize nominated book Mr Pip is set in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville, and he heads the campaign to build a library there.


Mr Jones says building the library itself is expected to be completed towards the end of the year.


“Beyond just putting books in a library we have to think about all the kinds of community activities to do with raising literacy rates, getting people to read and write their own stories, all these kinds of things. We thought it would be a good idea to provide very short term residencies, eventually. Different people would go up there and spend some time with kids in classrooms.”


Lloyd Jones says the two to four week residencies would aim to teach children how to develop their own interests in creative areas, and ultimately develop their own written story-telling.




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


 By Aloysius Laukai

 The ABG Minister for Finance and Planning, ALBERT PUNGAU yesterday revealed that some changes were made by officers at the planning office on the ABG’s 2012 budget without the government’s knowledge.

 He was responding during question time to calls by the member for BOLAVE, LAWRENCE WAKAI who wanted to know if rumours that a new budget book was printed changing figures from the ABG approved Budget.

 Finance minister Albert Punghau revealed that there were some changes to the budget but that the move was illegal and would not be implemented.

 He assured the House that this ministry and the ABG is working to fix the situation.

 New Dawn FM carries live Questions without notice in parliament.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Minister calls for all to respect the environment

 By Tapo Tovilu


The minister for environment and conservation and ABG member for Rau in the Wakunai today challenged the people of Bougainville to respect the environment.

 He was speaking at the environment day celebrations at the Bel Isi Park this morning.

 He told listeners that the environment was very important for the survival of the human race.

 He says that damaging the environment is like taking away air from the atmosphere endangering human health.

 He made a call to the people of Bougainville to care for the environment as it was the source of life and without it will not be alive.

 He also congratulated the BUC for their initiative in launching their environment campaign in the Buka town area.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

BUC launchers environment campaign

 By Tapo Tovilu


The Buka Urban Council today to commemorate environment day launched an environment campaign.

 This was revealed by BUC manager Brenda Tohiana in her speech at the Flora Cultural show case today at the Bel Isi Park.

 She confirmed that the BUC would be engaged in the new campaign which will see the transformation of Buka town into a greener town.

 She says because of climate change the days are getting hotter so they plan to plant more trees in the town area.

 While saying this she also called on the general public to respect and look after the newly planted trees which will be planted around Buka town.

 She made these comments following past experience where newly planted plants are at times destroyed before they are fully grown.

 She called on the general public to take part in the campaign by looking after the trees and plants which will be planted.




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Environment Day in Buka

 By Tapo Tovilu


The people of Buka especially in the areas within Buka town started the day with a cleaner thon led by the Bank of South Pacific workers to commemorate the World Enviroment Day.

 They led a group of workers, family members and the general public with a clean a thon from Hutjena to Buka town.

 The day also included a flora cultural show showcasing different flowers in Buka by mothers at the Bel Isi Park.

 The day ended with a concert also show casing the different plant species in Bougainville’s flora and fauna.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Airport crossing causing concern

 By Tapo Tovilu


Bike racing on Buka runway


The constant airport crossing in Buka is becoming a concern with the new flight schedules and increased airport activity.

A proposed fence project which was to cover the whole length of the airport has not come about due to financial matters.

 Airport staffs have called on authorities to enclose the runway area as the daylight crosses might cause havoc.

 The CCA has also been called on to put tougher penalties on the current trend on run way crossers.




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Voters warned to choose wisely

 By Tapo Tovilu


A village leader in the Tonsu Peit area in Buka has called on his people to vote leaders wisely this election.

 He says that Bougainville since autonomy has not changed at all and needs more effort in order for Bougainville to meet its referendum timeline.

 He says that Bougainville must be ready for the upcoming referendum in 2015 calling on the people to vote good leaders for this to eventuate.

 He called on all to consider their future and not what goods were to be provided during this time of campaign.

 He also called on the people of Bougainville to not be involved in any election related violence adding that Bougainville must have a peaceful trouble free election.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Philippines Cocoa expert in Bougainville

 By Tapo Tovilu


A three men Philippines delegation consisting of a COCOA expert touched down in Buka on last Saturday.

 The team will be visiting major cocoa farms in the region to see possibilities of establishing a major cocoa direct export cooperation in Bougainville.

 Bougainville being in the past one of the leading cocoa producers has the ability to reach a high standard in cocoa export.

 A spokesman from the team says that from previous visits they are certain that with the technology they have they can help bring the cocoa industry back up.

 He says that their visit will be mainly focused on scooping out areas in Bougainville which have high yielding capabilities.

 The team will be departing Bougainville on the 16 of this month and will return on a later date with their findings.




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG HOUSE of representatives started sitting for the JUNE SESSION at 2pm this afternoon.

When the house commenced the speaker ANDREW MIRIKI announced the pressence of a delegation from New South Wales Parliament visiting the region.


The Australian New South Wales parliament has a twinning arrangement with the ABG parliament since the last house.


Under this arrangement the New South Wales parliament is assisting with capacity building of the ABG.


The sitting will end this Friday.



 <  Andrew Miriki





Source: Radio New Zealand International

Carteret islanders keen to move to PNG’s Bougainville

A non-government organisation in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville says more and more people want to move off the flood-threatened Carteret Islands.

The tiny islands are regularly inundated by sea water, compromising the islanders’ living conditions.

The NGO, Tulele Peisa, has for several years been working to relocate families to the Bougainville mainland at Tinputz.

So far six families have moved but spokesperson for Tulele Peisa, Ursula Rakova, says their aim is to accommodate 1,700 people by 2020 at four different sites.

She says there is now a lot less reluctance to leave the Carterets.

“Right now there are more and more people willing to sign up to move to mainland Bougainville because of the lack of sufficient food that can be grown on the islands, the population is also increasing, the land is getting shorter and basically not available land suitable for growing a lot of food crops.”






Source: Post-Courier

Downstream policy crucial for PNG


AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s bold stand in telling Australians mining giants that they do not own resources is something for Papua New Guinea’s Prime Ministers and elected leaders to learn from.

“If Australian Prime Minister can tell the mining bosses face to face “you don’t own the resources”, why has it been so difficult for the current Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, and his predecessors and successor to come out and say the same thing to our exploiters in this country?” resources and landowners advocate and the former Vice President of Mama Papa Graun Party Simon Ekanda asked.

“Ms Gillard is a real Australian national leader to stand up against the corporate giants and tell them straight away that her people own the resources and deserve better than crap.”

I can’t see this in PNG. When will our Prime Minister and Ministers tell the mining, petroleum, fisheries, forestry, palm oil, and other resources’ bosses “enough is enough. You don’t own the resources. Papua New Guineans own and deserve better and maximum benefits and have control over their resources” Mr Ekanda said.

Ms Gillard’s blunt gauntlet to big mining bosses in Australia last week where she told them “you don’t own the resources” is a vote of confidence for his fight to retain resource ownership by indigenous,’ he told the Post Courier this week.

“Papua New Guinean Prime Ministers and leaders should open their ears and eyes to hear and see what Gillard has to tell exploiters straight away then being proxies.

“It’s time now for the PNG Government to take a bold stand like Australia and say, “enough of being exploited and extracted,” Mr Ekanda added.

The National Capital District Regional Seat candidate who has been so vocal on transfer of resources from State to landowners and a critique of the multibillion PNG LNG Projects Agreement also stressed that the laws crafted by Australia are well planned and a secret that Australia wants to keep Papua New Guineans poor and incapable of standing on their own to develop their resources.

“Our current constitution and resources laws made by Parliament are on advice from Australians, Europeans and other foreigners who have their interest in our resources so that they can come in indirectly using their multi corporation to extract and exploit our resources.

Thirty-six years of being an independent sovereign nation and yet successive government have done nothing to retain and develop our own resources by a means of an onshore downstream investment policy.

Are we going to keep on exporting our gold bars, oil barrels, liquefied natural gas, round logs, oil palm and copra and cocoa to to be processed and imported into the country with a higher prices?

When will a truly Papua New Guinea government build downstream process plants to manufacture all our natural resources that will benefits the country in terms of economic returns, employment opportunities, increased tax revenues and other benefits associated. This will in turn alleviate poverty and improve the livelihood of Papua New Guineans,” he stressed.

Mr Ekanda and his legal team who are behind the proposed Kondra Bill to change the Mining and Petroleum Acts which gives mining and petroleum developers absolute rights to extract at the point of granting a mining or petroleum licence believe that if the resources ownership is transferred back to the resources owners; it will benefit both the government, resources and developer on a win to win situation.However, the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum and other major mining and petroleum developer have opposed the move to the change of resources ownership back to the landowners from the State saying it would “scare away investors and is not good for the long term of the country. They say only a few resource owners will be benefiting,”


Source: The National

Ex-sports administrator vies for Central Bougainville seat 


SPORTS administrator Lohial Nuau is contesting the election because he wants to see the living standard of his people lifted.

After 20 years of suffering from the Panguna crisis, the geologist said it was time to enter parliament and do something for people in Central Bougainville.

He is standing as a member of Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah’s PNG Party.

Nuau said the people of Central Bougainville were still way behind in terms of development.

After the crisis, basic services such as education and health had stopped, he said.

The former PNG boxing association president said politics and sports should work together in delivering goods and services to the people.

Sports activities involve many youths which is a way to address the law and order problems.

He intends to use his networking as a former public servant and sports administrator to deliver services to the people.

Nuau said he has joined the PNG Party because he strongly believed that it was time for a change.

He wants to be part of a team who will deliver services to the people.





Source: Post-Courier

New Bougainville leaders hold key


THE 2012 National General Elections for Bougainville is paramount and important because the political leaders chosen will be the “front liners” for the region’s road to referendum and independence.

And all Bougainvilleans have been urged to vote wisely, look at leaders who have the heart for Bougainville and not those who will take the region for a ride.

Already, the Autonomous Bougainville Government is way behind with is “road to referendum”, the drawdown of powers have not been addressed at all in the last 10 months, the weapons disposal program, the capacity and its public service machinery, the mining aspect, the total road to recovery and many more issues are yet to be addressed by both the ABG and the National Government. This is also including the factions of Bougainville hardliners, the Noah-Musingku regime and the Me’ekamui team together with ABG.

There will be a total of 69 candidates who have nominated to contest the various seats in Bougainville. Their candidates come from strong political parties like the Melanesian Alliance, the National Alliance, THE Party, PNG Party, PNC Party, People’s Party, People’s United Assembly, Peoples Movement for Change Party, Social Democratic Party, United Resource Party.






Source: The Fidji Times ONLINE

Delegates can learn from TLTB: Qetaki

by Repeka Nasiko

THE iTaukei Land Trust Board believes visiting Pacific government delegates can learn from TLTB, says general manager Alipate Qetaki (pictured).

Mr Qetaki said this before making presentations to a delegation of Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) in Sigatoka this weekend.

He said their presentations would focus on informing the delegation on TLTB as a model that had been around for over 71 years.

TLTB and the iTaukei landowners have contributed immensely to Fijis socio-economic development and growth over the years and the evidence is there for all to see, through making of iTaukei lands available for leasing purposes.

The ABG and PNG (Papua New Guinea) governments can learn from TLTB, said Mr Qetaki.

He said TLTBs presentation would be part of the presentation by the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs and on behalf of the iTaukei institutions which include the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, the iTaukei Affairs Board and the iTaukei Lands Commission (TLC).

Mr Qetaki said the objective of the presentations was to discuss the legal framework of the trusteeship, management and administration of iTaukei lands.

Also discussed will be TLTBs core roles and how TLTB consults with landowners on development issues, requirements for the issue of leases and licences on iTaukei lands, the iTaukei reserves and issues surrounding reserve lands, TLTBs finances and management of trust funds and TLTBs organisation structure and human resources requirements for the effective administration of iTaukei lands.

The ABG officials are currently touring the country before moving to Tonga later this week.





Source: Post-Courier

Semoso case on next week


BOUGAINVILLE Regional member Fidelis Semoso has a case to answer in relation to allegations of misconduct in office charges against him.

That’s the ruling of the Leadership Tribunal comprising chairman Justice Salatiel Lenalia, Magistrates Ignatius Kurei and Nerie Eliakim when they dismissed an application by him for a no case submission on the grounds that there was no evidence to sustain the charges.

Senior Magistrate Nerie Eliakim who delivered the ruling on behalf of the other two members said: “The leader’s first leg of the submission seems to have been misconstrued. Firstly, this tribunal is empowered by the Constitution to investigate and determine the allegations of misconduct in office levelled against the leader. 

“The tribunal therefore is required only to inquire into the conduct of the leader and not his guilt. 

There is a huge difference and must be so, between a tribunal inquiring into a leader’s conduct and a court presiding over a criminal offence. 

The latter is required by law to be satisfied beyond any reasonable doubt the guilt of the accused and a lawful conviction can only stand upon the prosecutions proving each and every ‘element’ of the offence or charge.”

She explained further that in a leadership tribunal, the Ombudsman Commission has referred the leader’s case contained in the Statement of Reasons to the Public Prosecutor who then requested the Chief Justice for a tribunal to bet set up. 

The prosecutor is therefore not prosecuting the case but is acting in a capacity as Counsel assisting the tribunal in inquiring into the leader’s conduct. 

As counsel assisting the tribunal, he is only required to provide evidence to prove allegations of misconduct under the leadership code and not to prove any elements to prove guilt, as technically, there is none.

They dismissed the application and directed that the leader opens his case and adjourned for a week to allow him to call his witnesses.

Meanwhile, suspended Minister and Member for Kikori Mark Maipakai will know by next Wednesday the penalties of the seven charges that he admitted on late filing of annual returns and the allegation of extra marital affairs.

His counsel Paul Paraka has submitted that the tribunal impose a fine on all the allegations against him while the Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin has asked for 

the leader to be dismissed from office.


Source: Post-Courier

Farmers form group


A group of dedicated and very hardworking people in Buka Island have formed a business group to rehabilitate Cocoa plantations with a major aim to export overseas and to improve the standard of living for village people.

The Malasang Cooperative Society was officially registered on Monday but was formed in March this year, and has already attracted a good 344 members and still rising.

The society is chaired by prominent Buka businessman Cornelius Sawa and the deputy is John Lerrin and already they have a field officer and operations manager John Bitom.

According to field officer John Bitom, the society and its members are now working on a 60 hectare Cocoa block. “Mainly we are now on the rehabilitation process whereby we are prooning and cleaning old Cocoa trees so that they can bear Cocoa pods, Wednesdays and Fridays are the member’s working days. Mr. Bitom said.

“Our main aim is to develop blocks for small holders in four groups, here in Malasang village number three.” He said.

The society has already ordered a total of, 60,000 nursery seedlings and they have a nursery area of 25 by 13 metres to store the seedlings where they will germinate and be replanted to replace old Cocoa trees.

“We are all contributing to Bougainville’s economy and also to put a touch for us once again on the world market in which, Papua New Guinea does not provide enough volume to meet international standard, but because of the flavour of our Cocoa w are up there.” Mr. Bitom said.

“Our main aim is to improve the standard of Living, Rehabilitate Cocoa plantations, and once we get the certain amount needed, we have a vision of exporting direct to overseas, instead of using other companies as middle man and the money these Companies get contributes nothing to the development of Bougainville.” He said.


The Malasang Cooperative Society has wasted no time in reviving cocoa farming. As shown in this picture these three gentlemen (Left to right) John Girana (With saw) Peter Yako and field officer John Bitom cleaning a Cocoa tree which is one of the Society’s initiatives.




Source: Post-Courier

Melanesian Alliance Party endorses 50 candidates

MELANESIAN Alliances (MA) Party General Secretary Nick Klapat has confirmed that 50 MA candidates will be contesting various seats throughout the country.

These candidates had their records checked by the police and also have good reputations at the community, District, Provincial, national and international levels. 

These candidates include former Rabaul MP and former African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Secretariat General Secretary Sir John Kaputin who will contest the East New Britain Regional. Others include former Kiriwina-Goodengough MP and Higher education Minister Brian Puliyasi, former Mining Minister and Central Bougainville MP Sam Akoita and former National Parliament clerk and Autonomous Region Of Bougainville (AROB) Administrator Simon Pentanau.

Mr Puliyasi will contest the Kiriwina-Goodenough, Mr Akoita for Central Bougainville and Mr Pentanau for AROB Regional seats.Other candidates are Simon Eyork (Telefomin Open), Rodney Kane (Vanimo-Green Open), Johnson Rayaprum(Aitape-Lumi Open), Morgan Gwangilo(Maprik Open), Alphones Saiho(Yangoru-Sausia Open ),John Kamalua Wauru(Bogia Open ), Kikereng Wargem(Sumkar Open), Lison Soma(Usino-Bundi Open), Sama Melembo(Raicoast Open), Andrew Ariako(Madang Regional), Geeman Goitia(Huon Gulf Open), Rudia Afius (Menyama Open), Alex Palai(Finchafen Open), Ori Posi(Markham Open), Browen Kiki(Lae Open), Sipora Bendum (Bulolo Open), Daphine Togale Melau (Tewai-Siasi Open),Kem Hesingut(Morobe Regional), John Kwarara(Rigo Open),Philomina Lala(Kairuku-Hiri Open), Russell Wauwik (Moresby North-West Open), Angela Filer Mandie(Moresby North- East Open), Norman Kanai Oma(South Fly Open), Noka Konda (South Fly Open), Ps Lapia Danaya(Middle fly Open ), Aiwa Sawa (Western Province Regional),Fr Klower (Ijivitari Open), Caroline Abani(Alotau Open),Augustine Johnatan (Esa-la Open), Steven Nesai (Milne Bay Regional), Pedi Anis(Kavieng Open), Fr Bruno(Namatanai Open), Antony Joseph Bem(North Bougainville Open), Francis Magel(Rabaul Open), Samuel Sam Manikot(Gazelle Open) , Camillus Vorei(Talasia Open), Peterson Afore(Henganofi Open), Tom Nunuwei(Goroka Open), Chris Samson(Daulo Open), Nimo Kama(Obura- Woninara Open), Paul Bin Wiwi(Gumine Open), Jacob Numapo(Chuave Open), Thomas Dagi(Hagen Open), Thomas Mek Kumini(Jiwaka Regional), Wasu Amu(Laigap –Porgera Open), Sosoro Kosi(Nipa-Kutubu Open) and Benias Peri(Koroba-Lake Kopiago Open ).Mr Klapat said that MA’s founding fathers John Momis, the late Bernard Narokobi with Sir John were behind the drawing up of the National constitution. “It is a bonus for the nation to have Sir John back to defend and strengthen the national constitution which is currently been trampled on by the current politicians. And MA will be out to campaign throughout the country to restore the national constitution. We are a Party that strongly believes in the constitution.”


Source: PNG Attitude

Takuu - My atoll, my home, place of my ancestors




MY ISLAND OF TAKUU/MORTLOCK lies about 250km northeast of Kieta in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. 


Takuu is the name given to the southernmost and largest of the islands. This island is distinctively broken in half where one half makes up the cemetery and the other half make up our individual family gardens. It is common knowledge that cemetery and gardens hold a very high significance in any cultural society.


We come from the land of Takuu but in actual fact our population inhabits the neighbouring island to Takuu called Nukutoa.


It is a well known fact that Takuu islanders have grown ‘taro’ for nearly as long as the Chinese has grown rice and the land has provided so generously over the years despite the water table rising.


We also have banana and coconuts that are well suited to our environment and provides for us all year round just as the taro does. Taro for us has a lot of value and is used a lot in many important traditional gatherings.


Then there is the cemetery where our ancestors and those lost rest. So many generations rest on this island, their graves are decorated with their belongings whether it is a cup, a plate or even their clothes. If we leave we contradict what our very own culture has taught us and that is to respect our dead and families of those buried lose everything of sentimental value.


For some time now it has been evident that sea levels have risen due to climate change and tectonic plate movement, threatening not only food crops but my island home’s very existence.


We are not the only atoll affected by the forces of climate change. Also sharing the same fate are our neighbouring atolls Nuguria/Fead, Nukumanu/Tasman and the Cartarets.


The Papua New Guinea government has come up with a plan to relocate my people to mainland Bougainville but this is yet to be fully implemented.


Among the young people there is growing acceptance that maybe it is time to move on, but for the majority of the older generation it is hard for them to accept this change.


I am strongly against the relocation of my people and will present to you a few facts as to why we should not move.


Takuu has many exquisitely divine islands that surround it and all of them have something in common - and that is their white exotic sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Amongst these are two main attractions that say so much about our history and should be preserved. 

The first attraction is the ruins of Queen Emma Forsayth’s house on one of our surrounding islands called Amotu; and the second is on one of our other surrounding islands called Nukerekia, a pristine island that is our best kept treasure.


Queen Emma came to inhabit Takuu in the latter half of the nineteenth century, not long after a drought and an epidemic had hit the island very badly. It was during this population decimation that ‘Queen Emma’, who was of American and Samoan parentage, bravely set a goal to establish a local cocoa plantation which she successfully did as she had done in New Guinea. To this day her house ruins, though weathered, still remain untouched on the island of Amotu.


Nukerekia, on the other hand, is located on the north western side of Takuu and is known to us islanders as Bird Island because it has a reputation for birds laying their eggs on the sand where they are left untouched by all who visit the place.


This treasure of ours has been preserved in its natural state by our ancestors for many generations before us, meaning custom has taught us never to take anything from this island when we visit. Even a tiny shell is prohibited.


I believe our traditions must be maintained no matter what the cost. We cannot lose these very important pieces of our history and we must do everything in our power to preserve them just as our ancestors have protected them for years.


I strongly feel that one must take into consideration the importance of education before relocation is carried out.


Education is very limited back home due to a number of contributing factors and without the proper knowledge and skills our people will not survive in a modern society apart from the village life they’ve always known.


The two major contributing factors as to why education is limited are due to the lack of transport to and from the island and the remoteness of the island. The only means of getting to the island is by ship and in cases of emergencies, helicopter.


When there is a delay in the ship’s schedule, it delays the transport of school learning materials which in turn slows down classes for children. Most times they never reach the island, so the school is forced to withdraw students until supplies arrive, which sometimes takes up to a year.


The remoteness of the island discourages a lot of teachers from taking up their post resulting in a shortage of teachers and, when this happens, the school is forced to withdraw students temporarily until a teacher shows up.  In most cases they repeat the next year when a teacher is available to teach that particular grade.


Villagers who have lived their whole lives on the island are unfamiliar with modern technology.


If you look at the life of an average islander and compare it to a person living in modern society you’ll notice that there are hardly any similarities between the two.


Girls and boys spend their days learning to tackle the day-to-day chores of an average village in which boys are taught to master the art of fishing, making a canoe, gardening and basic carpentry and girls are taught to garden, weave baskets and mats, cook and wash clothes.


Our people are not prepared to relocate to a modernised society where education is essential for survival. If we relocate our people to mainland Bougainville it will mean culture shock for our people and their lives will change immensely.


Their normal day-to-day routine will be ruined and without a proper education most families won’t be able to afford the normal necessities in life like food, water, healthcare and school fees just to name a few and this alone can threaten our peoples’ existence.


Our forefathers have fertilised our very gardens with the dust of their bones so how can we just turn our backs on them and leave this island. If we lose this island we lose everything.


People can say that we must move forward with the times but we must move forward in the right way; without our ancestors we wouldn’t have made it this far.


If we leave our island and relocate to mainland Bougainville as proposed by the government then we face losing our many attractions, our beautiful surrounding exotic islands, the cemetery that holds the evidence of our past, the gardens our forefathers worked hard to toil and most importantly respect for our heritage.


Another important thing that we risk losing is our traditional etiquette that has always been compulsory for both females and males with most emphasis being placed on the role of a woman. In our society since women are more restricted than men, we are taught from a very young age how custom requires us to dress and behave at all times.


Our main attractions tell the story of our people and how our island came to be. All our exotic islands have meaning and a history of their own and if we move all that will remain is our traditional songs and dances that have been passed down from generation to generation to tell all our children and many generations after of our history and someday that will not be enough


Yes, it is clearly evident that the sea is rising but there has to be a better solution than relocation.


I took the time to sit with one of my uncles the other day and I just listened to the way he spoke of this island and of what it meant to him and I realised this is their home, the only life they have ever known.


It is because of this island that I have learnt where my roots lay. It has taught me to value the beauty of life itself and to never ever take anything as beautiful for granted ever again.


It breaks my heart to know that my home might one day cease to be but I will never stop fighting and neither will our people.


Relocation must be a last resort and not just considered because it is an easy and quick solution. If we leave our identity will be eroded and perhaps even lost forever!























The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC)