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Reuters to decorate ESBC

Today, the European Shareholder’s (ESBC) homepage  had been recognized by international news service provider Reuters. As long as Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) does not provide an own investor relations site the news network will refer to the ESBC’s site as research source for investors. Currently the official site of Bougainville Copper Limited is under construction due to major technical problems of its IT service provider. During that period the ESBC homepage provides the only information pool worldwide on BCL. The homepage offers news and documents on round about 700 pages.






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Phoenix from the Ashes!

Four to six billion US Dollar will be poured into Bougainville soon!

„We appreciate a lot Mr Coleman’s promising statement, published in the PNG Post-Courier on Tuesday ,” said the president of Bougainville Copper’s European shareholders (ESBC), Axel G. Sturm in Andorra. “The four to six billions US-Dollar (eight to twelve billion Kina) that is projected for the re-opening of the dormant Panguna mine in Central Bougainville will bring a sudden impact for the island’s suffering economy.”  

Already in January 2012, Autonomous Bougainville Government Vice President Patrick Nisira had predicted that “the re-entry into Panguna by … Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) can be made possible by the end of 2012”. He may be right. 

BCL company secretary Paul Coleman is quite confident: He says that the progress on reopening the mine has moved forward, it is steady and it’s heading in the right direction.

The next weeks are supposed to be crucial. If everything works well, Bougainville may face next year its biggest change ever. It might rise like Phoenix from the ashes!




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Does Bougainville Need “RAMBO”?

During his visit to Australia, Solomon Islands Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo stated last week that “the presence of RAMSI has been vital in allowing things to get back to normal in Solomon Islands (SI)”.
The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) is a partnership between the people and Government of Solomon Islands and fifteen countries of the Pacific.
RAMSI arrived in Solomon Islands in July 2003 at the request of the Solomon Islands Government. Since then, much has been achieved and Solomon Islands is continuing on its path to recovery.
Ensure the safety and security of Solomon Islands.
Repair and reform the machinery of government, improve government accountability and improve the delivery of services in urban and provincial areas. 
Improve economic governance and strengthen the government’s financial systems. 
Help rebuild the economy and encourage sustainable broad-based growth. 
Build strong and peaceful communities. 
All these services are desperately needed in the so called North-Solomon region - in Bougainville and the surrounding islands - as well. 

RAMSI is helping Solomon Islanders get their nation working and growing again. That will take years of hard work. Nothing will change unless Solomon Islanders want change and are willing to work hard in support of a common cause.

“It seems that RAMSI is quite successful in its work,” says the President of the European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC), Mr. Axel G. Sturm and adds: “I even believe that military presence as in the SI won’t be needed in Bougainville although the situation on the island reminded me sometimes a bit of the pre-RAMSI times on the Solomon Islands. News like the plundering of Chinese shops in Buka, the arson of the three Rabaul Shipping vessels in March, roadblocks on the island or even stories about a self-proclaimed king who manages his fraudulent financial business relations by satellite phone from his jungle camp are not really encouraging for foreign investors.”

But these investors from abroad are urgently needed now to build up Bougainville’s economy in the way as it was outlined by President Momis recently.

“My hope is,” says Mr. Sturm, “that all Bougainvilleans will be willing to learn from their Melanesian brothers in Honiara and that they will take in consideration some kind of Bougainvillean “RAMSI” support. This could then be called RAMBO (Regional Assistance Mission for Bougainville) It can bring the island forward towards a better future and perhaps even an important step nearer to independence!”





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The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper Limited (ESBC) welcome that Mr. Jean-Sébastien Jacques (picture) joined the company's board of directors. "We understand this as a strong committment to the future of Bougainville Copper and the re-opening of the Panguna mine," says ESBC President Axel G. Sturm. Mr. Jacques is the London based President of Rio Tinto's copper operations.

Since many years no senior Rio Tinto officer had attended Bougainville Copper's board if directors. 






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ESBC declare war on short selling! 

“We want to stop fraudulent manipulation in BOC/BOU1 shares,” said the President of the European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC), Axel G. Sturm, on Monday in Andorra. “Therefore we ask all shareholders of Bougainville Copper (BCL) to put their shares at a high price (AUD 25 to AUD 30) for sale! This will prevent custody banks from using these shares for un-authorized lending to short sellers!”

“Short selling generated huge losses in Bougainville Copper shares within the last year”, says Mr. Sturm, “As a result  of short selling the share price plunged under AUD 1 since January 2011. This happened although all news flow from Bougainville had been very positive during that period. The green light for re-opening our Panguna mine is a question of a couple of months only. “

Bougainville Copper shares are supposed to have a fair value of AUD 30 to AUD 50. The exact price – of course – depends on the actual market prices of copper, gold, silver and molybdenum. On the other hand BCL is highly vulnerable to market manipulation: Less than 30 percent of BCL are in free float. (the international mining giant Rio Tinto owns 54 percent and the state of Papua New Guinea 19 percent

Please find out more about the European shareholder’s (ESBC) claim in the text below:

Stop Share Price Manipulation - now! 

Please support us! You’ve got the Power! 

For several months now the share price of Bougainville Copper Limited (BOC/BOU1) has been pushed down heavily by short sellers: Since the beginning of 2011 it has been more than 60 percent after all! This is despite the fact that today’s news flow from Bougainville is more promising than ever. The Australian Securities Exchange ASX has reacted to this by improving short selling rules.  Since August 23rd, 2011 no more short selling in BOC shares was reported.

This “ban”, however, is undermined by U.S. and other traders and successfully circumvented. Background: A majority of the stocks held by private investors is deposited with custodian banks. They register those shares in the share register (under so-called custodian banks) who then lend on our shares for short sales against a fee without the owner’s knowledge.

In this context even the ASX is powerless because this business is conducted in a semi-legal but grey area and therefore very difficult to prove. There are only two ways to prevent that our shares will be used for unauthorized short selling. The first is a nominated entry in the Bougainville Copper register. The second is a sell order that will block the shares for on- lending.

However, since the entry into the register of shareholders is boycotted by the overwhelming number of custodians in order to maintain this revenue stream, the last resort that remains is to place a sell order with an extraordinary high limit. This limit should be as high as possible so that the probability of an actual sale is highly unlikely. However, should your shares get sold at a hype, because some short sellers are forced to cover themselves (unlimited), you would have made a sensational deal. For you, this action is entirely without risk. On the contrary, with a bit of luck you are set to make a very nice profit!

Please support us in our fight against such improper dealings of those banks! If possible put up all your shares for sale at a price between AUD 25 and AUD 30 (which is currently the highest ASK in the Sydney order book!). For European investors (Frankfurt) sale prices should bebetween EUR 20 and EUR 25!

It is completely irrelevant whether you hold very few or a fair number of BOC shares! It is essential that no more BOC shares will be lent on and subsequently that particular market will dry up. This is all that counts!

Do not be put off by your broker or banker, arguing that the order could not be executed because the price is too far off the current actual price. This is nonsense! The ASK of AUD 29.90 and AUD 30 in Sydney are the best proof! In addition: As a stock owner, you can demand any price you would be prepared to sell at!

Please ensure that your sell order is valid for as long as possible and will be extended continuously! Please make absolutely sure that your shares will be put up as a “limited sell order”!

This does not commit you to anything! Should you wish to sell your shares for a lower price at a later date, you can always change your sell order accordingly! 






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ESBC press release 20120125


ESBC President Lauds Landowners! 


“This proposal sounds interesting”, said the President of the European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC), Axel G. Sturm, on Wednesday in Andorra. “I consider it as truly fair as it is not at a disadvantage of anybody. Herewith the Landowners have really done a great job. Hopefully they will finally install their umbrella body so that the negotiations will start soon! The ESBC welcome the Panguna landowners as future fellow shareholders in our company.”

Only the landowner’s claim to repeal the still existing BCA sounds a bit harsh, said Mr. Sturm: “The ESBC will not accept that the actual legal situation will be changed unless a new deal is signed. Our company is linked to Bougainville for more than four decades. Therefore we will not allow any intermediate nor legal non binding position. We also will not accept that Bougainville Copper (BCL) to be represented by only one representative in future negotiations while all other groups - National Government, ABG and landowners - have two representatives.”  





















The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC)